You Know? I Don’t Really Care About Rap THAT Much

Let’s really be honest: if worse ever comes to worse would you really care about your job, material possessions and virtually every piece of tangible and intangible items that surround your life?

I propose this inquiry because within the past ten days I’ve aged one more year, witnessed both life and death, was temporarily displaced and seen a grown man cry in another country.

What a difference a few weeks makes.

By the grace of whatever deity watches over me, I somehow managed to make it to another birthday relatively unscathed. Not being the celebratory type (I usually get some tattoos, load up on Mexican food and swill then pass out in a burrito, ink and Baileys-induced coma), a good friend of mine decided to drag me away from a night of drunkenly watching the Lakers game and to a soiree highlighted by a bunch of Latinos fist-pumping to salsa and Freekey Zeekey diddy-bopping through the throngs of people.

Captivating stuff.

After a night of partying I returned home to find my sanctuary lit up like the glow from the neon lights of your local strip club, and my entire block resembling a scene from Backdraft. Without getting into too many details, the blaze destroyed nearly everything in its path, before FDNY miraculously stopped it at the apartment right next door to mine. Save for some smashed out windows and a few holes in my walls, my place and everything I own (read: a bunch of sneakers and three computers) remained intact, while my roommate and myself have been bumming it out on other peoples’ cribs. Unfortunately the fire ethered the apartment it started in, forcing its denizens – who, just two weeks prior, lost their son to another freak accident – without a home to call their own during these brick cold months.

Three days later, I became an uncle for the very first time to the most beautiful niece in the world.

Three days after that miracle I was in Canada [1] drinking way more than I should have and spinning for a sold out crowd in my first international show, while G.O.O.D. Music’s Big Sean – also doing his first Canadian show – broke down in tears at how he turned his passion into his livelihood and made it out of a place where not too many people come out alive.

So needless to say, this rappity rap-rap/blog/imaginary beaf shit I’m supposed to have with everybody who’s felt asshurt at my words, bitter because I don’t support their music or whatever fictional reason to not like me is, well, pretty fucking meaningless in my life. I’ve witnessed death, life, destruction, uplifting, pain and joy all within the past ten days; my day has not ended because of my “job’s” musical chair lifestyle because at the end of the day there are way more important things to give a shit about than that.

[1] Funny thing is, during my trip to Toronto I was supposed to link up with XXL alum (and, coincidentally, the person who convinced me to return to writing) Tara Henley. But as fate would have it (she had the flu, I had a hangover) it did not happen. Next time.

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  • ethos

    I really like this post. Keep doing your thing. Great points

  • Xilla

    Yo man! Glad you’re okay! Funny how friends come at the right time. I can only imagine how things would be if you were there to witness the fire… shit would have been a lot different.

    Man this life is crazy! Lets connect more in 11~


  • KanYe

    I am fucking so pissed i could not make it to that Tdot show!, I’m really glad to hear it went well.

    If I had known it was your first show and Big Sean’s too, I would have done anything to be there.

    Congrats on your new found vision. I can say I will be in TO next time you make it down.

    1Love & mad respect for what u do man

  • avenger xl

    It’s obvious you don’t care much about rap given the stuff you are paid to cover. So why even stay involved with the culture why not go get a job doing something you do care about to enrich your life. Life is too short to be waisted on net beef and such, so why not do something you find meaningful?

  • Shake

    nobody gives a fuck about your personal bullshit brah

  • cookinsoul

    lol at shake

  • southernbred realnigga

    nigga u on yo period? aint no1 tryna hear yo faggot ass sob stories nigga. kill yo goddam self

  • Don mcCaine

    I have no need or reason to hate you Meka…you just be slinging swine in the form of blogs, when you have a nutritional story to tell…you know, on how you started commenting and worked your way up to be an “internet celebrity”.

    It seems like once you got into your space, you waded in your “entitlement”. Real talk. If you don’t care THAT much, then fall back or off and let Nation or Legend or some other cat on 2DB take that spot…congrats on your success and all, but you don’t need to tilt you head for your nostrils to breathe in air.

    • Slang Editorial

      and the simple fact that you have no fucking clue who i am and are basing your opinions on me from essentially nothing more than a virtual, intangible persona reiterates my point.

      • Don’t worry about it

        @Slang Editorial
        Um…what the fuck else are we supposed to base our opinions on you off of when you write shit such as this and your jokes on 2DB? If it’s all an act then fine. But seriously, it seems like you do care what people think, a whole fucking lot. lol

      • Don mcCaine

        Meka…is that REALLY you?

        ’cause if it is, all you could have BEEN did is holler @ dP for my info…I would have chopped it up with you early…I read your darts yo…and BELIEVE ME, I DON’T WANT YOUR PAIN.

        because at the end of the day, u r saying I don’t know you, WELL YOU DON’T KNOW ME…WHY ARE YOU LOOKING DOWN ON ME?

        SERIOUSLY, get my info and let’s kick it…

  • bc-tw

    why do niggas love to act so fucking tough online?

    doesn’t anybody else see the irony in talking shit from behind a computer screen?

    Meka, nigs are clearly jealous that you have such great outlets like this blog here.

  • Jamal7Mile

    “…G.O.O.D. Music’s Big Sean – also doing his first Canadian show – broke down in tears at how he turned his passion into his livelihood and made it out of a place where not too many people come out alive…”

    I feel that. Making it out of Detroit in one piece really is a good feeling. It’s rare too, sadly. Big ups to Big Sean!!!

    Cass Tech, ’92!!!

  • Hunnit Thousand Seminar

    Life is serious. I don’t think there is a shortage of people going through real pain nowadays, but staying true to your calling is necessary despite what personal travails you experience.

    The people need leaders to lead. Alcoholism and drug abuse only exacerbate the problem, but everyone handles stress differently.

    God bless.

  • Mr. Watson

    No Homo on a grown man having a roommate