Why I’m not donating to Kool Herc

(NOTE: I’m assuming it’s alright for me to write about Kool Herc, because he’s not on Young Money. In fact, you could say he’s the antithesis of Young Money. Lollerskates.)

Anyone else get kinda jealous yesterday when several rappers on Black People Twitter were making a big show of cutting a check to Kool Herc, who was said to be in the hospital, suffering from a very serious illness, in need of surgery, and without health insurance?

It’s cool, you can admit it. No one visits this site except fucking losers. You’re amongst friends.

It’s not that I was concerned that Kool Herc might be able to pay his hospital bills. As far as I’m concerned, it’s should be your right as a human being to have access to whatever medical care you need – including preventative, not just emergency care, which is already kinda free, to Mexicans and the terminally dumb (no shots at the founder of hip-hop), at least until the hospital goes out of “business.” Certainly, it should be a right here in the US, the richest country in the world. The fact that it isn’t is one many reasons why this country is slowly but surely (and maybe not so slowly) coming to an end.

I was more concerned with the fact that Kool Herc might end up with more than what it would cost to take care of his medical expenses. There’s a shedload of people on Black People Twitter (though almost all of them are unemployed). If even a tiny percentage of them sent Kool Herc’s sister $5 via PayPal, like that time Noz’s laptop collapsed under the weight of so much shitty rap music, he could end up with millions of dollars. To pay for some shit that couldn’t cost that much money.

It was revealed last night in the New York Times, which must have had someone make a few phone calls, that the very serious illness Kool Herc suffers from is motherfucking kidney stones. Hardly a very serious illness – though I’m sure it’s painful. Don’t they have to take those out through your dick? I’m pretty sure I heard Gary “Baba Booey” Dell’Abate talking about it a while back on the Stern Show. They stick some kind of tube up your dick (nullus on having to talk about dicks, but clearly this is necessary), then they pulverize them and remove them right through said tube. He said the sticking a tube up the end of your dick wasn’t painful, and presumably the passing the stones through it wouldn’t be painful either, but it hurts like a bitch when they pull that tube out. Your piss would probably burn for a week, as if you’d raw dogged Kat Stacks. I’d probably have to curb my epic coffee intake. I could see how this could be a debilitating procedure, for someone who works for a living.

It just goes to show you how worthless hip-hop journalism can be at times. I think the initial report re: Kool Herc’s illness and financial issues came from that show DJ Premier hosts on Sirius on Friday nights, when I’m on my way to put on a drunk. Truckers call in and answer 1988-era hip-hop trivia questions for a chance to win Gang Starr t-shirts that are probably left over from the Ownerz era, of which the less is said the better. But there’s usually not anything on Howard 100/1 at that time. But I digress. I knew something was up yesterday, when I checked Black People Twitter and I saw several updates that made it seem as if Kool Herc was on his deathbed. The fact alone that Kool Herc was trending made me think he might be dead. Keep in mind this was still a day before Black History Month. LOL. Then, a mere matter of hours later, I read that Kool Herc is actually at home, where he’d probably been the entire time. Who knows when he was actually in the hospital. But he definitely needs your money. Tha fuck?

I’ve always been wary of any story involving Kool Herc, ever since I discovered that he was involved in literary shenanigans having to do with a book for which he “wrote” the foreword. A few years ago, there was an article in New York Magazine about the effort to save 1520 Sedgwick, the building where Kool Herc invented hip-hop, which had been purchased by evil developers, like in The Goonies, and was probably about to be turned into a parking garage or some shit. The guy who wrote the article tried to interview Kool Herc, but come to find out Herc, who came off like a real douche, doesn’t do interviews for free, and the guy (and NY Mag) weren’t about to cut him a check to describe, for the umpteenth time, how he invented hip-hop by mixing two James Brown records together at his little sister’s birthday – a process I heard was actually invented by a teh ghey guy anyway. I took this to mean that it was arranged for Kool Herc to receive a fee, from the publisher or possibly from the author himself, for writing the foreword (described by KRS-One as wack) to Jeff Chang’s Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop: A History of the Hip-Hop Generation That Doesn’t So Much As Mention Biggie Smalls, in exchange for being interviewed for the book. Note that the book doesn’t include a disclaimer stating that the author paid some of the people he interviewed, and hence at least some of the information could be suspect.

