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AZ Remembers Aziatic, 10 Years Later

"How can I be torn from the pages of history/ How can my name be scraped off the pyramid walls/When I sat with Pharoahs and Kings/You think you know, but you have no idea..."—"Rebirth," Aziatic (2002) It's 2001, and after the ...

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Dreamgirl Has a Lot of Love to Give

Dreamgirl (@n_v_dreamgirl) got her nickname because she and her college girlfriends loved watching the movie "Dreamgirls" during their dorm days. Now, the curvaceous aspiring entrepreneur wants to spread love while building her brand. She has a lot to offer. — ...

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Wordsworth, The Photo Album

Back in 1998, Wordsworth caught the attention of rap fans with his appearances on posse cuts with A Tribe Called Quest (“Rock Rock Y’all”) and Black Star (“Twice Inna Lifetime”). By ’04, he humbly released his solo debut, Mirror Music, ...

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