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I checked the main page of this site just now, to see if there was anything I could pretend to give a shit about for 800 words or so, or if I needed to discuss my schlong again (god forbid), and I saw there was a video from a listening party the Based God, Lil B, recently held in NYC. Does that mean this is about to be a repeat of the incident a few weeks ago when the group Odd Future came to New York, and everybody and their grandma – at least as far as the people I follow on Twitter – seemed to have gone to the show and had something to say about it, for various publications.

In retrospect, I should have known something was up the minute I saw the amount of press that shit generated. There’s no way that many people were really interested in some shit that, up until that point, I hadn’t even heard of. They may have been mentioned at some point or another on Noz’s Tumblr, where all unfortunate rap trends originate, but of course I only scan Noz’s Tumblr for mentions of myself. (It’s not like there’s any pr0n, like on a real Tumblr.) Brooke Lee Adams could have been in town giving out free blowskis to music writers, and letting people play bongos on her miraculous ass (an act I developed an appreciation of during that $100 lapdance I got from Kelly Divine), and half those people wouldn’t have shown up – and not just because they’re gay.

Later I read, in a brief, seemingly inconsequential aside in one of the many reviews of the Odd Future show, that the group, like this guy Wiz Khalifa, has been secretly signed to a major label since they were like 12, i.e. about three years ago, and it was the label that coordinated all of this shit. The TIs were the one who planned the trip, paid for it, booked the show, put them up, so on and so forth. And I’m assuming they were the ones who got seemingly every (suspect) music writer there ever was to show up to the show and write about it. How they went about that I’m not sure, but I wouldn’t be surprised if a few palms were greased – either figuratively, or perhaps quite literally.

Don’t be surprised if something similar happens this week, with Lil B. I checked out this site’s video of his little listening party, for potential lulz, and the first thing that I noticed, standing in the background, was that black chick with the Jane Fonda-in-Klute hairdo who worked here for like four days a few months ago. Then she just kinda up and disappeared, as is often the case here at Chile under Augusto Pinochet XXL. Then later I read, I think in the comments section here, or maybe on formspring, that she was some sort of agent for the TIs the entire time. Hmm… It makes me wonder if the bum who stopped by yesterday offering to shovel my snow was really here to shovel my snow (nhjic), or if he was trying to get a look inside. I’m gonna have to start being extra vigilant.

How can I be paranoid, when it’s the paranoid motherfuckers who are really after me who are making me paranoid?

So she was there, and then Lil B launches into this ridonkulous spiel about how he wants to thank the MCs and producers who inspired him, namely the RZA and MF Doom, and then he gives a shout out to Jay Electronica. Which is like if Ed Wood, at a screening of Plan 9 from Outer Space, thanked his idols, the Coen brothers and Martin Scorsese, and then gave a shout out to my boo Sofia Coppola. Even though that wouldn’t necessarily have made sense chronologically. But bear with me. It’s getting late in the afternoon, and I’ve got some things that I need to get taken care of before it gets to be Miller Time.

Then the video just kinda abruptly ends, right after he gives a shout out to Jay Electronica. You don’t actually get to hear any music by Lil B. (Not that I’m complaining.) What the fuck kind of listening party is that? It makes me wonder if the whole purpose of the video wasn’t to strengthen Lil B’s appeal to people who have decent taste in music, i.e. people who listen to the RZA and MF Doom, and, if it’s necessary to throw someone current into the mix, Jay Electronica, similar to the trick Kanye tried to pull of trying to make up for the teh gheyness of 808s & Heartbreak by cutting sympathy checks to the likes of Pete Rock, DJ Premier, and, again, the RZA, during the making of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, none of whom really appeared on the album – I don’t care what the credits say. Hence, actually playing a Lil B song, in a video of a Lil B listening party, would have ruined it.

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  • Frankie2Fast


    BOL – you stay on Kanye and I don’t blame you most of the time. The only Producer you could here in there was RZA. The first track after the little story time there was a damn Wu-Tang beat if I ever heard one. That may as well been off GZA’s Liquid Swords.