Keep in mind, I’m not saying that definitely is what happened, because honestly I don’t know. It could be that Kool Herc wrote that amazing foreword for free, out of the kindness of his own heart, and the guy who tried to charge NY Mag for an interview was a Kool Herc impersonator. Why would Kool Herc be in the same building he was in in 1974? Similarly, there’s no way of knowing whether Kool Herc really is that hard up for money to pay his hospital bills, without looking at the contents of his bank account, and his sister’s PayPal account, and comparing that to what it costs to have a kidney stone removed, and then having someone from the New York Times call the hospital and confirm that they’re not treating poor people for free anymore. The part about him being on his death bed, as opposed to his actual bed, turned out to be BS, but I’m willing to chalk that up to a failure of hip-hop journalism.

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  • ToneBZ

    Hope he dies. Old ass pieces of trash need to get the hell out this is a young mans game. I dont give a damn what he did.



    • SickofDumb Comments

      You must be some type arm chair loser anyway. I love when corny fake hip poppers spit up on themselves because they have nothing worth while to say. Please get back to your retard music and next time you feel like spitting up make sure you are asleep so you can choke to death.

    • danauyi870

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  • koolest muthafukka

    this nigga aint kool nigga im kool

    • Real G

      Shut the fuck up white boy! Fucking faggot ass mother fucker I hate you!!!!!!

      • koolest muthafukka

        ima shit in yo mouth nigga watch me nigga

        • TURKEY DINNA


  • $Beech$



    • $Beech$


  • Axeo

    Jesus for people who complain about “haters” all the time yet turn around and say the most disrespectful things about our elders is really disgusting. Most rappers who are mainstream are in their early to late 30′s early 40′s yet its still a young mans game? SMH.

    I’ve done some hating myself (At least i’ll admit it) but damm i see new lows everyday. Kool Herc deserves some help because he did more for the culture and making hip-hop expand outside house parties then most of your favorite rappers

    • Clit beetah

      Cry some mo niggah smh

  • g-ziss

    get money fuck herc

  • Beer Gangsta

    Who framed roger rabbit yall im serious someone please answer me this shit has been getting to me for the last 20 years. Damn homey.


    Who are these children talking!!!! As far as Bol’s speculation its just that speculation. But the billions minorities have made off of hip hop being taken seriously is attributable to Kool Herc. SO IF YOUR “MAKING MONEY” THROUGH HIP HOP RELATED CULTURE, RECOGNIZE YOUR BREADSTREAM!!!!



    • y-Budda


      If he had any business sense he wouldnt be all broke & shit. Let the dumb nigga pass away and stop being a burden on black society.

  • King of da West side

    2pac was a faggot, there I said it bitch.


    Well 2pac died broke too, so should he not be recognized for his artistic contributions cause he was broke????? AND NO IM NOT A 2PAC STAN EITHER!!!

  • Q461

    Nothin but ignorant comments on this topic thus far. Where the real G’s at? Caino ,Don, TPAR, Sha, Pierzy, Worley etc??? Lets get some much needed balance on this topic.

    Herc is the man largely credited with creating what would become hip-hop. The fact of the matter is, dude never got into commercial hip-hop for whatever reasons ( dude said he got stabbed at a party and kinda withdrew himself from the scene) so thus he never profitted all that much from something he helped create. Afrika Bambaata, Sugarhill Gang and Grandmaster Flash soon got on the scene and the rest is history. So what if dude charges for interviews? He’s gotta eat too.

    The fact of the matter is many other profitted greatly from this thing we all know and love called hip-hop. Will Smith, Diddy, Jay, 50, Dre, Master P, Russell, etc have all made many millions of dollars off of dude’s creation. Do I think Herc was the only one doin hip-hop at that time? Probably not, but he has become our figurehead. These cats could easily afford to drop a few bones and pay for dudes kidney stone procedure. Are they obligated to? No of course not, but you gotta take care of your own. Most of us can’t afford to help in this economic downturn, but these niggaz could quite easily. The only ones I’ve heard that wanna help so far are Diddy ( he tweeted some shit yesterday apparently) Tony Touch and UTFO. Hopefully cats won’t turn a blind eye like they did when they were tryin to tear down 1520 Sedgwick.

