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Is Papoose selling himself short?

Branching off from yesterday's post about how these rappers, who obviously have the means, need to focus on finding better hobbies, I'm also concerned that they could probably be finding better women. Take for example Kanye West, who, say what you ...

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Who Let The Dogs Out?

You know why Diddy always avoids jail time? He doesn't have a lifestyle that lends itself towards institutionalization. Diddy travels to St. Tropez. Diddy takes bubble baths. Diddy smashes Sienna Miller. More rappers need to ...

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All For You?

Before I begin. WEEZY WEEZY WEEZY WEEZY. 50. WEEZY. WEEZY. WEEZY. WEEZY. Ok. Now we can begin. I, just like you, probably suffered through listening to the worst 12 or so minutes of music in recent memory yesterday. During my late-morning routine of checking ...

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