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Stream Father’s New EP

Father isn't too worried about decorum. As such, the Awful Records sleaze savant has gone out of his way to make his work unpalatable to parents and PTAs, all while quietly amassing a fan base that finds 2 Live Crew ...

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Happy Birthday, No Malice!

Today, Aug. 18, is the birthday of Virginia Beach rapper and Clipse member No Malice. After forging a fearsome tandem with his brother Pusha T, Malice has proven he's a skilled lyricist on his own. While the storied group ...

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Happy Birthday, Masta Killa!

Today, Aug. 18, is the birthday of Wu-Tang Clan's Masta Killa. Along with being one of the nine members of the legendary group and releasing platinum-selling albums with them over the years, Masta Killa has released three solo albums and been part of numerous guest appearances on the ...

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