    Bol, trust passing a kidney stone is mad painful I hear. You don’t want that pain.

    Speak on it yall!

    • Don mcCaine

      waddupz Q?

      actually I’ma wait to speak on this topic…gonna see who does what 1st…

      it’s just that the ignorance is so glaring in the comments, I know lurkers wanna go in, but they know it’s a waste of time & effort…believe that cats ignore XXL when school’s closed…

      • Q461

        Yeah man I’m interested in hearing some mature opinions on a real hip-hop topic…Tired of these lurkers creepin and not offering any intelligent feedback….

    • devi gargon

      the fuck you haven’t read my post……i see you exactly!!!!

      • Don mcCaine

        I saw you devi…sometimes you gotta realize you are talking to children on this site…young seeds that have no idea where they will be 20 years from now, or know the real economic impact in their household or know how to balance a budget. Some are still in High School, using the comment sections on the web like a toy.

        the 1st comment is waiting for the old head(s) to die, not willing to put in work for their spot, like it’s owed to them…another speaks on Herc’s money situation like they know/knew what was in his bank account. Another said Herc’s a burden on Black society, when his blueprint actually HELPED Black society. Great way to start Black History Month…

        There was big thing a couple years ago about musicians and health care (musicians are employees of the label, and it should be provided to them by said employer)…there is no musicians union, like actors…millions are made, concessions are not paid…these young cats don’t know how COBRA costs WAY more than normal medical insurance…you gotta be dirt poor for Medicaid…they are still attached to the parents’ insurance…

        they don’t understand the “special interest” of companies who do not wish for universal health care for all Americans…until they will need it.

        • Q461

          Sorry Devi, my bad homey I overlooked your comment. There was just so much bullshit on this thread I missed it…

          Yall know Poetic from the Gravediggaz also suffered from not having the proper support and insurance when he died from colin cancer 10 years ago? Dude was fighting for “a rapper’s union” or something similar that Don was just speaking on, but died before any progress could be made. Most didnt cover this story because the Gravediggaz had long since faded from mainstream thought.

          Check out the eery but dope song by dude and Last Emperor called One life to hear dude before he passed. It’s sad because Don’s 100 percent right and thank God Herc isn’t suffering from something more serious. This is a real serious topic yall so if you young kids lurkin can’t respect that just wait until the next time Bol writes about Lil B or somethin.

          • Don mcCaine

            “This is a real serious topic yall so if you young kids lurkin can’t respect that just wait until the next time Bol writes about Lil B or somethin.”

            ^ THIS

            ’cause none of the older heads sh^tted on the Wiz Khalifa threads when y’all were 100+ deep in there…

            a 3 day hospital stay with treatment can cost anywhere from 40-150 thou…not counting prescriptions & follow-up doctor visits…half of y’all don’t flip enuff pills & cracks to cover that…you can barely afford them J’s…and if you out there and catch a beatdown or a shell and mommy & daddy have you covered, the premium goes UP, you’re a LIABILITY, to the point where mommy or daddy have to cancel THEIR coverage for YOU…

        • Zulu1925

          @ Don McCaine

          Been a minute since I’ve been on here regularly. But, a couple of your assertions are incorrect: 1) “there is no musicians union” – Not true. The American Federation of Musicians has been in existence for over 100 years with locals in lots and lots of cities (including my hometown of New Orleans). 2) “you gotta be dirt poor for Medicaid” – Also not true. If you are medically needy, fall within the guidelines of special waivers or take care of someone who is needy or part of a waiver program, you can get Medicaid. And, for the record, Medicaid’s definition of “dirt poor” is 133% of the Federal poverty level.

          • Don mcCaine


            Been a minute sir…thank you for clearing that up though…

  • trolololol

    mad trolls in the comments…..

  • rILES

    ^ I blame the new site format for all of this nonsense in the comments section.

  • Zulu1925

    @ Don mcCaine

    But, your point is a valid one, as it relates to medical costs. And, I would contend that the Rev. Runs, Russells, Andre Harrells, even Sylvia Robinsons of the music world, who actually came into the game right after Kool Herc got it started should have done a better job of keeping in touch with the brother. Then, there wouldn’t have been a need for a public request for help – they would have already been there to take care of whatever needed taking care of.

