Today In Hip-Hop: Kanye West & 50 Cent Battle For Sales Supremacy

On this day, September 11, in hip-hop history…

2007: Kanye West and 50 Cent competed in a virtual battle for hip-hop supremacy as the two men’s third albums went head-to-head in sales battle on September 11, 2007. After Kanye’s third album, Graduation, was pushed ahead from it’s intial release date on September 18 to a week earlier on September 11, Kanye found himself in direct competition with 50 Cent’s Curtis which had previously been scheduled for that date. The stage was set for a good old fashioned showdown.

Feeling confident in his grip on the hip-hop world, 50 promised that he would retire if his album sold less in the first week than Kanye’s album. On the albums’ release date, fans flocked to stores in droves and purchased their album of choice. In the end, Kanye West came ahead as Graduation sold 957,000 to Curtis’ 685,000.

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  • Zanti Royal

    I cant Wait Until Its Remy Grey VS Travis Scott. Both Create Wondrous Productions and also Are the full package Golden Children.

  • bread

    50 eventually ending up outselling kanye album worldwide by a lot