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Maino “Am I Wrong (Remix)”
Nico & Vinz are an amicable Norwegian songwriting duo who struck gold this summer with the emotionally bare pop hit, "Am I Wrong." Maino is a veteran from the streets of Bed-Stuy who keeps it a hunnid wherever he goes. You mix them both together and you get the &qu…
LL Cool J On Def Jam’s 30th Anniversary And His New Street Album
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T.I. And LL Cool J Performed A Rap Song With Hugh Jackman At The Tonys
LL Cool J Receives Honorary Doctorate From Northeastern University
LL Cool J Tells Kanye West To Stop Complaining
Comparing Jay Z, 50 Cent And LL Cool J At Age 35
Def Jam Promotes Bill Evans To Vice President Of Urban Promotions
While some labels would desperately search all over the industry in hopes of filling a need, Def Jam prefers building from within. That's what they did when they promoted Bill Evans to Vice President of Urban Promotions. Executive Vice President or Urban Promotions, Rodney Shealey, made the ann…

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