On this day, July 28, in hip-hop history…

1990: Soulja Boy is turning 23.

Here at XXL, we give birthday shout outs because it’s a special day for anyone. And that includes rappers. Soulja Boy is an artist who has a ubiquitous relationship with hip-hop. Throughout his career, he’s scored numerous hits, garnered a legion of fans and a large following on the Internet. Freshly 23, the SODMG CEO has grown up quickly since his days as a 17-year-old with a Grammy nomination for “Crank That.” In many instances, you have to run through Soulja’s stats to show he’s been consistently successful, even if his music output has been hit or miss. Countless mixtapes and three major-label records is a solid feat that most have yet to achieve.

Knowing Soulja Boy, he’s probably going H.A.M. for his big day. Last year, he celebrated his 22nd birthday with a party in Las Vegas. The year before, he made headlines for allegedly buying a $55 million jet for his 21st birthday. (Turns out it wasn’t true, but dude could cop it if he wanted to.) Sadly, we won’t be right there indulging in today’s festivities. Here’s what we think will go down:

1. He’s dropping new music.
2. The meaning of Life After Fame will be on full display through Instagram and Vine.
3. He’ll buy himself a crown that says “King Soulja” on it.
4. Another shopping spree at Versace is certainly happening.
5. Migos will join him.
6. And then they’ll hit the Gucci store.
7. Randomly, his Twitter will get hacked again.
8. We’ll get more photos of him sleeping next to money.
9. Adding to his “Rich Gang” tat, he’ll get “YMCMB.”
10. Water whippin’ until he gets bored.

Hope you have a good time Soulja!