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I Get Confused… Kanye West

“Let the suicide doors up, I threw suicides on the tour bus, I threw suicides on the private jet.” —Kanye West, “Mercy” (Mercy, 2012) Gull-wing doors are probably what Yeezy was referring to. You know, those doors that pop upwards, popularly ...

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Welcome to Jamaica Tee by CMON

In 1972 the Jamaica Tourists board hired an American advertising agency to create a sexy poster to awaken the world to Jamaica's beauty. This image is what they came up with. The good folks over at Cmonwealth were smart enough ...

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The Break Presents: ANTHM

Standout: "Fortuna" Also Check Out: "Manhattan" And: "God of Joy" Name: ANTHM Age: 26 Reppin': I'm from all over: an Ethiopian born in Russia, lived in Germany, spent time in Dallas, TX, grew up in the DMV area, and have lived in Manhattan for the ...

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