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In semi-defense of hipster rap

Poor hipster rappers. Their movement has hardly been around long enough to produce a worthwhile LP, and already they're taking heat from all angles. I can't help but be compelled to defend them, to a certain degree, just I because ...

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Put On

Tyga may be coming straight outta Compton, but the tattooed rapper is anything but an N.W.A. clone. The “Coconut Juice” rhyme spitter is a deft blend of hip-hop, pop and even a little bit of rock ‘n roll. He collaborates ...

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I Miss Cam

Pause, actually. I don't do no homo. But Cam'Ron's name has been poppin' up as of late. First off, New York is warming up and me and the fellers are predicting a hot summer. The Real World's coming to Brooklyn and ...

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