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Kanye sucks!

I had to wonder, when I saw the lineup for this year's Lollapalooza. Usually, the way these things work is, there's five headliners, and one of them is obviously higher profile than the rest of them. So they get to ...

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The Tightness

I thought tight jeans were for rock stars, hipsters, and gay dudes. I also thought the point of tight jeans were so that they fit--albeit snug--but they fit. So why, oh why, do hordes of young men in Your Hood ...

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50 Is Hip-Hop

I hope these rap motherfuckers are taking notes. Now you can say what you want about Curtis, but not only is Sabrina’s baby boy a mastermind when it comes to beef, the G-Unit general is also HIP-HOP AS FUCK! Yes we ...

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