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The Come Up: Detail

Noel “Detail” Fisher has been behind the scenes crafting the biggest hits for Akon, Katy Perry, Lil Wayne and more. Producing for those household names got him his first big hit with 2011's “How To Love,” which established Detail as ...

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Black Milk “The Kraft (Rough Draft)”

Veteran Motown rapper/producer Black Milk introduces his newest "rough draft "for the upcoming Fuzz, Freqs & Colors: The Kraft, Milk's collaborative art and music project with artist Upendo Taylor. On this mostly instrumental project, Milk channels the spirit animal of Dilla's Donuts to ...

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The 30 Most Essential Tech N9ne Songs

Next Tuesday, the Midwest King of the Independent Grind, Tech N9ne,  plans to release his new album, Something Else, the 13th studio album of his storied career.  Despite his prolificacy and the sheer volume of his output, mainstream recognition of his ...

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