    P.S. – Who the hell is Lil’ B and what the shit is a Based God…C’Mon Son.


  • sealsaa

    “the Based God, Lil B”

    ^The hell is a “based god”? This is why hate new music. Nigga’s are corny. Ya’ll can keep the Drakes, J Coles and Lil B’s.

    *Puts headphones on, throws on 90′s era rap*

  • Q461

    I don’t really fuck with dude, but it’s BaseGod like Freebasein I believe..classy stuff lol…Makes me think of Richard Pryor with the lit match joke…

    As far as the aformentioned… I was disappointed that Ye didnt utilize Pete Rock and Primo’s beats for MBDTF… Rumor was they will be on Watch the Throne but lets see…

    The Dark Fantasy track is signature RZA. Probably one of the albums best tracks (although I wish Ye rhymed more on it). Also wish Rza provided more lyrics on So Appalled. Dope song nonetheless.

    Speaking of RZA…yall hear he’s directing a movie with Russell Crowe and Lucy Liu? About to start filming in China… Big fuckin moves for dude.

    • that nigga

      Yea, I heard of Lil B but never heard any of his music, hence what Bol says bout the video with no music? Kinda suspect. Anyway, Yea RZA is also doing The Last Dragon 2, part 1 was a classic.

  • Don mcCaine


    ^ this is what Bol is talking about…
    “I noticed, standing in the background, was that black chick with the Jane Fonda-in-Klute hairdo who worked here for like four days a few months ago…Then later I read, I think in the comments section here, or maybe on formspring, that she was some sort of agent for the TIs the entire time”

    ^ Karen Civil? ’cause once we realized those “blogs” were chopped up press releases she was gone from here…

    if it is true that Lil’ B is being astroturfed, some of y’all may have to mirror check yourselves about what type of music & artists do you REALLY like…Drake was astroturfed…

    • BxRa

      Hold on dog, Drake is TALENTED though. Like even if his spot was created what he did with it was produce GREAT MUSIC.

  • Q461

    Is it Base God or Based God? Maybe I’m misinformed I thought it was Base… I’m lookin up some of dudes stuff now… hes got a joint with Andy Milonakis lol…. I admit I dont know much about him…The whole raping Kanye thing kinda deterred me to checkin him out when theres alot of other new cats out there… in any case…

    By astroturfing, do you mean perpetrating a fraud as to what producers and artists he fucks with in order to create an artificial demand and get his name out in the public more/ attract the attention of major industry figures?

    Just tryin to make sure I got the terminology down…. you may have to school a nigga on this ….

    • Don mcCaine

      perpetrating the fraud in the way that the artist was ALWAYS signed, but was promoted as an up & coming cat thru the grassroots movement so the audience will connect more to the struggle of said artist. If all goes well, the label will swoop in and start the machine engine up.

      Yes there are hired commenters for this purpose…some blogs are in on it (part of the ad $)…Sylvia Rhone (Motown/Universal) basically astroturfed Drake…you don’t get full radio rotation unsigned, big cake is paid for them spins…

      now seeing how Lil’ B had lrg ‘net exposure (weekly WSHH vids), blogger co-signs, internet soldiers & all, and XXL is frontpaging his listening party…this n^gga been signed w/Universal…that punch was probably staged too…I remember cats saying his shtick is to play the media…the people too…

      but a cat like ROC MARCIANO just got signed too:

      where’s the press? Even respected heads like Premo have Roc’s album in his top of 2010…

      • these posts are racist

        Why are my comments not going through?????? (I sent Five!)

      • Don mcCaine

        oh yeah, i know you’re gonna read that Lil’ B…you’ve commented here b4…good luck with that yo…

  • these posts are racist

    Lil B is the death of Hip Hop. I know this has been used before and most people dismiss this idea of “killing hip hop” as hyperbole, etc. but it’s true. The “Brand” known as “hip hop” is being diluted. It has happened to other types of music. This guy does not rap. He’s not hip hop. You cannot slap the trademark of Hip Hop on anything just because the person claims it is hip hop.

