Happy Birthday Beans: 21 Gun Salute To Beanie Sigel


There are few rappers that can say they’ve had the career that Beanie Sigel has had and can live to tell about it. Outside of 2Pac and DMX, there probably isn’t a more celebrated and equally tragic career and life than the Broad Street Bully’s. Even though the Philly representer rapper is celebrating (for lack of a better word) his 39th birthday (March 6) behind bars serving a two year prison sentence for failing to file tax returns from 2003-2005, XXL wanted to share both the ups and downs of one of the most respected figures in rap.

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Best of XXL

  • sigelfan

    damn, it’s a shame. shouts to B. Sig though.

  • http://www.facebook.com/prophbundy Dylan ‘ProphBundy’ Scura

    Sig is one of the greatest spitters to do it. Pub Enemy#1 is one of the greatest mixtapes ever made. He earned a permanent spot in true hiphop fans hearts from that ROC generation. We’ll be waiting for him to get out, and another classic to drop.

  • JayButtas

    Record Label CEO, owned clothing line, & artist. Was close to Jay Z & renting Bentleys while living in an apartment. Probably the worst when it came business acumen & humility. No wonder this fool’s locked up. Happy Birthday you bum. I’ll buy you some powdered soap for the showers. Don’t drop it.