  • Q461

    “And, I would contend that the Rev. Runs, Russells, Andre Harrells, even Sylvia Robinsons of the music world, who actually came into the game right after Kool Herc got it started should have done a better job of keeping in touch with the brother. Then, there wouldn’t have been a need for a public request for help – they would have already been there to take care of whatever needed taking care of.”

    Co-sign. Gotta respect the architects.

  • dee

    like that time Noz’s laptop collapsed under the weight of so much shitty rap music…Damm Bol u spittin that ether. That shit had me rollin

  • Don mcCaine

    @ Zulu

    thank you brethren…please feel free to interject anytime…I’m here…

    • oskamadison

      Donnie G, what it do? Ain’t got at you in a minute…

      To even shake my head in disgust at these first few comments would be a waste of energy. I pose you and all those reading this question: what would your life be like without Hip-Hop? I want those who will comment belowme to think about that shit before you type something ignorant.

      • Don mcCaine


        good question…I would most likely be into jazz, r&b (and look where that’s at now) and some rock. Probably wouldn’t even really be interested in music.

  • caino

    1) Sup peeps, wade thru the bullshit comments to get to the real ones.
    2) Bol – Good drop, l may not agree with everything u said, but l laughed out loud reading it. – (NOTE: I’m assuming it’s alright for me to write about Kool Herc, because he’s not on Young Money. In fact, you could say he’s the antithesis of Young Money. Lollerskates.)…Payloa at its finest.
    3) l aint american, l dont know how much your medi care is, l’m from the UK l get my shit for free. But l would like to think Herc got some friends left in the game willing to help him out, we gotta look after the history, heritage of hiphop.

  • http://twitter.com/Jamal7Mile Jamal7Mile

    I only got 1 1/2 words for the trolls: fuck ya…

    Moving on, I’m glad that it wasn’t as serious as it was made out to be. I too thought the Godfather was on his deathbed. But I now realize that no one who’s making dough in Hip-Hop bothers to look out for the man that made their livelihoods possible. Shit, Herc should be on all of our speed dials.

    I always wondered when/where/why Hip-Hop split from its Roots. I suspect it’s when outside influences tried to make the Culture become a Business (duh). It baffles me that motherfuckers don’t even know who Herc is!

    I also wish that Herc was a little more vocal with his. You know, shout just a little bit louder to let the next generation know who started this shit. It was mentioned earlier that he was stabbed and shied away from the public scene after that. I hope that’s not the reason for the tinge of obscurity I’m sensing from him. I know he’s got the personality to be in the spotlight. Hell, he headlined The Original Block Party!

    XXL, I know you’re gonna interview Herc in the next issue, right? That’s a start.

  • GeoffieTheKid

    When that dude contracts cancer or something worse, he’s gonna be screwed. Herc cried wolf for kidney stones. Yikes.

  • http://twitter.com/qbd1 qbd1

    Yo BYRON. Dont care who you are. But you cant write for shit? And what the fuck is this? You 12 years old or sumtin??? Anybody that has you on their team is officially headed for a downfall. REAL TALK. You dont even have an opinion. Let alone any insight about anything. You’re the Hip Hop version of stupid populists columnists.

  • MOX

    one thing left out of this discussion is the reason people might feel there’s an obligation to help Kool Herc: that hip-hop began as a community, people based music and artform that grew up from the poor and at some point introduced a social conscious into its being. bam and zulu nation were a community organization in a sense even, right from the start. just understand where the impetus comes from. also, bol, no post on that “I Need a Doctor” song? the best song ever for two men to go bed to? come on son!

  • Dick B.

    Bol, I disagree with your post, but did you end up getting that Gang Starr T shirt?

  • http://www.disconnexions.com DJ X-MAN

    Kool Herc is a legend. PERIOD. None of you shitheads on this site (myself included) will EVER do anything in your life anywhere close to what he’s already done. If you weren’t there and/or don’t know who he is.. shut the fuck up!! Don’t give $ if you don’t want to..

    Even if he makes more than his surgery money and has a few thousand to spend.. SO THE FUCK WHAT???? If ANYONE deserves it , it’s him.

  • Rachel

    Note to blogger author: Are you a high school drop out? Holy moly your writing skills and sentence structure is waaayyy below average. Journalist? I don’t think so homefry.

    Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can’t help them, at least don’t hurt them. – Dalai Lama

    RIP Guru

  • flavorblade

    Challenges spur growth. The Kool Herc situation is a challenge to hip-hop. Hopefully hip-hop possess the social intelligence to pass it, and thus feel good about what it has done, rather that what it has.

    You can always tell racist, they love to get in the way of our generational links.

  • D

    I knew it…I said a couple years ago that Bol was a Howard Stern wannabe….just disses everybody for ‘shock’ value. But hard to be that when you’re a blogger. Stern’s got 30 yrs on radio and most people know he’s really not an asshole cuz they can hear him. You’re a fake. Real talk

  • $LEEZE

    The comments section of XXL just went up a few notches in my book.

  • d1

    First off i respect Herc’s contributions 2 the game,

    BUT, how can this mofo be that broke. U mean 2 tell me when he was at his peak he wasnt getting good/decent bread 4 djing all over NYC. Not to mention all the times im sure he’s dj’ed over seas.

    2nd. If he wasnt getting paid why didnt he get a job like the rest of us?

    • http://twitter.com/Jamal7Mile Jamal7Mile

      What’s up D1? Herc probably was getting paid, but he never really did cross over into the mainstream like, say, Afrika Bambaataa and Kurtis Blow. No mainstream, no mainstream money. Plus, you know DJ’s were probably getting royally screwed in the 70s and 80s. They still are.

      As to your 2nd question why he didn’t get a job, well…sadly, Herc was a crackhead for a period of time. I’m not from NYC and a NYC cat probably knows more about what was going on, but in Detroit crackheads have a hard time finding employment, lol! I’m just guessing, but I think that’s how it went down.

  • http://petemarriott.com/ Pete Marriott

    Bol, you’re way out of line. I’m gonna pray for your soul to have a conscience because this right here is not only downright disgusting and deplorable but highly unacceptable. I’ve never read such misinforming hateful disdain in my life. You should be ashamed of yourself for this malicious action against the Father of Hip Hop.

    You are not Hip Hop Bol, not in any shape or form. You’re just a sad little hurt and bitter child lost in an abyss of hate. I pity you kid. I really do.

  • that nigga

    Damn man, its some disrespectful youngsters on here I see. Get well soon Herc. smh

  • Yup

    This is a horribly written essay full of hearsay and bs, written by a self-loathing, ignorant fool.

  • http://djbrigidope.com dj brigidope

    why do people talk about herc “not crossing over to mainstream” so he dont got “mainstream money”. do any of you realize there was no mainstream (within the modern context) for herc to cross over into?

    and xxl, no comment moderation? you just let trolls fuck your whole shit up? i think for allowing blog posts like this, and not taking any control over your content, and just letting cacadoodoo bullshit run rampant, xxl should be making a phatty donation to kol herc.

    fuck your couch

    i wonder how many ignorant ass fools actually stopped donating to kool herc because of Bol bull shit. im pretty sure there are.

    “Bol’s views very rarely, actually, never reflect those of XXL or its staff.” doesn’t excuse the fact that xxl can host this bullshit ass article, call it a blog, and get off on libel/slander.

    buncha people need to find jesus in my 79 granada.

    • http://twitter.com/Jamal7Mile Jamal7Mile

      “why do people talk about herc “not crossing over to mainstream” so he dont got “mainstream money”. do any of you realize there was no mainstream (within the modern context) for herc to cross over into?” – DJ Brigidope.

      What’s up DJ Brigidope? There was a mainstream in the mid 80s, 90s, 2000 and on up. Plenty of time for Herc to step out and remind the newer generations who he was. Plenty of opportunity to rightfully claim that he was the king of this Hip-Hop thing. As I speculated earlier, crack is one helluva drug. Addiction to anything is a motherfucker, believe me, I know (ex-drinker). Addiction will shut you down and keep you off of your job, spot, throne, lane, etc. Again, I’m just speculating. I wasn’t there. A cat from NYC who was there will be able to tell you more.

      And I agree, the trolls are annoying. But here at XXL, imo, the regular commenters out-weigh, out-shine and out-number the idiots and trolls. Shout-out to the board for regulating and building on this topic.