    I hope we stop this before it kills our culture.

    Lil B, you are horrible.

  • Q461

    @ tpar

    sometimes that happens to me too somethin with the site I guess..

    @ Don

    Wow thats crazy man….ain’t nothin sacred anymore? I mean its smart I guess and it doesn’t surprise me cause the music industry is shady…Kinda reminds me of when Benzino was rigging the Source reviews to get RSO and Made Men an artificial push …and although I still like Drake… you make a good point seeing is how if Drake isn’t rhyming about love, he’s usually talking about how glorious it is now that hes at the top and how he struggled to get this shine ( prime example is the single Over)… but if he WAS signed the entire time that kinda negates the whole thing he’s puttin down on wax now doesn’t it? I wonder how many other artists this goes on with…

    lol similar to how what Ross spits is fake….. ( I was just stickin up for dude’s music and catchin darts from niggaz on that other blog)

    I saw that Primo list too…he had some interesting picks on there…. ROC Marciano (shit is fire) Cube, Murs, Freeway, Skyzoo, Fat Joe, Strong Arm Steady, Wu-Massacre etc…

    • these posts are racist


      Drake’s Uncle was a Bass Player in Sly and the Family Stones or whatever…He was Managed by Jay-Z’s Managment people way before he came out with his first mixtape.

      The kid has skills, etc. but yeah, his whole story of how he came up is a lie…and he is manufactured…(Yes, NOam Chomsky)

  • Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

    @ All of the posters of this threat and Bryon Crawford

    On Jay Electronica:

    First song on Lil’B's album is named exhibit six and the single that sky rocket Jay to fame was exhibit c. B is shouting him out because he is using the same concept for the song.

    On Manufactured artist:

    I have no evidence to disprove you but I have yet to read actual evidence that supports your claims. So I assume that you are hating or making shit up. The Uncle part is true but the rest seems like bullshit. I would imagine labels manufacturing artist but so? Why is it a big deal?

    On Death of Hip Hop:

    What people fail to get is that the problem of hip hop is simple. Assholes keep hating. If you don’t like Lil B or drake don’t listen. Stop the actually culture killing which is putting hip hop in a box and ignoring different styles of the culture.

    Actual Death of Hip Hop:

    Actual death of Hip hop is record sells and bullshit. Fans no longer buy albums and want mixtapes, so labels only support artist who sale (Drake and maybe Lil B). You want to save hip hop buy music stop downloading. I am not accusing anyone on this post of being a theft but stop killing the culture. Buy music!

    • these posts are racist

      Do you deny that Drake was managed by Jay-Z’s people before his original mixtape came out?

      Do you deny that the flood of “rappers” who pride themselves on the quantity rather than quality of their work are diluting the brand of Hip Hop?

      I’m not saying there is a well defined line here, but there is less and less incentive for rappers, new and old, to take their time and create masterpieces when people like Lil B just talk over a beat and get the same publicity and attention.

      Mark my words: These guys are diluting hip hop. We will not be taken seriously in the near future, and as Jay himself warned, a new genre of music will take over and kill Hip Hop…see, eg, disco, hair bands other now dead sub cultures.

      • Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

        If you can provide a piece of evidence (prolly can) I won’t “deny” Jay-Z was helping him. Regardless if he still had management, his music had to have some appeal for him to the backing of a major.

        Brand of Hip Hop? Hip hop is not a brand but a culture and how others choose to participate in the culture is up to them. Quality is subjective and there is no one perfect way of making a project(s).

        So you are advocating for rapper to sell out? The incentive is to get attention not make good music? Ok ok…wow….

        Ok if Hip Hop were to end it wouldn’t be because of Lil B…Just closed minded people…..

    • avenger xl

      Nietzsche lack perspective is it because you are a nihilist and find all of this meaningless? Critical thought is not hate. Once you place a creation in the public sphere you open yourself up for critique. If so-called artist don’t like critique they should make music for their moms or who ever support them regardless of their bullshit.

