Why Curtis And Jayceon Should Kiss And Make Up

By the time you’ll read this I’ll be on an Amtrak train headed from the former political home of OG basehead Marion Berry, Washington, DC, squashed in between the window and some relatively portly gentleman in a suit trying to hustle a mortgage to his homeboy over the phone. I do this for my culture.

Anyways, I’ve been doing quite a bit of travel lately to places I would probably never have visited anyways due to my troglodyte lifestyle, all thanks in due to the main hustle and by extension you, the faithful reader/shit-talker who comes here to at the very least take the time out of your schedules to be up on the latest in urban music and/or insult me (seriously, I’m even grateful for that). This sudden change in pace, however, has actually left me somewhat missing my old stomping grounds out West, so I’ve planned on making a return trip there within the next few weeks.

During my last days there over a year ago the indie rap scene was bubbling, with some of my now-current iPod mainstays slowly but surely gaining attention in lieu of the void left behind when the West Coast rap scene fell apart faster than you can say “German hacker.” One of the city’s recent hopefuls, The Game, was essentially a shell of his former self at this point, devolved from a snarling, menacing rhyme slinger into a mentally disheveled, rambling curmudgeon thanks to a public expulsion from Aftermath, a subsequent war of words and vain attempts to reconcile with a person known for holding lifelong grudges. Word to Ja Rule and his inability to ever regain the stature he once held in the early part of the Aughts.

In the case of trying to reconcile with 50, however, I’m going to have to side with Jayceon. This actually may be first, if not only, time Game has made sense post-The Documentary. Let’s face it: both G-Unit or Black Wall Street have done nothing as impressionable than their run over a half-decade ago. Sure, Lloyd Banks may be coming off of a resurgent year with a pair of hit singles and various notable guest appearances, but his record sales are nowhere near where they were during the Unit’s heyday. On the flipside, nobody knows about or even expects anything from the Black Wall Street thus far outside of a bunch of one-off mixtapes.

The person who stands to benefit the most from a Game-50 reunion would undoubtedly be Dr. Dre. Both Game and Fiddy were, in their respectively early stages, the rap Six Million Dollar Man. The Aftermath machine groomed them both from the raw rapster into the label-ready, multi-platinum superstar. Yet since their acrimonious split neither have ever come close to that synergy they had before, punctuated by (allegedly) 50’s influence on Game’s The Documentary: both artists have seen their record sales plummet dramatically, and both have made rather questionable decisions in their musical careers since. A reconciliation of sorts could quite possibly bolster their flailing careers, and perhaps give Dre some form of inspiration to not only complete Detox but actually make better songs for it as well. Think about it: who would want more songs that sound like “Under Pressure” than, say, “Heat” or “How We Do?”

All of this is wishful thinking, of course. We know that Game and 50 making up is about as likely as Shyne and Puff (of Black Rob and Puff. Or G. Dep and Puff. And so on.) making up, but doing so would do more help than harm at this point. What do they have to lose?

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  • http://2dopeboyz cal

    The Game & Fifty making up wouldn’t gain anymore album sales. The X-Factor is Young Buck… Back On My Buck Shit Pt. 2 & The Rehab would have to be 3rd & 4th on my i-pod playlist for albums this year. Kanye West & Rick Ross comes in 1st & 2nd respectfully!!

    • hmmmm

      You actually believe young buck will help increase album sales? bwuahahahahahaahhaahhahahahahahahhaahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahha

    • http://blogger/traptalk rico

      fuck that shit who cares about the game and fifty making up come on son fck outta here wit that bulshit

    • DavySupafly

      LOL c’mon son you really think adding buck would do anything, that idiot is tryin’ to sue tha IRS he needs to get off tha drugs before he does anymore music.

  • mine

    what do they have to lose ? I don’t know 50 may have some dignity or what little relevance he still posses ?? What the hell … 50 cent made the Game not vice versa. They were and are not equals. Game benefits from a reunion not Curtis. 50′s bad sales are a reflection of the lack of good production, not because the Game hasn’t been a feature on his albums.

  • jj


    Game speaking sense?

    Nigga did u forget all the shit he talked, all the mixtapes and dvs he put out dissing G-Unit??

    then when his career goes downhill he suddenly wants a reunion?

    and apologizes?

    then diss G-Unit AGAIN?

    just lol.

  • http://www.twitter.com/uzoy UZOY

    was JUST having a convo about this last night. it would be good for music, but a bad move trust wise for 50. if game did it once, he’ll do it again.

  • Uncanny

    Troglodyte???? You are the man Mek! Thanks.

  • BR(.)(.)KLYN

    Why every time you (Meka) star writing your slang editorial essay, you always start with something like “by the time you’ll read this I’ll be on an blah blah blah headed from blah blah blah to blah blah blah with someone siting next to me blah blah doing this and that Lmao. Your introductions are the same and don’t focus me on the topic your about to discuss. Well, just saying and not hating. One love though.

