Atlanta Gets Hip-Hop Love, But What About Texas?

Over the years Atlanta’s trap stars have taken over the South’s spotlight. Gucci Mane, T.I., Waka Flocka, Big Kuntry King— through mixtapes and commercial hits, Atlanta’s heavyweights have found a way to take over Southern hip-hop. But what about the third coast rhyme slingers that exist outside of Atlanta, has everyone forgotten about them?

Before Atlanta took center stage, Texas was home of screwed music and home of Southern hip-hop. With Swisha House pushing their Sunday Night Chopped & Screwed Mix on Houston’s 97.9 The Box, artists like Z-Ro, Lil Keke, Mr. Pookie & Mr. Lucci, Big Moe, Fat Pat, and the rest of the Screwed Up Click, including the late DJ Screw and Big Hawk, had the rap game on lock. I remember when “25 Lighters,” “Chillin’ Wit My Broad,” and “Southside” used to be the songs that made Tinsel Town and any other Houston club go crazy. UGK was that slow riding, windows down, wheels spinning group that anybody in the South, including Georgia, would rock to. So the question is, what happened to Southern rap outside Atlanta?

While UGK has definitely staked their claim on the charts over the last four years by taking the No. 1 spot on Billboard’s Rap Album charts with UGK 4 Life in 2009 and Underground Kingz in 2007, it seems like everyone’s forgotten about the rest of Texas and what the third coast has to offer.

Mr. Pookie & Mr. Lucci were one of the dopest duos to come out of the Southside of Dallas/Forthworth, and “Smokin’ Marijuana” help put them on the map. “I can feel it in the back of my mind/it’s like Mary Jane came at the right time … Mary Jane to the brain/I’m in love wit chu b*tch.” Everytime that song comes on I can’t help but move my hand from left to right and snap when the beat drops. There’s no doubt that record’s a classic. So if lil’ ol’ me can recognize and remember Texas’ relevance to hip-hop, why can’t anyone else?

Atlanta’s had hip-hop as a culture, as a music industry, as a way of life under its 33/84 geographical belt for the last seven years at minimum, but that doesn’t mean its distant cousin four states away has to be neglected, does it? —Amber McKynzie

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  • iSimplyAm

    Amber, what irresponsible supervisors you have. How could they let you publish such dry content in such bulk.

    At any rate, Atlanta and Texas is the Armpit of HipHop.

    Talent stops at Bun B and Andre 3000.

    • tru

      wow ,somebody doesnt know about dj screw scarface zro and trae ,i can keep going ,hater ,u should be shot tha world got enuff haters

  • JaythaGod

    ummmmm…..dumb dumb………..pookie n lucci is from DALLAS,TX, not houston!

  • amber

    @isimply – it’s just a blog, not an in-depth article. It’s food for thought. Cause when’s the last time you were going crazy, or even cared, about anything coming outta Texas … unless you’re from Texas ….

  • John Cochran

    ATL got newer artists. Everybody you mentioned from H Town are veteran artist. They just need some new blood thats all.

  • OG Matt Herbz

    What the fuck, B? Yo, you know that every time you say “Waka Flocka” that I kill 10 kittens? I’m not playing either—I rolled through Waka’s hood the other day and had some bitches scoop up all the stray cats that was living inside and around his mom’s crib. I took them shits back to my house, the White House to be exact, and stashed them in my private gymnasium—word life I just murked about 50 of them little bitches just based on the shit I just read on, alone. I’m cutting kittens’ heads off muhfucka so stop saying that corny muhfucka’s name. Gotdamn.

    –OG Matt Herbz–

  • OG Matt Herbz

    Oh, and before I forget–I just listened to that shit-stanking lame-ass “Smokin Marijuana” song and lucky I had a fresh Champion hoodie to change into after vomiting up my $200 lunch on the first one. That song sucks. Period. Muhfuckas, it’s 2011, are dudes STILL singing songs about weed? Like, what the fuck else is there to say about that shit? You smoke it… You get high… It makes your dick feel like a magic wand of galactic pleasure… Who doesn’t know all that shit already? Fuck outta here Dookie and Bicci…

    –OG Matt Herbz–

  • New HarlemWorld Order

    Atlanta has probably done more damage to hip hop then any other state – snap music – crunk music -

    young dro
    yung la
    gucci mane
    oj da jew mayne
    ying yang twins
    lil jon

    texas gets its props if you like rhymes about hoes/purple stuff & riding chevys – but i prefered the bay area rappers who rhymed about that

    • rty

      got bad news for u,waka is from nyc ,go check

  • max_moola

    the midwest is where itz at right now. very few lames in this area. sorry for u in the south wit niggas like waka i mean i would never let him rep my city….




    its not chevys nigga its lacs on 4s swangaz super pokas gorilla pokas 17 in 20 in 22 in apple over silver wet drippin Grant woodwheel grippin big grill belts and buckles buckhide interior 5th wheel swanga in da trunk aint nuthin like comin down the boulo (boulevard for retards) fresh out da car wash knowin u holdin bolted up nigga lookin good

    • Texas Is Full Of Fruits

      You sound like an ignorant negro (prolly white). Go read a book, get a job, get a degree, clean yo house fool! How can you live with garbage in your yard son!

