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Redman Drops New Mixtape

This weekend Redman released a video for "Pump Ya Breaks," an infectious ode to responsible driving, and along with the video he also dropped a full mixtape packed with remixes. The 20-track compilation, logically titled Remixxes, finds the rapper spitting ...

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Is DJ Quik Calling It Quits?

Compton rapper/producer DJ Quik made a surprise announcement today that he was selling of all his production equipment and would not remix or engineer material going forward. If the legendary Cali artist is planning to formally retire from music, it ...

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How Alchemist And Oh No Helped Score GTA V

The game may be fictional, but the numbers are certainly real: $800 million in sales in one day, 13 million copies sold in 24 hours, a billion dollars earned in three days. Rockstar Games' GTA V immediately celebrated the highest-earning video game ...

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