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What Producing Is In 2008

Ballerstatus has a great interview up with one of my favorite producers, The Alchemist. In it, he describes what motivated him early in his career and talks about how things have changed. He says, "I was just trying to get respect ...

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Eminem had a heart attack?

When I saw Dr. Dre at the MTV Awards back in September, it occurred to me that there must be some office memo going around at Aftermath informing its employees that they need to get on the juice and bulk ...

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LINK: Eminem Having Health Problems?

Celebrity gossip site TMZ is reporting that 50 Cent's favorite white boy may be suffering from some serious health problems. Em's publicist reportedly told the site: "Over the holidays, Marshall Mathers, pka Eminem, was under doctor's care at a Detroit-area ...

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