    But focusing on this topic I would say the reunion will most likely never happen and The Game is bipolar dude who always mention 50 cent in his songs, interviews and twitter SMFH. I was a big fan of Game back in the 2005-07, even bought his first 2 LP’s but now this dude is lame and I lost interest in for his music.

    • meAgain

      @ Meka – no offense – but your editorials are hard to follow. Your obviously an intellectual but forcing the garrolous phrases and side commentary into the article makes for a arduous read (see). It may feel witty, but it seems tangled when read in a blog format. Yes I’m no writer , but I do public speaking and fast reading is my forte’ , but your published and probably unwilling to change so … w/e. What happened to not having 50 cent in your dinner plans at all ? Why are you even discussing him anyway ?

  • http://lakersground.net jason brown

    either way, it looks like detox is coming out in feb. or next year…

    • http://lakersground.net jason brown

      oF** next year.

  • http://artandfleshstudio.com franklanzkie

    50 would have to put the whole entire Unit back together in order to win again. The whole allure of Fif’s rise to power wasn’t just him getting shot 9 times and surviving, it was also the mystic that surrounded the crew that he assembled by hand: Yayo, who was in and out of the bing, Banks the young shooter, Buck the southern emcee who earned his stripes with a bloody butter knife and later Game, the Compton 100-bar shooter discovered by Dre and assimilated into the Unit at the behest of Dre.

    Those guys together felt like they could crush any and everyone in their path and release after release after release seemed to confirm that. Rarely does the soldiers LP sales do as well as the General, but Banks, Buck and Game all seemed to proved the Weed Carrier Theory mute with consistent sounding lyrical behemoths that sold well and were even considered by some to be better than the General’s own release. Add to the equation Whoo Kid, mixtapes and radio shows with the occasional verse from Slim Shady and the occasional beat from the good Dr and it seemed as if the Unit could do no wrong and would squash all comers in their path. They were, since the days of Wu-Tang, the ultimate crew: each individual member with their own unique styles who were able to come together and form a solid wall that felt nye impenetrable.

    That is until 50 ejected Game for what he felt we’re disloyal comments. At the time, I agreed with Game: “why should emcees that I admired my whole career be deemed as enemies of the state just because YOU have beef with them? Your beef isn’t my beef.” Looking back I now see that Game was sorta in that Media Trick Bag that artists despite genre must seek to avoid: By being the most lyrically formidable of the Unit outside of 50 (some say better than 50 but that’s another story for another time), Game was goaded into answering questions on things HE SHOULDN’T HAVE EVEN BEEN SPEAKING ON AT THE TIME. If you recall, nobody asked Banks or Buck what they thought about 50′s comments towards Fat Joe and Nas. Nobody questioned Dre or Eminem. But Game, being the “new guy” fresh with popularity off of a hit single and and a newly released well selling CD what led blindfolded right into the gas chamber and sacrificed to the “We Need & Crave Drama Media Gods”. Would Banks or Buck have had something to say if they had been questioned? Maybe but doubtful that it wouldn’t been against 50. Dre? Em? Both have worked with Nas and both have expressed admiration for Fat Joe so nobody in the media was going near them. Whoo Kid? He was practically instigating the whole situation. And 50 with a a chip on his shoulder and eager to punish and dominate the very industry that cast him aside and demonized him: no way in hell was he going to stand by and let this upstart rail against authority. After all he’s the General. An example must be made…fuck if Dre discovered him.

    Once that fateful decision was made, shit it was a wrap. And the Unit has been dissolving ever since. A crew, click or squad is only as strong as the sum of its individual members. The Miami Heat are learning this now. While they are talented individually their talent was put to full use when they were together as a whole. Since 50 started ejected members faster than Hov ejected Amil’s contract NONE of them have been able to do what they were able to do those first two years because THE MYTH IS GONE. The allure has vanished and the fans now see that you’re not so invincible that you do have a weakness. Would Fat Joe still be able to put out CDs right now had 50 had taken him on when the Unit was one whole cohesive unit? Probably not. Once the allure fades you have nothing to rally the fans and troops around. The brand is tarnished.

    And since we know that 50 isn’t one to swallow his pride and let grudges go we also know that the Unit ain’t never getting back together. Ever.

  • http://artandfleshstudio.com franklanzkie

    Totally meant to write ‘mystique’….I hate typos.

  • http://vimeo.com/13098160 Jinesis

    I totally agree this would be the biggest thing for a group besides dipset reunion I want this to happen and it needs to

  • D.O.

    Didn’t Game take a shot at Banks for low sales this week? Not going to happen, Fif not dealing with Game. That road is covered with cement!!!

  • Seif

    Remember that Fifty NEVER killed Game’s career, though he did help him a lot with Dr Dre. Game actually shit on 50 with his diss tracks. Doctor’s Advocate is Game’s best album and is still by far my favorite album of all time and Game isn’t my favorite artist. When I claim somebody’s album as classic, it means I will bump that album any day any time, which is the case with Documentary and Doctor’s Advocate.

