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Stream Tyga’s New Mixtape

Tyga drops his latest offering, Fuk What They Talkin Bout. The 15-track effort features audio interludes from Michael Jackson and 2Pac, clearly meaning that Tyga holds himself in the same regard as these legendary artists and feels he is being persecuted ...

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Killer Mike Says Rihanna Is the New 2Pac

Getty Image Controversial street artist and political activist Banksy recently opened his latest exhibit, Dismaland, an anarchist's version of Disneyland that features art and exhibits from Banksy and other similar artists. Performing at the pop-up theme park ...

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Yelawolf Defends the Confederate Flag

Since the horrific massacre in Charleston, S.C. at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church by Dylann Storm Roof, there has been an uproar by activists and the public to remove the Confederate Flag from government buildings. The Confederate flag was already been taken down at South ...

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