50 Cent, “Crew Love” (Originally Published December/January 2012)

50 Cent has been hanging out with welterweight boxing champ Floyd Mayweather Jr. A lot lately. In fact, they've formed a sort of club. What exactly is the money team? Interview: Vanessa Satten Image: Perou THERE ARE HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS IN CASH, MAYBE MORE, IN STUDIO B OF BROOKLYN’S FAST ASHLEY’S STUDIOS, AND IT ALL BELONGS TO 50 CENT AND FLOYD MAYWEATHER. THE MULTIMILLIONAIRE PALS ARE BOTH IN TOWN FOR SOME QUICK BUSINESS AND ARE HAPPY TO VISIT WITH EACH OTHER AT AN XXL PHOTO SHOOT. THEY’VE BEEN GOOD BUDDIES for almost 10 years. 50 met the Michigan-born boxer at ...

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