      As far as astroturf is concerned. If you know anything about how music is promoted and distributed. You know the whole drake story just don’t ad up without assistance.

      saying lil b is not hip-hop or does not make quality music is not hating. It is making an observation and you need cats to be van guards of any medium to protect it from being deliuted by corporate america. Like Lil b is doing to rap music. They created a buzz among the hipster set who only use rap as a passing fade to show they are on (see norman mailers essay on the “white Negro”. The labels are playing to this outsider/hipster cultures fascination with our culture and since they give a shit about the culture they don’t care about the quality or the appearance given. To keep a medium moving you need creative champions and lil b isn’t showing any sign of that but is given a bully pullpit that the more creative writers don’t even get.

      • Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

        Nihilistic? Me? Do you know what Nihilism means?

        Critical Thought? Where, I didn’t think I was reading Pitchfork!

        I haven’t read a shred of critical thought on this entire thread.

        Well since you know so much about how the music industry works do us all a favor and explain it. For all I know you could just be some random kid reading XXL that thinks he knows everything there is about the music industry.

        Your last paragraphs is full of way to many assumptions and gaps for me to actually write a thoughtful response too. But I will say this; what you are referring to as observations are actually opinions. Observations are statements of fact or reality….

    • sealsaa

      “What people fail to get is that the problem of hip hop is simple. Assholes keep hating. If you don’t like Lil B or drake don’t listen. Stop the actually culture killing which is putting hip hop in a box and ignoring different styles of the culture.”

      ^On the contrary. The problem lies with the pretentious assholes who insist on co-signing new music because its new. Its all style no substance, and the little swag monkeys eat it up. And when someone points this out, they’re “hating”. Stop it.

      • Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

        On the contrary. The problem lies with the pretentious assholes who insist on co-signing new music because its new. Its all style no substance, and the little swag monkeys eat it up. And when someone points this out, they’re “hating”. Stop it

        Sounds like baggage from a previous experience in your life. If you find Drake’s music to be unappealing make any comment you want about it. Just make sure you type “This in my opinion and I can only guarantee that I and a few others feel the same” in front of it. Because when you critique someone’s music as if you are making a statement of fact under the assumption that most people should agree with you, you are hating.

      • Broz1p

        I think the problem is WE as fans honetsly don’t support OUR music anymore….Things would be WAAAAAY better if we just went out an bought what we like instead of whining about who killed what…At the end of the day the fans control the industry by all means…We buy or d/l the products being put out…Labels would have no choice but to pay attention if independent artist put up the same #s artist on a major….In the words of Captain Planet: THE POWER IS YOURS!!!!!

  • Don mcCaine

    “I would imagine labels manufacturing artist but so? Why is it a big deal?”

    ^ smh…i ain’t gonna reveal no more…you good…

    • Q461

      “I would imagine labels manufacturing artist but so? Why is it a big deal?”

      lol yeah I saw that too. Comment fail of the day.

      • Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

        lol yeah I saw that too. Comment fail of the day.


        Why? Clearly you don’t find Lil B or Drake appealing so what does it matter to you if there music is consider good by others. Just ignore it and listen to other artist. Why act all butt hurt over manufactured artist.

        And don’t give me the “their destroying the culture” crap. There making money off the culture, the culture is continuing to thrive and evolve.

  • Q461

    See I don’t know enough about Lil B to really say that he is killing hip-hop. Cats have said the same about Soulja Boy, Waka Flocka and even Gucci. I will say I havent heard anything music-wise I really like from Lil B and the rape comment and him throwing darts at Buddens haven’t really made me wanna check for him. Especially when theres been a flood of newer cats out there ( Roc Marciano, John Connor, Laws, Emilio Rojas, Kendrick Lamar) just to name a few that have had my attention recently.

    It defintely opens up my eyes to learn about some of this shit especially since Hip-Hop has always placed such a strong value on authenticity. Will I still fuck with cats like Drake and Ross? Yes as long as the musical output is dope. I think sometimes its good for us to know the truth, but when we start taking the private lives and pasts of artists more seriously than what they bring to the table musically, thats when we’re lost.

