Soon You’ll Understand

1. Cam doesn't like Koch Records anymore. 2. makes a lot of money. 3. The Dips are guaranteed 8 dollars a record from Asylum. 4. Cam got tired of fighting Koch Records CEO Alan Grumblatt for his money. 5. Def Jam is his partner. 6. Warner Bros is his partner. 7. Koch is under Dip Set's arm pit 8. Cam can say "Ya dig" like Jim Jones. 9. Hustlers hustle. Grinders grind. And bitches is bitches. 10. Cam is allowed to pop shit. 11. Cam flies G4's, he rides Lamborghinis and Ferraris and he hasn't even had an album sell multi-platinum yet. 12. Cam's got five million dollars in jewelry. 13. ...

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Gotta Have It

Yup, Lupe's LP leaked. Van damn! Well shit happens in hip-hop when a bloodthirsty rap fan from every corner is adamant about getting his hands ...

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