On this day, May 21, in hip-hop history…

1978: Currently, Max B is serving 75 years for numerous charges stemming from a highly publicized incident in 2009. Despite these facts, the Harlem rapper is still a fixture in hip-hop, often remembered for his waviest moments and his patented laugh. We also can’t forget he produced the best hooks that rang in these streets. For Biggaveli, turning 35 today is a big deal, and we choose to celebrate his birthday by revisiting some of his best videos.

So, after you’ve supported the free Max B movement by hitting up PardonTheWave.com, here are a few memorable videos worth watching. He may be missed in the rap game now, but rappers like French Montana and Jay-Z are making sure to keep Charles Wingate's spirit alive. Take a look at his most entertaining moments.

At Home With Max B:

At Home With Max B [Pt. 2]:

Biggaveli TV [Episode 1]:

Biggaveli TV [Episode 3]:

In The Studio With Jim Jones:

Max B and XXL, On His Own