    Game with 50 would boost 50 because the duo made great songs and I’m sure it’d happen again. Game put his own career downhill, not 50. He started doing this techno-rap bullshit and it just went way off. He can still make proper tracks if he wants to. But who knows, maybe RED will flop or maybe it’ll be another Game classic.

    The Unit together were like unstoppable, 2000s’ NWA. I don’t want them all back together because it won’t make a difference, but Game with 50 and Banks equal good old gangsta rap.

    • @Seif


      Cut Banks out though

      Lmao Banks, Yayo, Buck, Loc and Black Wall Street should join Junior MAFIA and Tha Outlaw Immortal’z and make a group. lMAO you get the point. nigga’s r support artists

  • http://losersaregifted.blogspot.com cam

    what do they have to lose ? I don’t know 50 may have some dignity or what little relevance he still posses ?? What the hell … 50 cent made the Game not vice versa. They were and are not equals. Game benefits from a reunion not Curtis. 50′s bad sales are a reflection of the lack of good production, not because the Game hasn’t been a feature on his albums.



  • YouaFool

    Did Meka just read a dictionary and put big words in his article to sound smart? LOL.. Game is bi-polar. He can never be trusted again. He says he wants a reunion today, but tomorrow he might just start dissing everyone. Then the next day, he might put out a video crying and begging for forgiveness. It’s Estrogen. This guy Game was somehow tricked into taking Estrogen pills, when he thought they were vitamins.

  • Shame

    Fiddy is turning into a new Hova. He think too much of himself. Personally, I like to look at their relationship like Escobar and Jay. Except that Nas is REAL and Game’s a phony (Don’t get me wrong, Game makes H-H-HOT music)

    No fucking way 50 is going to accept his apology and request of getting together again, not even for the good doctor. Nope. Sure, they’ll have Hip-Hop at their mercy if they were together again but then again the Compton MC ain’t nothing but talk.

    What would Fiddy gain by getting together with Game? More record sales? Sure, but is it really worth it? After that “50′s momma, I’ll put you in the ground like that”-talk?

    Game ain’t selling no more. He dropped/leaked A LOT of tracks to promote his upcoming album (besides the official mixtape’s) and he ain’t even create a buzz about. Look at him, he’s begging faggot mainstream artists to be featured on his tracks.

    But yeah, them getting together for Detox would be awesome. Too bad that it ain’t gon’ happen.

  • Castro

    Meka, you’re thinking like a label executive. Lloyd Banks record sales numbers? Really? Didn’t we already wrap that one up and started looking at iTunes and digital sales in general? You see Lloyd Banks is surely making good money with this album, the question is just where the money is coming from (touring, merchandise, digital sales, etc.). Digital sales bring him a way better deal than any label could offer him, so don’t bother about his numbers, he’s doing good. Very good.

    As for the Curtis – Jayceon piece. I think there’s a little more to the story than just money and hit records. First of all, how often would you trust a person who used your trust and made fun of you? Wouldn’t that make you stupid if you trusted that person again and the person would actually continue to say fuck you behind your back?

    As far as I can remember they squashed their beef once and Jayceon kept running his mouth (BET awards, source awards? No clue…). To me, that’s not a person I’d like to deal with in my life, period. 50 is a smart man and you know that. So you have to also consider that Jayceon could damage his reputation a lot more if 50 let him near him again. Why fuck up all the good money? Why risk negative press (like 50 doesn’t get enough)? The only reason why The Game is throwing some shots at the G-Unit camp is because otherwise we would forget him. Think about it, what do you know The Game for? Exactly Hate it or Love it and 300 Bars. That’s his whole career.

  • HotelFrost

    Its over. 50 Cent is the Howard Stern of rap now. Game is a rapping version of the National Enquirer, but Skillz does it better once a year. Banks is just another M.C trying to sell records, his concepts haven’t evolved. Buck is old news, only thing he still got going is Nashville hasn’t produced another nationally known M.C. So I guess he can still get good regional show money. YaYo was never that good anyway.

    If the Unit had stayed together they probably would have got to call to handle Nicki Minaj. Possibly even Drake. Instead Universal dialed up Slim.

    50′s best shot now is to remake G-Unit how Slim and Baby remade Cash Money after the Hotboys disbanded. Big difference is they had Little Wayne who was still yet too peak, serving as the bridge. 50 doesn’t have that. He trashed Buck. The Bible says unnecessary wrath causes strife.

  • http://xxlmag B.A.G.

    The difference between Game and Fifty right now, is that Game has actually put out quality music sense the break up. He knows with 50′s little fan base he has left it would put game back in the elite. Honestly it wouldn’t hurt 50 to reunite either, it might give him that extra edge he needs. I just dont think 50 can stand being around game for more that a few seconds.

  • kedordu

    yea the brand was tarnished . i believe that guy stole my comment i made some time ago . was way too similar . nah he didnt steal it lol its just he truth .