Okay, let me explain why today's post is going to be so short today.

I had a big huge long post explaining the two type of rap fans I feel exist in today's music climate, only to have it all erased by Wordpress. So now, I'm going to pose this question to you all for you to answer in the comments. It's already in the title but it's worth repeating.

"What kind of rap fan are you?"

Are you the type of rap fan who likes their independent artist to stay independent, the kind who liked Wiz Khalifa before he went "Black and Yellow" on us and signed to Warner? Even if you're not a Wiz fan, I know we've all liked somebody before the masses were onto them.

So that's one type of rap fan, here's the other, a fan with whom I more closely identify.

The type of rap fan who wants their favorite independent artist to go mainstream. Again, Wiz Khalifa is a perfect example of someone who cultivated a fan base early, probably when he was still rapping in his crib back in Pittsburgh. Now he's one of the most popular rappers out, grandmothers know the hook to his song and he's dating the former girlfriend of another famous rapper. Do you still like him or are you one of those who feels now that the mainstream has gotten a hold of him, he's less talented than he used to be?

I don't want to make this post about Wiz, I'm just using him as an example. What it basically comes down to is are you the rap fan who likes the artists to stay independent or are you the type of rap fan who likes their favorite independent artist to blow up?

I'm with the latter, but I'd love to hear which type of fan you folks describe yourself as.

Jozen Cummings, Digital Content Director
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