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Big Biz: Corey Shapiro [Outtakes]

When Rick Ross, Nas and Wiz Khalifa grace magazine covers or walk red carpets, often they're rocking sunglasses designed by Corey Shapiro. The Montreal native oversees one of the most popular vintage eyewear operations in the game. But a custom-frames ...

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Snoop Dogg Unveils New Cigar Brand

Snoop Dogg will be taking his talents into the cigar business. Early Thursday (January 12), the rapper revealed that he will be partnering with new premium quality tobacco cigar brand, Executive Branch to produce the Executive Branch Cigarillos. "Throughout my career I ...

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Asher Roth, Pabst & Jazz

First impressions can be misleading. It was easy for hip-hop heads to write off Asher Roth as the White boy du jour after he exploded onto the scene with the 2009 bro-tastic single “I Love College.” But those who ...

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