Reminder: It’s The Rapper’s Money Not Yours

The other day, I had the privilege of interviewing Bryan “Birdman” Williams for this website. One of my questions was how he spent the $1 million he won betting on the Green Bay Packers to win the Super Bowl. Without any hesitation Weezy’s father said he bought a Maybach (click here to read the whole story).

Admittedly, when I posed the question about what he did with his money to Baby, I gently asked if one of the things he did was give it to charity. That’s when he gave me the Maybach answer. But no judgment here. Far as I’m concerned the man is free to do with his money what he wants and, in his defense, who knows what other ways he spends the money we don’t hear about it? But as was expected, ridicule towards Baby’s purchase started pouring in via Twitter and other social outlets.

A similar thing happened a couple of weeks ago when a news clip of Rick Ross, Diddy, and Pharrell spread on the Internet. In the clip, the reporter says the three artists threw out nearly $1 million in cash at the King of Diamonds strip club. Not a day had gone by before posts were being written and random folks on my own Twitter timeline accosted the men for their actions, citing all the different good causes the money could have gone towards.

Now paint me some sort of superficial jerk who cares nothing about the world’s problems, but honestly, if I had $1 million in disposable income, I’m pretty sure getting a Maybach or a night at one of the world’s best strip clubs would be at the top of my list of things to do. Would I give any of it to a good cause? Sure. Whatever I had left could go to a good cause, but the first good cause I’m going to support is myself. Why? It’s my money, and I earned it.

But the reality is, this is probably why a higher power has never and might not ever bestow upon me a cool mil. The higher power knows what I would do with that money, and more importantly they know what I wouldn’t do with that money, but at least I’m honest with myself. A whole lot of people from what I’m seeing on the other hand, are not.

It’s easy for us people who don’t have the seven or eight-figure income to talk trash about the people who do and the ways they choose to spend it. We used to watch Cribs in awe, but after a while, as the recession deepened and worsened and started affecting us in real ways, we began to despise those who had more than us. That attitude made us naive enough to believe if we were given money we would know not only how to spend it wisely, but how to spend it nicely and politely and respectfully towards others who were less fortunate than us.

But honestly, I don’t believe for one second anyone who says if they were Ross or Birdman they would have used the money to feed some starving children; at least not before they would spend most of it on themselves making sure they got everything they wanted out of being that rich. I also don’t believe the only causes rappers put their money towards is a stripper’s college tuition fund or the well being of car factory workers. The media likes to glorify rappers acting like rappers, not philanthropists. Believe me when I say, rappers giving money to charity is not something people think rappers do. Charity? That’s not hip-hop.

What I do believe is people have a right to spend the money the way they want to and the more broke we are the more likely we are to complain about the way some people spend that money. But just think about it folks, put yourself in their Gucci slippers if you can and be honest with yourself. If you had $1 million to spend, what would you do with all of it? Like I said, I’m pretty sure some of it would go towards those less fortunate but not without making me more fortunate first. So let me know how you all would split up the pie. I’m interested in the answers.

— Jozen Cummings, Digital Content Director
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  • Rudo Yera

    The first $100,000.00 would be tithed amongst several religious & spiritual institutions. $250,000.00 would be set aside for my Son, I’d give his mother $50,000.00 & purchase her a car $50,000.00 or less. I’d purchase myself the truck I’ve been looking at ($45,000.00). I’d place a substantial amount down on a house that caught my eye ($150,000.00). I’d take some time of to publish & finance my books I’m writing & last but not least… I’d give my Mother $100,000.00. BTW: I still have change left over, IRA’s & money in the bank making sure my money is making more money.

  • alfagta

    Dear Jozen, you’re a pure hater. Baby is doin turkey giveaway since Hurricane Katrina came in. He gives away 50 000 turkeys + other food for TG. He built basketball courts in NO. He supported homeless after Katrina. Don’t hate on him. Maybe he’s not the biggest philantropist on earth, but c’mon… Would you be better?


