Lupe Fiasco is part of the problem

Just when I was getting ready to let loose with a post on how Lupe Fiasco obviously was lied to when he was told his album We Are Losers would be released in the first quarter of 2K11, he drops this new single, “Words I Never Said.”

It’s obviously a product of the major label (c)rap music machine. It’s got fancy (but not particularly impressive) artwork to go along with the mp3, which is all over the place, except for maybe at Nah Right, which I know wasn’t posting any more Lupe Fiasco, after he beat up the white guy from 2dopeboyz for hacking into his email. The production sounds just like the production on that B.o.B. song “Airplanes,” which would be the best song evar (don’t front), if it weren’t for the B.o.B. part. Which is ironic, because I know part of Lupe’s beef with the TIs at Atlantic had to do with the fact that they wanted him to record that song “Nothing on You,” which ended up being a (positively ginormous) B.o.B. song, but Lupe wouldn’t do it, not because that song is a gay a three dollar bill (ever heard Food and Liquor?), but because even if that song became a huge hit, he wouldn’t have made any money on it, because he wouldn’t have owned the publishing to it or some shit. Those checks would have gone to Bruno Mars, who would have spent them on cocaine (and male hookers).

I’m assuming the price has gone up on fake B.o.B. records since then. These days, even Dr. Dre is trying to use one of them to generate interest in the huge, embarrassing failure Detox has become – as I predicted. The chick who sings the chorus on “Words I Never Said” is the same chick who sings the chorus on Dre and Eminem’s cringeworthy new “I Need a Doctor.” Researching her just now, I found out that she also wrote the chorus to Eminem’s B.o.B.-huge “Love the Way You Lie,” which was of course sung by Rihanna – similar to how a then relatively unknown Jill Scott wrote the chorus to the Roots’ “You Got Me,” which the TIs insisted be sung by Erykah Badu. This must be her bid to become a popular singer in her own right. I hope the TIs cut Lupe a discount for using her. She doesn’t strike me as such a good singer. I would have preferred either the chick from Paramore, or Rihanna, in that order, natch. I consulted Google images just now, to see if she had a 34E rack or something that might explain why she’s being pushed into spotlight, financial concerns notwithstanding, but alas, she’s pretty average-looking. She’s white and like 23, which means I wouldn’t kick her out of my bed for crackers. I’m just saying.

I hadn’t listened to “Words I Never Said,” and I probably wouldn’t have bothered with it, until I saw where a few different sites were discussing its political content. The main pull-quote has to do with how some political commentators here in the US are “racis,” as they say in certain high schools, and how President Obama is hardly any better, since, as Diddy explained to Combat Jack in the new issue of the Source, he hasn’t really done anything for black people. Lupe calls out Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh by name. It’s already been good for some press on the Internets, whatever that’s worth. Maybe he’ll get lucky and either one or both of them will issue with being called a racist on a rap song, released on a major label, produced and promoted with that full B.o.B.-level funding. I can see how they might have a field day with this, similar to that period a couple of years ago when the Rev Al “Mr. Do” Sharpton and his ilk were trying to get the city of New York to disinvest in Def Jam Records, which it apparently invests in (I wonder how well that’s going), because Nas was gonna release an album named after the dreaded n-word, and Bill O’Reilly was upset with Nas because he was gonna perform at Virginia Tech in the wake of the massacre that occurred there. As if rap music had anything to do with some sad chinaman not being able to get some stank on his hanglow. I’m thinking that may have contributed in part to Nas making enough to where he now owes the IRS $6 million.

It would be easy for anyone with even basic reading skills and access to Wikipedia to dismantle some of the arguments Lupe makes in “Words I Never Said.” Case in point, yesterday, on my own site, I broke down how Operation Cast Lead couldn’t have possibly had anything to do with Lupe’s decision not to vote for Barack Obama, because it took place weeks after the election. I’d explain in further detail here, but this post is long enough as it is, and it’s getting dangerously close to Miller Time. Plus, I could give a rat’s ass whether or not Lupe voted for Obama, even though his reasoning doesn’t jibe with his endorsement, during the ’08 primary, of Hillary Clinton, who’s even further to the right on US foreign policy than Obama – though that may have been to placate New York City Jews back when she was running for the Senate. I remember that being suggested. I guess what it comes down to is that there’s not a cunt’s hair worth of difference between the two of them anyway. Hillary ultimately ended up being Obama’s Secretary of State. I didn’t vote for Obama during the presidential election either.

