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Apple’s Beats Acquisition Leads To A Loss In Jobs
Apple’s acquisition with Beats Electronics has officially been made final. Back in May Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine confirmed their $3 billion deal with the major company, which was expected to lead to executive roles at Apple.
After their deal was approved by the European Union Appl…
Check Out Drake’s 2014 OVO Fest Collection
The upcoming OVO Fest is only days away, and as Drake gears up for his yearly event, the "0-100" rapper unveils the collection that will launch during the days of the fest.
The collection will be available at OVO pop-up shop in Toronto from the dates, August 1-9, and at The Molson A…
Russell Simmons And LL Cool J Visit A New York City Jail
Hip-hop legends Russell Simmons and LL Cool J are making a point to give back to the community after finding so much success in the game. On Thursday, the two visited New York City's Rikers Island jail to mark the launch of a national anti-violence program

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