    I try not to hate on cats i’ m not into, for example I’m not a big Gucci fan, but they’re heads that really dig his shit. Lil B will serve a purpose as long as he has somewhat of a fanbase ( if he doesn’t have people checkin for him, he will sure burn out fast as we have seen before)

  • Don mcCaine

    it ain’t hate…once a cat can see beyond the fan vision and notice the corporate visual, the music experience is actually better.

    “To keep a medium moving you need creative champions and lil b isn’t showing any sign of that but is given a bully pullpit that the more creative writers don’t even get.”

    ^ that right there…

  • these posts are racist

    Co-Sign the usuals…Q, Don, Avenger.

    Yo, do you guys remember that famous Biggie and Lil Cease freestyle…where Cease spits, then Big spits, then they ask Cease to spit again and he goes “i can’t even go no more after Big…”

    Can you imagine ANYONE ever saying that after Lil B spits?

  • Q461

    @ tpar

    The one with Biggie goin “Obese like Della Reese”? Hell yeah fam bout to peep it right now since its been a minute since i heard it…. From what I remember Cease wasn’t half bad but Biggie just killed em and kept going…

    Def can’t picture anyone saying that after Lil B. Could you picture someone sayin that after Waka though? A good recent example is that Gucci/Talib track….The lyrical ability, flow and cadence are bumped up like 100 notches once Kweli’s verse kicks in…..

    • these posts are racist

      Yeah, that one…and yeah, Cease was not half bad overall.

      And again, I don’t think we can draw perfect lines around all of this, but what’s clear is that many of these dudes are just wack. Period. And citing a freestyle from over 13 years ago that everyone would agree is doper than anything out right now speaks to the fact that there is a surplus of this wack shit.

  • Don mcCaine

    “the problem lies with the pretentious assholes who insist on co-signing new music because its new. Its all style no substance, and the little swag monkeys eat it up. And when someone points this out, they’re “hating”. Stop it.”


    and for the lurk crew, yeah I’ve listened to Lil’ B. The question should be WHY should I purchase anything created by Lil’ B? ’cause it’s rap? a Black youngin’ trying to feed his?

    IF he makes something relative I will buy, BOTTOM LINE. I’ve got at least 2 decades plus memories of music under my cap, why DO I need to cop more? Remember the OL’ HEADS know the BUY AT THE STORE MOVEMENT, NOT THE DOWNLOAD ON THE COMPUTER MOVE. Anyone saying I’m a hater ain’t seen what I give back…fUx I’m trying to help…the site is filled with “get it” stuff than “get got” nonsense. But this is how I’ma do it…

    Game is the most anticipated?
    Wiz is the man?
    A ‘L4zers’ petition?
    Nas can’t get a release date?
    Y’all buying a Lil’ B CD?

    Don’t be surprised if I sh^t all over these threads…Cease should have had a camera instead of a mic…really real…

    “where Cease spits, then Big spits, then they ask Cease to spit again and he goes “i can’t even go no more after Big…”

    ^ i respect that…at least he’s gonna carry the weed so no one catch a charge than be worried about smoking it and saying it’s all his…1

  • yoprince

    @ all of you

    you all can talk conspiracy theories as much as you want, but when I look at the rise of Drake and Lil B, i see one consistency: HARD WORK.

    Lil B, in particular is known for making and dropping like 6 songs a day, plus videos. whether YOU (or your type) personally enjoy those songs or not is MOOT. the man has cultivated an image that extends beyond hot 16′s. whether interscope or whoever has been lurking in the background is irrelevant to his grind, which is WELL-DOCUMENTED.

