Ms. New Booty

As we all know, Bubba Sparxxx’s “Ms. New Booty” is catching hell right now. Here’s some thoughts on the single (check the remix)—which is climbing up the Billboard pop charts and may well break the Top 10—plus the video, the website, and the whole damn controversy. 1. With “Ms. Fat Booty,” Mos created one of the warmest, sexiest, most honest songs about attraction of the last decade. The new Ms. Booty joint is crass…and catchy as hell. A sign of the times? 2. Bubba Sparxxx recently told “I never ever stirred up the female world as much as I have with ...

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21 Thought Salute

1. Apparently rappers are still referring to themselves as “your boy.” (You know: “It’s your boy Lil' Guzzle Watt. . .”) That shiite is wack. ...

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