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Migos Will Be Playing Minecraft With Fans Tonight
Tours can be long and tedious, but it looks as if the three wise Migos have concocted a plan to stay occupied. Tonight, the Atlanta trio will be playing the web-based video game Minecraft with fans; Twitch will be facilitating the proceedings...
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Listen to Two-9’s ‘B4FRVR’ Mixtape
After revealing the release date on their Tumblr page last month, Two-9 has finally dropped their mixtape, B4FRVR. The 13-track project is the Atlanta groups first tape since they signed with Mike WiLL Make It's Ear Drummer Records/Interscope Records label last July...
Suge Knight’s Bail Hearing Has Been Rescheduled
Suge Knight is out of the hospital after suffering a serious blood clot last week, but will remain in jail for at least another month as his bail review hearing has been rescheduled for Mar. 20, according to the Los Angeles Times. Knight appeared in court this morning (Monday) for a hearing related …
Check Out Behind-The-Scene Pics From The 2015 Grammys
As always, this year's 57th Annual Grammy Awards was a ceremony filled with amazing musical match-ups and equally astonishing candid moments. But watching at home, you might not get the full feel of how the awards show goes down. With all that power in one room, the real schmoozing happens away…
Kirk Knight “Brokeland”
With Joey Bada$$' album B4.Da.$$ out now, it's time for the rest of Pro Era to get some shine. Kirk Knight, who has produced many of Pro Era's best songs, looks to be getting a push. On the self-produced "Brokeland," the usually laid-back beatsmith/MC  rapper go…

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