    • Don mcCaine

      that’s the purpose of astroturfing fam, to have the fan connect with the grind. But the conspiracy label is extra yo…this is a known tactic, regardless if you knew it or not. A cat like Fred da Godson is grinding, earning his recognition.

      chucky…you’re all over the place with that comment fam…

      “The reason you didn’t see this 20 years ago”

      ^ because people would put out their BEST effort, take it to the radio station/club and see the demand…if no good, THEN go back to the lab and try again…you don’t think Rae or Rakim have 100′s of throwaways for all the hours they’ve been in the studio?

      that throw-it-at-the-wall-and-see-what-sticks formula is wack, but I’ma let y’all tell that story…

  • Chucky D

    I gave a listen to some of Lil B’s stuff, it seems really bad, weak lyrics, mentally challenged flow, something i would put on the same level as gucci, oj, souljah etc. I at this point, will never check for Lil B, never purchase anything he does, or even listen for free. But that being said, if the kid can make money doing it, and if theres enough people out there that want to buy his shit and pay to see him in concert, then more power to him.

    As far as people arguing that these guys who do a ridiculous amount of shitty songs, and just pump them out one after the other are diluting hip hop or whatever, I would disagree with you. The reason you didn’t see this 20 years ago when apparently hip hop was pure, was there was no youtube, no myspace. There was no way to get people from anywhere other than your neighborhood to hear you, and if you had no talent, you couldn’t reach the entire world. Unfortunately now you can, and theres really nothing we can do, we can’t censor youtube, we shouldn’t want to censor youtube. If your not a fan, don’t buy, don’t go to shows, just don’t listen.

    There have been shitty rappers forever, there will be shitty rappers forever. Some have said that these rappers are morphing rap into a genre that will go the way of disco, but if you look at acts like souljah boy, and other ringtone, or stupid ass trap rappers, who’s selling? I mean look at SB’s last album, a fucking brick. If anything they are going to fade away like disco, and the core will remain intact.

    Look at all the good hip hop at least in my opinion thats come out this year: Eminem, T.I., Kanye, Drake, Wu, Nas/Damien Marley, Cube, Curren$y, Bun B, Tech N9ne, Fat Joe, Redman. Theres more, this is off the top of my head. Admittedly some of these guys didn’t sell much more than SB, but most did enough that they can make a living doing shows and off the records, which is all they can ask for, they don’t need to have a mil in the bank, they get to paid to rap, if you make 100K you should be thankful.

    A couple more things: TPAR’s thing about the biggie freestyle, thats seriously irrelevant. Could they say the same about Lil B? Fuck no, but its fucking BIGGIE, one of the most accepted GOAT candidates. Basically your saying that for a rapper to be successful, they should be able to freestyle on the level of B.I.G.? I mean you could basically put an there, and it would remain true. I mean, Lil B fucking sucks, but come on, theres not many who could do what BIG does, doesn’t mean they don’t have a place in Rap.

    And the Drake manager thing, he was a child actor right? I’m Canadian, so i have been unfortunately exposed to several generations of Degrassi. So since he was a child actor, on a reasonably big show up here, doesn’t it make sense that he would have an agent? Fuck where someones from, fuck their old job, their hood, their realness, how about their fucking music? For example, Drakes verse on T.I.’s Poppin Bottles, not bad if you ask me.

    The music industry isn’t fair. Thats too bad, but the execs are there to make money, they are not in the business, and will never be in the business of doing what is right, or fair. They will not promote a amazing lyricist if he’s only going to sell 25K at best because he has consumer appeal. But thats the flip side of youtube. Theres lots of shit being put out there, but theres lots of gems that this new outlet is allowing us to find, and maybe if we support them, we can skip the majors and they will be able to do it independent, which i think is going to be the future of hip hop.

    And fuck all you self proclaimed hip hop heads who think you decide what is acceptable, what is good, and what hip hop is.

  • these posts are racist

    You’re missing my point about the Biggie Freestyle. The GOAT has been dead for 13 years. Compare all the hip hop that was coming out 13 years ago, BIG, being the standard for greatness, with all the Hip Hop coming out now, 13 years after his death, and the devolution is striking.

    And none of you refute Don/Q’s claims of manufactured rap stars, you simply state it’s “not a big deal”…

    And none of you have have responded to my claim that dilution is bad. That there has been a devolution in in hip hop and that, in other genres, that has led to the subcultures demise.

