Just when I was getting ready to let loose with a post on how Lupe Fiasco obviously was lied to when he was told his album We Are Losers would be released in the first quarter of 2K11, he drops this new single, "Words I Never Said."

It's obviously a product of the major label (c)rap music machine. It's got fancy (but not particularly impressive) artwork to go along with the mp3, which is all over the place, except for maybe at Nah Right, which I know wasn't posting any more Lupe Fiasco, after he beat up the white guy from 2dopeboyz for hacking into his email. The production sounds just like the production on that B.o.B. song "Airplanes," which would be the best song evar (don't front), if it weren't for the B.o.B. part. Which is ironic, because I know part of Lupe's beef with the TIs at Atlantic had to do with the fact that they wanted him to record that song "Nothing on You," which ended up being a (positively ginormous) B.o.B. song, but Lupe wouldn't do it, not because that song is a gay a three dollar bill (ever heard Food and Liquor?), but because even if that song became a huge hit, he wouldn't have made any money on it, because he wouldn't have owned the publishing to it or some shit. Those checks would have gone to Bruno Mars, who would have spent them on cocaine (and male hookers).

I'm assuming the price has gone up on fake B.o.B. records since then. These days, even Dr. Dre is trying to use one of them to generate interest in the huge, embarrassing failure Detox has become - as I predicted. The chick who sings the chorus on "Words I Never Said" is the same chick who sings the chorus on Dre and Eminem's cringeworthy new "I Need a Doctor." Researching her just now, I found out that she also wrote the chorus to Eminem's B.o.B.-huge "Love the Way You Lie," which was of course sung by Rihanna - similar to how a then relatively unknown Jill Scott wrote the chorus to the Roots' "You Got Me," which the TIs insisted be sung by Erykah Badu. This must be her bid to become a popular singer in her own right. I hope the TIs cut Lupe a discount for using her. She doesn't strike me as such a good singer. I would have preferred either the chick from Paramore, or Rihanna, in that order, natch. I consulted Google images just now, to see if she had a 34E rack or something that might explain why she's being pushed into spotlight, financial concerns notwithstanding, but alas, she's pretty average-looking. She's white and like 23, which means I wouldn't kick her out of my bed for crackers. I'm just saying.

I hadn't listened to "Words I Never Said," and I probably wouldn't have bothered with it, until I saw where a few different sites were discussing its political content. The main pull-quote has to do with how some political commentators here in the US are "racis," as they say in certain high schools, and how President Obama is hardly any better, since, as Diddy explained to Combat Jack in the new issue of the Source, he hasn't really done anything for black people. Lupe calls out Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh by name. It's already been good for some press on the Internets, whatever that's worth. Maybe he'll get lucky and either one or both of them will issue with being called a racist on a rap song, released on a major label, produced and promoted with that full B.o.B.-level funding. I can see how they might have a field day with this, similar to that period a couple of years ago when the Rev Al "Mr. Do" Sharpton and his ilk were trying to get the city of New York to disinvest in Def Jam Records, which it apparently invests in (I wonder how well that's going), because Nas was gonna release an album named after the dreaded n-word, and Bill O'Reilly was upset with Nas because he was gonna perform at Virginia Tech in the wake of the massacre that occurred there. As if rap music had anything to do with some sad chinaman not being able to get some stank on his hanglow. I'm thinking that may have contributed in part to Nas making enough to where he now owes the IRS $6 million.

It would be easy for anyone with even basic reading skills and access to Wikipedia to dismantle some of the arguments Lupe makes in "Words I Never Said." Case in point, yesterday, on my own site, I broke down how Operation Cast Lead couldn't have possibly had anything to do with Lupe's decision not to vote for Barack Obama, because it took place weeks after the election. I'd explain in further detail here, but this post is long enough as it is, and it's getting dangerously close to Miller Time. Plus, I could give a rat's ass whether or not Lupe voted for Obama, even though his reasoning doesn't jibe with his endorsement, during the '08 primary, of Hillary Clinton, who's even further to the right on US foreign policy than Obama - though that may have been to placate New York City Jews back when she was running for the Senate. I remember that being suggested. I guess what it comes down to is that there's not a cunt's hair worth of difference between the two of them anyway. Hillary ultimately ended up being Obama's Secretary of State. I didn't vote for Obama during the presidential election either.

Indeed, I wonder if Lupe picked up on some of his political views, as espoused in "Words I Never Said," from my writing for this site, which I know he's been up on at least as far back as when he threatened to jump off in my ass (nullus), back in '06, and my own site. I did a couple of posts, a while back, on a book called Empire of Illusion, which combines discussion of pr0n with discussion of US foreign policy, not to mention this country's ridonkulous literacy problem. (I wonder where he got that idea.) Next thing I know, there's Lupe, on Sirius, encouraging people to read a book called Empire of Illusion. Hmm... The reference to Operation Cast Lead may have even had its origin in those posts I did, just about two years ago to the date, on Peter Rosenberg, and whether or not he was installed at Hot 97 by the international zionist conspiracy. If only those posts hadn't been removed, Lupe could have checked the timestamp.