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Best Hip-Hop Instagrams Of The Day
Want to know what went down today on Instagram? XXL’s got it for you. Scroll down!
That moment when you forget your profession and try and live in the moment!!!! #WTFwasHeThinking #WhyIsHeInFulluniform #HesBringingTheProgramDown #iHopeHeWasntWearingaJerseyUnderThatJacket #CanadaHatesThatHeDid…
Eye Candy: Tatted Up Holly
Tattoo My Name
Tatted Up Holly is a work of art
Words Sean Malcolm
Images Andrew Link
Editor’s Note: This story originally appeared in the October/November 2014 issue of XXL Magazine.
"Instagram made my career... Hallelujah!" laughs Stephanie Marrero on the singular reas…
Lil Boosie Changes His Rap Name
Lil Boosie is out of prison after more than five years behind bars, and now he's got a new rap name to go along with all that newfound freedom. On two of his most recent appearances—"Beez Like" off Jeezy's Seen It All and "Jet Fuel" from T...

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