      You should read what he wrote again…

  • D90

    hell yea im spendin on myself lol i wont even deny that id run thru a mill on myself buyin shit i dont need, it would be MY money n i can choose 2 do watever i want wit it

    good post btw

  • ollie montaine

    to be honest,that had been me i wouldnt have bought a car but i wouldve definitely bmf’d that mill ticket..{b.t.w. i would be fine with “baby money”}

  • John Cochran

    If I were a millionaire of course id enjoy it, but trickin it on stripper hoes, negative. I thought it was pimps up, hoes down???

  • jonny bizness

    If i had a mill I’d go to the auction house and get me some good bargains renovate them then rent them out wait till the market picks back up and sell that shit happy ever after.

  • ms_spittuh

    Hell the first thing I’d do is pay off my parents house. 26gs left and they’re done lol and both of the cars. Help all 3 of sisters out who are struggling right now, pay towards my nephew who is in college right now and start my record label and promote the fuck out of myself. I’d franchise the 24 hr medical clinic I’ve been eying (its under 100 grand) and help folks from no insurance to the insured to medicaid and medicare, welfare…whatever….because TX is fucking with the sick out here and it aint funny. That’s what I’d do =)

  • mutada al sader the king

    i’d buy a million dollars of Citi bank shares at 4.50, and hold it until they pay back all of the TARP money and the share price goes back up to about 15, then I’d sell it.

    Did the same with BOFA when it was $3.00 spent 75 percent of my savings, and now it hovers around 14 :)

    • Joe Morgan jr

      Why buy something guaranteed to depreciate ? I’m with you if I had a million. I would use it to get a few more. How soon do you think Citi will pay back there bailout windfall ?

  • Worley

    “What I do believe is people have a right to spend the money the way they want to”

    True, but no one is obligated to accept what a person does even if a person has the right to do it. People also have the right to dissent. Personally, I would pay off my debts and get in on some of this bargain basement property. Mutada’s plan doesn’t sound bad either.

  • that nigga

    I’d buy a two family house, rent out the downstairs and the basement and live upstairs. A nice whip, spread some love to the family, put some away for the kids college tuition and still have atleast 500,000. 250,000 goes in C.D’s to gain some interest and just live life. Take a vacation.

    Side Note: I would also get the fuck away from my broke ass friends that try and get me to go to strip clubs and drink and smoke their lives away. I hate strip clubs. Money does change you. Fuck it. Niggas can do what the fuck they want with their money.

  • avenger xl

    What is this the short sighted nigga convention or something.

    1. Baby is a very public figure or a star as some folks call them. Yes he can spend his cash on whatever he wants and nobody has the right to stop him as long as it doesn’t break any laws. But part of the way this dude makes money and keeps his character up is spending money. The whole idea of the cash money millionaires is for them to stunt i.e. do outlandish things by most rational accounts with money and never go broke because they are cash money(its there brand). Now this leads to my point, do you think Baby did this shit and publisized it just so he could satisfy a car fetish? No he did it to get a reaction both positive from the dick riders and wanna be’s who aspire to live the rockstar millionaire playboy life and negative by those who want to see good done with money or may really be concerned on some level of what kind of message does this send to kids and adults in the black community about money(i.e. reinforce negative behavior with a champion of consumption) etc, etc….. So save the cliche stop hating bullshit for some other worthless ghetto post you right. This is baby getting free pub off spending money like he always does. He got what he paid for a reaction now leave it at that you can’t tell people how to react.

    2. Just because someone is critical of behavior that doesn’t appear well thought out at first. That doesn’t make them haters. Everyone has an agenda and Babys is to do outlandish stuff with money to stay in the publics eye. Slim and Baby are too smart to just throw money around like most of the broke ass niggas (especially the ones defend this move who if you gave them a milli they would be broke and in debt by tuesday) can comprehend. Please believe all of these actions are delibrate to cause a discussion/stir and it did. Also hater as a defense for stupid is getting old, you don’t manage your money like that and neither does baby that car is all part of his plan but short sighted niggas have no plan, just spend and party til its gone and go back to zero with stories to tell.


