On this day, April 29, in hip-hop history…

1967: Master P is celebrating his 46th birthday today.

The No Limit rapper gained mainstream success for his contributions to Southern hip-hop. He was the mastermind behind huge songs like 1997’s “Make ‘Em Say Uhh!,” and another from the same year “I Miss My Homies,” to name a few. Fans of P can’t forget his most gaudy and extravagant ride: the gold tank. It was the symbol of No Limit soldiers, and would later become an iconic figure in hip-hop’s history.

P has recently lifted his hiatus from hip-hop by teaming up with Fat Trel and Alley Boy to form Louie V Mob. The trio released New World Order back in February to a positive response from music critics. Now, P is set on another album called Boss of All Bosses releasing sometime in 2013.

While many veterans take a step back from the game, P is determined to go harder than before. Take a trip down memory lane by reliving some of his classics in light of the occasion.