    • Don mcCaine

      “And none of you refute Don/Q’s claims of manufactured rap stars, you simply state it’s “not a big deal”…”

      ^ “not a big deal”=that’s how I get paid…thus me saying I’ll stop revealing…

      thousands of songs a month being released=dilution…even XXL has cut back on the new music posting…like I don’t believe someone sat down and listen to 100 mixtapes to rank them properly…please tell me with a job, school, relationship, perhaps kids, paying bills, dealing with family, shopping, traveling, smoking & drinking, going out on the town, playing video games, “buying” albums, going to shows, sleeping, one actually LISTENED to EVERY SONG on 100 mixtapes in the meanwhile…

      and tell me there will be support for all of those artists in a form of purchases of music…I’ll listen to the debate…

  • Q461

    Wow lol this thread has heated up….

    There is no question that the internet has become a mass tool to dilute hip-hop, simply because things are now fast and accessible. Over-saturation has become the norm, the only problems are noone has time to listen to everything if you work, go to school have a family etc, and because the net is so easy, artists flood the market with music ( some of it good, some complete trash) and more and more artists are flooding the market trying to come up, ( again with varying results…

    Like Don said its like sales or a game of numbers, throw it against the wall and see what sticks, the more tracks you put out the better your odds at success are.

    But this means we can afford to be choosy. I don’t fuck with Lil B. To me dude is wack. But I’m also a member of the cop it at the store generation, and I will continue to be there to support the shit I like. I happen to be a big Drake supporter , I think homey is talented no matter if he was astroturfed or not.

    Dilution is bad for the game tpar you are right, but the net has made it a fact of life. The thing that gets me is older cats that aren’t up on the net that are like Hip hop ain’t good anymore, theres nobody good out” I always answer, there is plenty of hot shit out, you just need to know where to hear it.

    One last thing before I quit this thread cause its all over the place and is hurting my head lol…Lil Cease on that freestyle outraps anything I’ve heard Lil B on.


  • http://facebook.comsearchLilRail LILRAIL


  • Zaye

    Here is the answer to your argument.

    Yes these rappers who are manufactured or suck are killing Hip Hop. They are selling them selves not Music.

    Do you watch sports?
    If you do your then your telling me that a player deserves to be drafted even though he doesnt play that well. Your answer would be no. Anyone can play sports but do they play well. So why do we tolerate okay rappers that just get by. Making quality music is not subjective.

    Mercedes benz decides hey lets make a crap car but everyone will defend it cause its Mercedes.

    If Jay-z sounded like lil b back in the day he wouldnt have made it to where he is at now.

    Drake uses the same flow over everything he raps on. And constantly says “Uhh!” Even Timbaland said he had to find the right track for Drake cause he has only sounds good on certain stuff. WOW..

    Lastly dont hate, but dont give credit to rappers because they have push from a label, do your research on “Motown” and you will understand the concept of making quality music. It either sounds good or it doesnt.

  • thoreauly77

    Also, in 2010, Lil B signed to SB’s label, Stacks on Deck, a vanity label run through Interscope. Lil B, is playing both the independent and the signed game, for what it’s worth. Good for him, I say.

  • Niggerguy

    I wish I was born black. Then all i would have to do is be able to jump high, or put some bullshit together to make it rhyme so i can be a millionaire.

  • alderman j

    RZA produced a track on MBDTF (#2), and he has like 2 bars at the end of SO APPALLED! THANKS!

  • punkasswhiteboy

    I wish i was a white boy so i could……well……complain all the time about how the MASTER RACE that my ancestors created has taken over, TV, SPORTS, ENTERTAINMENT, POLITICS and OUR WOMEN.

  • mav

    xxl needs to stop printing stories and blogs about this nigga
    until he actually comes out wit a popular song on the radio bcuz way too many people have never heard of dude…ive never heard any of his records so y talk about him…
    if you read the interview byron referenced youll know all u need to know about lil b….