      • flavorblade

        Herc’s phase of dominant talent and influence came before the commercialization period. By the time the “airplay” phase started, Herc was no longer cutting edge creatively, and he didn’t feel compelled to just stand up and say I started all this pay homage. He ate off the side a little, but he simply wasn’t a “businessman” He was something better; an innovator. He gave hip-hop what it needed, when it needed it: A start.

        Perhaps his later drug addiction came about in part due to feeling of abandonment or irrelevance within hip-hop. Regardless, I don’t think the primary focus we put on him should be about what he couldn’t do, but rather what he did do. What Herc did was out of love. Please let this man reap what he has sown.

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  • dfjhjdh

    I hate to be heartless but I thought the same thing.

    He’s a big healthy looking guy who worked a blue collar job which I would have thought paid benefits, pension, all that.

    NY has great low to no cost health care programs, so why doesn’t he have care?

    Also, he is routinely paid appearance fees for simply being Kool Herc and showing up, with skills that aren’t exactly cutting it. I’m glad he’s out there, but it’s true that he is one of the Hip Hop pioneers who will never do an appearance, interview, documentary, or anything of historical merit unless he gets cash. It’s known that he feels slighted, and feels he’s owed due, in the form of dues.

    It puts another spin on it right?

  • The supreme

    i have known herc for many years. He does not charge for interviews. This is utter rubbish.
    He had enormous patience for a man who has been used by his own community as a welcome mat.
    Keep yours blog positive with information you know about.
    Kook herc is a treasure who loves music. Don’t get it twisted with this junk journalism

  • http://www.cheese.com susan sulsa

    Superb blog! Do you have any tips for aspiring writers? I’m planning to start my own website soon but I’m a little lost on everything. Would you propose starting with a free platform like WordPress or go for a paid option? There are so many choices out there that I’m totally overwhelmed .. Any suggestions? Kudos!

  • doc bLAdez

    All you new school rappers can suck a dick…non of you stand for what hip-hop was meant to be…the commericial hiphop scene is trash with a bunch of uneducated fucks rapping about absolutely NOTHING..fuck lil wayne, fuck drake..and fuck anyone for calling that shit hiphop..its r&b, rap and bullshit…the golden era of hip-hop was when the shit was real..LONG LIVE DJ KOOL HERC and REAL HIP HOP…the rest of you clowns jump on the house-hop shit going on can go to hell..take ur pop music somewhere else…and FUCK TONEBZ for sayin that shit..i hope u getted shanked in ur asshole walkin home

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  • Conscious Producer

    I do think that he deserves some respect for creating the trillion dollar Hip Hop business. The fact that you belittle him is really a sad indication of the low level of both your social-consciousness and your human decency. I do hope that one day you are ill, and that enough people remember your article to ignore you.

  • Conscious Producer

    Other cultures respect their elders and heroes. The black community ignored and crushes their elders. No need to just think the KKK is doing it, Black community, sadly has so much self-hate, that the elders (and youth) are doomed, unless there is urgent intervention. Show Herc some respect folks, he had his challenges but he did create an industry that now employs millions of people. Signed: Jimmy Spice Curry

  • Conscious Producer

    Other cultures respect their elders and heroes. The black community ignored and crushes their elders. No need to just think the KKK is doing it, Black community, sadly has so much self-hate, that the elders (and youth) are doomed, unless there is urgent intervention. Show Herc some respect folks, he had his challenges but he did create an industry that now employs millions of people. If this article is any indiction of the XXL tag “Hip Hop on a higher level” I wonder just “how low things are if this is supposedly HIGH”. Dang. The article = yellow journalism at it’s worst. Signed: Jimmy Spice Curry

  • fuck you

    you what? the man invented a genre and had people copy him but he never joined a label like flash and bambaata and now he ant afford follow up surgery even tough all the million dollar fake fucks on the radio owe everything to him and you have the cheek to say its not that bad

  • juno

    this is from XXL??? the magazine wouldnt exist if it werent for kool herc. meanwhile nobody is mad about wack artists charging crazy money for appearances and doing nothing but promoting nonsense. If you dont want to donate dont, but to write a whole article about it shitting on the known accepted and respected father of hip-hop on a “hip-hop” website/magazine. What is black people twitter? and funny there is no name on this article.

  • juno

    you should re-title this article “why im not paying attention to XXL.”