In case you tweeple’s missed out on this weekend’s escapades, it by now should be no secret that Lil Wayne’s Twitter account was hacked by some “crazed” fan that has yet to be identified. Wayne’s Twitter name – which was @liltunechi up until this past Sunday (January 16) – mysteriously changed to @LilChinetu. I have to admit, I was a little thrown off when I saw his name randomly change over the weekend, but I guess I was one of the million plus that didn’t think anything of it until the damage was done.
In light of the ultimate Twitter catastrophe, I decided it would be a good idea to take a look at Wayne’s compromised tweets and try to get into the mind of unknown individual that so effortlessly superseded the Young Money CEO’s account. The following are string of tweets that led to infamous Twitter stalker and hacker.

“I sent a donations to your paypal, check it, I heard you got 13,000 sales lil homie, I feel bad for you! #DamnSoulja"
First let’s observe the fact that this doesn’t even make any sense grammatically. I mean Weezy chokes up some weird sounds when he’s rapping and talks about p*ssy a lot, but we can give Wayne a little more credit. He can obviously read and write better than that tweet because if you didn’t know he attended the University of Houston majoring in political science. #foodforthought

“The real reason I made 6'7 is cuz that's how tall the nigga in rikers was that raped me…I went an entire year with kissing baby #withdrawls."

C’mon son! If Wayne got raped in Rikers would he readily announce it to his 1,268,468 followers? And once again, if he was savagely anally raped – as Tom DuBois (The Boondocks) likes to put it – that topic just isn’t funny. Period. And let’s once again point out the grammatical errors that lie within the latter of this incoherent statement. If he kissed Baby for a year it clearly wouldn’t be “withdrawal” (notice the difference in spelling)?

“@drakkardnoir can't hack @LilTunechi?? And @tyga mom still in the hood? wtf my n***a”

One doesn’t even go with the other. And should Tyga’s mom still live in the hood … I don’t really think any of us care.

“@thegame you still owe me money for that My Life joint, how your family crip but you blood”
Beef between Mr. Carter and Game just sounds silly. What for? There’s just not too much to say about this one. No offense Game.

“@JOEYCRACKTS you fat ass n***a it on when I see you…”
I’m drawing a blank here. This would just be dumb.

“Wtf was I thinkin’ signing Gudda Gudda, this n*gga sucks”
Wayne reps YM all day. He’s handpicked his crew, they weren’t just given to him, so the idea of him publicly denouncing his own artist before the actual knows there’s a beef…that’s just silly. Though, I do wonder Gudda Gudda’s reaction when he saw the tweet post…#inquiringmindswanttoknow

My question to you is what did Soulja Boy, Drake, Gudda Gudda, Tyga, Game and anyone else who was “attacked” think when they saw all this. Personally, I couldn’t tell if they were inside jokes or if they were real, but I do know one thing— Wayne never tweets every seven minutes so that was the obvious giveaway that it probably wasn’t him.

Other than the fact that whoever broke into Weezy’s account is off laughing somewhere because he [or she] has acquired a slight sense of popularity, the reason for doing so is clearly unknown. But the sentence structure and unsightly grammar is a dead giveaway to the fact that this person might not have ever finished high school, much less made it through middle school. The moral of the story: if you’re smart enough to hack a verified Twitter account, you should be smart enough to know subject/verb agreement. So you tell me, what do you think? —Amber McKynzie