  • Q461

    I think both Texas and Atlanta have put out alot of hip-hop talent. Kinda crazy how w are talking about Texas not gettin love and noone mentions the Geto Boys … Scarface is the King of the South. UGK obviously. We all know what Atlanta has brought to the table but check it:

    Texas-Geto Boys, Mike Jones, Paul Wall, Chamillionaire, UGK
    DJ Screw… Don’t forget a few years back Swishahouse was runnin things…

    Tennessee- Young Buck, Three Six Mafia

    Kentucky-Nappy Roots

    Virginia- The Clipse, Missy , Skillz, Timbaland

    North Carolina- Petey Pablo, Little Brother, J.Cole


    Mississippi-David Banner and Big KRIT

    Louisiana-Weezy, Juvenile, B.G, Birdman,Mannie Fresh Mystikal,Master P, Curren$y, Jay Electronica,

    Peace to AtL , but other areas in the South been poppin too for a minute not just Atlanta. Hip Hop’s all over the map yall.

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    Atlanta Gets Hip-Hop Love, But What About Texas?
    The Real Questions Is: Atlanta Gets Hip-Hop Love, But What About Texas and “Memphis”?

    Home of the Crunk, Get Buck, Murder, Hoes, Pimp, Bitch, 808, heavy bass, piano loop, 70′s samples, Triple Six (Three 6 Mafia), Juicy J, Dj Paul, Project Pat, 8Ball & MJG, Playa Fly, Al Kapone, Lord Infamous, Koopsta, SNO, V-Slash

    The real music from Atlanta is Outkast, Goodie Mob, the all Dungeon Family.

  • tommy_s

    pookie and lucci are from the NAWF side of DALLAS get it right goddamnit

  • Nunya

    Who cares…there’s more ill lyricists in the Southwest than the South. Hip Hop heads are jaded, but there mad talent and bangers in the Southwest. Someone *cough*xxl*cough* should tap into it.

    Whatever. Texas had its run…IMO; so did Atlanta. But what do I know….just poster.

  • homegrown DALLAS,TX ladythuggn groveside

    TEXAS is one of the most slept on and the above haters are the reason why. There is A LOT of pure TALENT here but no one notices because we are not animated and p*ssy like most of the so called talent thats out today (no offense ATL artists jeezy you a real nicca). Now. . .that being said i cosign small town tx and shoutout to XXL and Amber McKynzie. . .LADY THUG COMING SOON STAY TUNED. .

  • jadamang

    to be honest dfw tx music has always been well…..bad doc didnt claim the metro like he couldve….dsr sucked,pookie lucci sucked,play n skillz wack,twisted black got locked but he was wack,all the d town boogie artist are 1 and dones,RICKEY BOBBY??????stanky leg????? r u for real!!!! ive al ways waited for a real lyric to go type artist that would rep like jay electronic,lupe fiasco,ludacris,pusha t(get my drift) my city rep that bullshit to be real honest…..stop wearing fucking shags its over!!!!!! now we got the superbowl in agg town and not one artist to show em what we got…….

  • Frowner Nation

    Paeme is leading the way. Sore Losers. Inertia. Ad.D+. Picnic. LE$. Carter. J. Quest.

  • EmCDL

    They got plenty of new talent in Texas….Ace Mitch, Taronica, Bez, J-Rhodes. Ya’ll better get ya google on!

  • Dub

    Still tryna figure out when TX ran the South… They may have been poppin from an underground standpoint but ATL has been frontman for the South since the early crunk era wit Lil Jon… Only time I can think of when TX ran it was the late 80s to early 90s wit the Geto Boys and UGK. What’s crazy is in hoods all over, the same ATL rappers like Gucci, Waka, and whoever else is cool to hate, get the most play. I was just in the hood in North Philly a month ago and I heard Gucci and Waka shit every goddamn turn.

  • Will

    I agree about dude who mentioned Memphis, they weren’t even talked about in the Vh1 Honors, and they’ve put in a lot of work. Eightball & MGJ, Hypnotize Minds, and Playa Fly get plenty play in the whip. “Space Age Pimpin” playin right now