  • ifihadamilliondollars

    On some your level your right…it is his money he is free to do with it what he wants, im sure theirs REAL billionaires that buy million dollar +….. paintings and artifacts that we never hear about and dont say nothing , and on the flip side dont do any charity, and yes this is XXL and not fortune magazine so who cares about some old stuffy white guy rolling back hedge funds, BUT, Flaunting your wealth in 2:30 youtube clips is not the way to go. it tacky, tasteless and shows you have no class. the real BALLERS dont blow money in one night to prove that they can, the ones who have too are all doing it to show that they have more $ than the ppl who dont have $ that they i can blow this money and you make 30grand a year, where real millionaires know the value of a dollar and look at idiots like birdman and laugh because to them he has to constantly show that he has $, where bill gates or warren buffet or heck even Jay-z walks in a room and ppl know this guy is the richest guy in the room with doing ANYTHING!!

  • My Dad’s a Millioniare

    My dad say’s one could: Get a 8 to 10% interest rate on something as basic as a near normal Savings account (Millionaire version) and live of that. That’s 80 to 100k a year. We live a regular Middle class life and my parents drive Toyota and Lexus. My mom only shops Bargain and Outlets (My polo come from Marshals), and my Nike’s are sale items. My dad listens to my Rap and I listen to Dave Ramsey with Him. That’s all. The life of a real Millionaire. Love u dad!

  • nicholasdelorejo

    The last three post said it best. First off let me say first off that I am a hater. The other day I was watching the UNCF special honoring Chaka Kahn and it described how many black college student struggle to recieve fundging to continue their education. So many potential young black inventors, scientists, and innovators might never complete their education. And by the way, these are the individuals who can create true wealth for the black community by building corporations like microsoft and Dell instead of building some shitty night clubs, resturaunts or clothing lines . Yes Baby has every right to spend his money the way he wishes but I am sick and tired of people painting dudes like him and even Jay as brilliant business moguls when they’re just guys who own a side business. They’re no different than a man that owns a chain of small stores only they also generate money from music too. I’m not even asking Baby to be a genius but if you’re willing to waste money on a car, why not waste money on a group of smart people that are building something new and advanced that people will need to buy it over your music.

  • Jhon da Analyst

    Jozen, what’s happening? You still got your blog spot?

  • Nizza

    I’d invest it to make more millies!

  • alderman j

    I would spend it on me and my family any way i see fit. If i happen to donate to a charity or give some to an organization to help out….. big deal, doesnt make me any better than somebody who looses it all on a bet or at the strip clup, or car dealership.

    • nicholasdelorejo

      I see what your saying but the thing is that dudes like Baby paint themselves as business moguls in the same lane as Warren Buffet or Bill Gates. If they were to portray themselves as simply splurging millionaires then I wouldn’t be mad but these dudes like to pretend that they’re entrepreneurs. Bono, Paul McCartney, and Mary J Blige are probably as rich as Baby and Diddy but they never claim to be moguls. It’s not about being a better person but it’s about owning up to who you claim to be. Just like how a rapper portrays to be a gangsta rapper only to be a bitch when they face the judge and recieve jail time.

  • Don mcCaine

    “So many potential young black inventors, scientists, and innovators might never complete their education. And by the way, these are the individuals who can create true wealth for the black community by building corporations like microsoft and Dell instead of building some shitty night clubs, resturaunts or clothing lines .”

    ^ truth x 100…

    but baby is posing as a “Cash Money MBillionaire”, reigning over an entertainment empire…if he was a doctor in the hood buying a 2 milli Bugatti the discussion can ensue…so-sigz avenger up there…

  • Stupid Men

    Who cares what they spend it on, but strippers ? what a bunch of clowns if they were real players they would fuck all those hoes and not leave a dime just like Andre 3000, I’d rather wipe my dirty ass and burn it over giving it to sluts and even still at least fuck them first and pay them appropriately like $100 and a taxi home.

  • Cheyenne


  • Mamuatula Comin’ 4 Ross


  • Dopamine

    Why do people believe that they actually spent that much money?