Indeed, I wonder if Lupe picked up on some of his political views, as espoused in “Words I Never Said,” from my writing for this site, which I know he’s been up on at least as far back as when he threatened to jump off in my ass (nullus), back in ’06, and my own site. I did a couple of posts, a while back, on a book called Empire of Illusion, which combines discussion of pr0n with discussion of US foreign policy, not to mention this country’s ridonkulous literacy problem. (I wonder where he got that idea.) Next thing I know, there’s Lupe, on Sirius, encouraging people to read a book called Empire of Illusion. Hmm… The reference to Operation Cast Lead may have even had its origin in those posts I did, just about two years ago to the date, on Peter Rosenberg, and whether or not he was installed at Hot 97 by the international zionist conspiracy. If only those posts hadn’t been removed, Lupe could have checked the timestamp.

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  • these posts are racist

    check out our translation to this song at rapgenius . com

  • these posts are racist

    The song is hot man. Lyrically, it’s not the best as far as it’s skill or technical ambitions, but substantivly it’s on point.

    The lyrics on Gaza, Obama and general diagnosis of US policy, foriegn and as it relates to the ‘hood are on point and simple for people to at least take notice, understand and do further research.

    You just don’t like Lupe…but it’s clear from your post that you don’t have much to say about this track…

    • One Guy

      TPAR when are you dropping the remix to this song…Give that heat rock…dont freestyle it though give that written knowledge

      • these posts are racist


        Thanks for the love, but I think I’ll leave this track untouched…Lupe did his thing man. Respect to this brother for being brave enough to say things that could get him blacklisted.

        • i saw that

          wow…you’re both the same guy…thats low

          • stylez G.Write


        • bash

          Lol@blacklisted. Negro, please. Lupe is a tool bag.

  • tommy gunz

    read the first two paragraphs, then quit

    got bored

    anything lupe fiasco related tends to do that

  • Califas

    MUST be damn close to Miller time if this is what you came up with Bol! Thanks for mailing it in…

  • wIz

    lupe sucks, niggas love him cuz he makes them feel smart

  • Mutada Mullah Atari

    Alright I just read all about cast Iron on Wiki. Fuck Israel – These people are in not way the hebrews of the bible

  • these posts are racist

    Judge Goldstone, an international respected lawyer and judge, who is also a practicing Jew, was tasked with investigating the bombing of Gaza by Israel. He described it as being “designed to punish, humiliate and terrorise a civilian population”, see, the Goldstone Report.

    Israeli soilders also testified to the fact that they were massacaring innocent women, children and civilians and they were told to “cleanse” the area…

    • Darnell

      Your hero, Goldstone, not only has had his report refuted point by point, but ordered scores of black Apartheid South Africans tortured and killed. And he still had the audacity to condemn the death penalty afterwards. Your fake intellectual nonsense got old a long time ago, and the anti-Israel crusade makes your screen name look more hypocritical by the day.

      On the bright side? Your rapping actually isn’t that bad.

  • Don mcCaine

    smh…you can tell this blog is Yellow Tail influenced…

    @ jonny bizness

    you know Alex? I saw you drop his government name…

    @ mav

    which 1 are you? track was decent, but once I put my A&R hat on, it would get lost in the shuffle ’cause it sounds like a lot of stuff out. put some personality in it fam.

    “lupe sucks, niggas love him cuz he makes them feel smart”

    ^ so we can say the same about Public Enemy, right?

    • mav

      i was the first one rappin the last dude is my brother ill be posting more joints that wasnt really a song just bars

    • jonny bizness

      Nah not like that Syk but i played soccer against him when i was younger he was known as Granty.Dude literally came out of nowhere In England. Rappers or producers normally come through the pirate radio stations such as Rinse Fm.I first took notice when he produced Kardinall Official’s ‘Going in’ which was a big thing in England.

    • Don mcCaine

      @ mav

      that’s what’s up…

      @ j biz

      can u send me a zip of some of that across the pond heat? click the name for the email…there’s a mixtape over there that the homie Cult just finished, all are welcome to DL it too…

  • ny eternal empire

    fuck the south

  • Broz1p

    Not the best post dragged a bit…… The post up top made a point at least the subjects will get out….

