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Are you gellin’, Shakur?

You fruits will have to forgive me for not going in re: Shakur back when she was blogging for this site. As I explained on my own site the other day, there's was a period of about three weeks last summer ...

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FEATURE: The Clipse, Me ‘N’ My

Photography courtesy of Matthew Salacuse It’s a cool evening in downtown Norfolk, Virginia, and the Clipse have just arrived at MacArthur Center Mall. After a long day filled with photo shoots and driving around town, the sibling duo of Malice and ...

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Thank You (Def Jam 25)

We dreamed a lil’ too big this month, folks. We thought it was possible to get, like, 30-plus past and present Def Jam rappers together to celebrate the label’s 25th anniversary. Def Jam thought so also. So together we tried ...

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