I’m Talkin’ To You

Ain’t gotta say it—you know what your name is. Business. . . Just like in the streets, you gon’ deal with niggas you respect. You not gonna deal with no nigga if you think he a punk nigga, if you think he a snitch nigga, you think he a hoe nigga. You don’t fuck with him. I try to fuck with real niggas—anybody that’s really on they grind for real. I don’t wanna fuck with no nigga who just wanna pay a nigga a hundred—I don’t want to take no nigga money. They can give me a hundred thousand dollars to do ...

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K’naan wins Juno

The Junos—basically the Canadian version of the Grammy Awards—took place last weekend in Halifax. Our annual shindig is always a little embarrassing, what with the ...

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