Reminisce Over You

A wise man once told me never to interfere in the affairs of women. His exact words were, “When them chicks are going at it you gotta let’em live their lives. Watch that shit.” Words I live by.

So with Nicki Minaj and Lil Kim mixing it up for the honor to be crowned hip-hop’s reigning Queen B, I’m in the cut watching it all unfold. In doing so I am noticing a lot of dudes revealing their lady-like tendencies in getting emotionally caught up in the affairs of the rap divas. Hey homie, your slip is showing. Nevertheless I’m not here to dwell on the bitchassness of some of these dudes in this rap shit To paraphrase the OG, you gotta let them bitch made cats live their lives.

What I really want to do, since all this hoopla is about someone not paying homage, is take a moment to look back and show respect for the last pre-Nicki Minaj female MC I rooted for. Reminisce “Remy Ma” Smith. Lost in much of last week’s tributes in honor of the 11th anniversary of Bronx rap legend Big Pun’s death, was the fact that Remy’s proper debut, There’s Something About Remy: Based On A True Story, celebrated its fifth anniversary.

Featuring the Ne-Yo assisted radio smash “Feel So Good,” and club bangers “Whateva,” and “Conceited,” There’s Something About Remy…proved to be a potent first look for the Bronx native. Even though it fell short in the sales department, Remy was primed to be “that chick” in rap. The album came on the heels of Remy building a buzz for herself as the brash around the way girl of Fat Joe’s Terror Squad crew. Her scene stealing verse on the group’s 2004 ubiquitous hit “Lean Back,” made her a household name to rap heads who might have missed her breakout performance on the remix to M.O.P.’s rowdy street anthem “Ante Up,” in 2000.

Unfortunately, one bad jux gone wrong (her sweet vic didn’t ante up quick enough) and Ma caught a serious case for shooting a former friend outside a New York City nightclub in 2007. Convicted of assault, illegal weapons possession among other charges, Remy was sentenced to 8 years in prison a year after the shooting.

Needless to say, Remy’s reign at the top of the female rap chain was short like a leprechaun. But she did leave us with some rather memorable moments. I’ve got five for ya.

Rondell Conway, Deputy Editor

Terror Squad

Lean Back”

M.O.P. “Ante Up (Remix)”

Remy Ma vs Lady Luck

Remy Ma vs Lil Kim

Smack These Bitches

What are some of your favorite Remy Ma moments?

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  • Pierzy

    Track 14 off Pun’s 2nd album.

    • Jeff

      Hey I remember that joint, used to keep it on repeat, thinking to myself that chick is a beast on the mic, and I don’t think that it’s that no one thinks about the other femcees but remy was just a breath of fresh air because she was a beast and more or less attractive and she made a serious impact in such a short time, because at that time you didn’t have females coming that beastly without coming off of questionable since the days of mc lyte. No one had to question where this chick was writing, while other chicks “still memorizing” she verbally let us know she wanted them god damn diamonds lol

  • Worley

    “Nicki Minaj this, Lil Kim that, but Remy Ma, we remember…”

    Besides Rah Digga, Remy is the only femcee I check for. Nuff said.

  • Q461

    Yo Worley, you ever listen to Jean Grae? that chick is one of the illest females ever to touch the mic…

    Remy Ma killed Lean Back and Whateva. Conceited was dope too. Shorty was bringin that tuffness. She still married to Papoose?

  • I.N.V.

    I think people forgt that there are more female rappers than Lil’ Kim & Nicki Minaj. Jean Grae Nikki Lynette and Rapsody are dope but they don’t get any shine

  • anutha_level


  • Compton

    I LOVE Remy, There’s Something about Remy was so slept on. In addition to the singles, “Tight” “What’s Going On” “Bi-Lingual”, shit i guess the whole thing was dope. and her mixtapes are always crack, especially Blaspremy. I fux wit Nicki too and Kim before the desperation set, in as well as other chicks, but Remy was really on her way. Shootin a chick in your own car is dumb as shit, but I do miss her as an artist.