  • yup

    this post is ass and i dont even like lupe. quit your day job son

    • Jay2flyyyer

      RT “quit your day job”

  • jimmyjam33

    u are juast a failed rapper. u couldnt become a rapper so u chose the route evryone takes. to sit and bitch about rap ojn the net like ur actually a critic. ur a fucking loser

  • dd

    this posts sucks…..written by a foggot


    your writing reminds me of LIL B. SWAG!

  • Jay2flyyyer

    This guy is an uninformed twat. You’re hating on Lupe’s political prowess, but the best thing you can come up with is, “I think i remember hearing something about that.” Well you know what, Lupe actually remembers hearing about things. Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh are racist. duh?

    And how fucking egocentric can you be to think that Lupe gets his reading list off of your poorly written blog. I can’t take anyone seriously who rushes their opinion because of impending “miller time.”

    I can’t believe they let you post on XXL.

  • K1ng Eljay

    Truthfully, I was expecting Bol to SPAZZ out, but this time he actually used facts. You make some valid points, man.

    I still think the track’s fire, but I completely see where you’re coming from. Too bad people are going to read this and still think you’re Lupe biased because of the last paragraph. The rest of he post could’ve stood on it’s own. You didn’t have to re-mention the Lupe threats… no one’s forgotten, LOL.

  • bobdylan

    This post reads like it was written by a drunk elementary student trying to take credit for spawning lupes apparently sub par lyrical performance. it doesnt even attempt to make a point and any remotely meaningful idea expressed is lost in the boring non informed babbering of the article. i just wasted 3 minutes of my life reading this article.

  • Q461

    Bol just hates on Lupe. Not for nothin, its very refreshing to hear some political content and passion from a rapper. Even if you don’t agree with all his views ( I agree about Rush and Glen Beck is a miserable fuck)…Dude is spittin from his heart about real shit. Not so many poltical views bein put on wax these days but peace to Dead Prez, Immortal Technique, Sage Francis and of course Chuck D (Flavs too busy behind a deep fryer at the moment)

    This song is dope too ! I like the beat and the hook, this Skylar girl is nice. I Need a Doctor is dope sorry Bol.

    Between this ,Shining Down and Never Forget You with John Legend, I’ll def be checkin for Lasers next month.

  • Nate

    I think that beating up the white kid from 2dopeboyz is justified. What the kid did is illegal and was dealt with. At least, the kid didn’t go to jail for his illegal activity. He can still release rap leaks…. hahahaha

    Lupe is trying to bring awareness to many issues. Boi, your just a hater. But whatever pays the bills.

  • alister

    and once again. . . Bol types a lot of words that don’t actually say anything meaningful

  • dynamicproducer

    there was no personal bias in that at all

  • http://facebook.comsearchLilRail LIL RAIL


  • theciphe

    this post is not only terribly written but you can’t even dig out the facts

  • hiphopfan27

    How can you even bash that lyricism this is obviously just a rant from a hater, nothing insightful

  • R2j

    Lupe gets shitted on by a lot of people because he’s making music that makes you think and challenge our minds. People don’t wanna hear real shit anymore, it’s fantasy island BS that we keep feeding and let’s be honest we’re not riding in fancy cars and living in fancy mansions either so folks that don’t like Lupe, that’s your problem but if you really love music and hip hop as a whole then his music is great. Do your homework people. Stop letting Gucci and Waka Flocka get you killed.

  • Ha Ha Ha.

    I hope you’re being sarcastic when dissing Lupe because he’s not mainstream. He’s an artist who actually has something to say and you seem to be an egotistical douchebag.

  • Drunkard

    1 word…winning

  • f

    i agree with a lot of the things lupe says but definitely not the anti-Israel ones. As many politicians have said the ball is in palestine’s court so if they decide to be stubborn and keep fighting just to eliminate the Jews which will never happen, then they shouldn’t act as innocent as they do. lupes wrong.

  • Mike

    You’re a pseudo-informed idiot with no real prior knowledge of anything.

  • tittybabby

    What a homophobic piece of shit article. You’re part of the continued prejudice toward homosexuality and are part of the fucking problem, asshole. Have some humanity – it’s more important than some stupid fucking hip-hop analysis.

  • Militia

    It really is sad the amount of venom you have to spew about Lupe, when you should be talking about Atlantic Records