Recovery or My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy?

2010 was a great year for hip-hop. We’ve seen some great albums come out from Drake, Rick Ross, Fat Joe, Kid Cudi, Roc Marciano and Nas & Damian Marley, to name a few, but when all is said and done, the two best discs to come out this year were undoubtedly from Kanye West and Eminem.

Both were labeled as comeback albums; Em finally got his swagger back and retuned to the level of MCing and passion that made fans crown him one of the best of all time and Yeezy, for the most part, pressed pause on the Auto-Tune button, stepped up his pen game crazy, and clocked long hours behind the boards to create an album that sounds like nothing else on the shelves.

Both MCs also made a conscious effort to step outside of their comfort zone and work with new collaborators, as well. A rejuvenated Shady finally gave Dre a rest, for the first time in his career, and showed fans what he sounds like over production outside his inner circle by dudes like Just Blaze, Boi-1da and Jim Jonsin. ’Ye let his rap heroes and the same people that helped mold and influence his style as an up-and-coming producer, join his Fantasy sessions. Innovators like Pete Rock, the Rza and Q-Tip all flew down to Hawaii to help craft the LP, even though not all of their work made it onto the final disc, their expertise was considered into the decision making process of the finished product.

Yet despite those similarities, both albums are very different. One of Recovery’s greatest strengths is how it was able to completely take fans by surprise. After the lackluster response of Relapse—a disc that basically documented Em in the process of getting his mojo back—a lot of listeners were starting to give up on the Detroit talent. But Em was able to quiet all the naysayers, once they finally came around to giving Recovery a spin. The rap great actually took heed to critics’ complaints about Relapse and gave us what we wanted; a disc balancing tracks both playful and personal about an artist we love and know is able to rap circles around most MCs. He ditched the corny first single formula, he ditched the horrible accents and high-pitched voices, he showcased how he was able to flow on beats by other producers besides just himself and the Doc, he spoke about real topics again instead of from the perspective of some fake serial killer alter-ego, he finally gave Proof the dedication that was deserved and above all else, he sounded like he was enjoying himself in the process. Fans wanted Em to win, and he gave us something to stand behind. Sure there’s some corny metaphors in there, but the album is down right addictive. When I copped this shit (yes I actually bought it) I had it on repeat for weeks, to the point where I would listen to it all the way through (except for maybe “Won’t Back Down” and “Not Afraid”), and go right back and listen to it again from the top. I don’t remember the last time I’ve been able to do that for a new album and that counts for more than you know.

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy is great for a whole other set of reasons. Bottom line, Ye paved his own lane with this release. He created a sound so futuristic, unique and modern that it almost doesn’t sound like a hip-hop album. He’s on some other shit and as a music fan, not just a hip-hop fan, a straight music head, it makes me proud and excited. But as far as the album is concerned, I was disappointed with the fact that when it was finally released, I already knew all of the songs except one. And on top of that, I already played out the other joints for the most part. Yes I loved all the bells and whistles that were added, I loved hearing Ross on “Devil in a New Dress,” I enjoyed the expected shininess and over-the-top quality of the finished project, but as the old cliché goes, you only get one chance at a first impression, and that really took away from the experience for me. Another thing that bothered me was the vocal effects on Yeezy’s rhymes. It sounds as if he’s speaking through a phone, and though it does sound fitting for the songs as a whole, it takes away from his lyrics, which is a shame cause dude is a contender for one of the best on the mic at this current moment. I could also do without some of the contributors. (I’m a huge Rae fan, but did was his verse really necessary for “Gorgeous’)

I guess you could see which album I’m leaning towards for the best of 2010. Question is, which one is on your list? —Jesse Gissen

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  • dante

    Is this even up for debate? Recovery was garbage. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy was an instant classic.

    • Haters gon hate

      Fo real? Sure, Kanye skipped the auto-tune (I’m very thankful), and MBDT was aight and I ain’t been able to say that since ’07. But Recovery was DOPE. Tbh I’m not really a big fan of Eminem’s new mad-as-fuck/screaming style but the album was crack, can’t hate on him.

      I hope for a better year next year with Detox, Shaolin VS Wu-Tang, R.E.D album, Doggumentary 2,Walk Wit Me/Fly Wit Me, Blackout! 3, Crystal Meth, ETC. ETC.

    • TyroneC

      I think you got it backwards, well maybe not exactly Recovery wasnt a classic but was far superior to Kanye’s album full of self righteous preaching and gay bar anthems

      • og bobby j

        “Kanye’s album full of self righteous preaching and gay bar anthems”


        although, i am happy kanye stayed in his lane on this one…so i guess thats good.

        useless debate, when both are just OK.

        *sits back, lights up, and cranks the Joell Ortiz “Battle Cry” track – again*

    • yoprince

      “Is this even up for debate? Recovery was garbage. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy was an instant classic.”

      ^^^ somebody give this man a gold star.

      • Steve

        Both albums was garbage…why is soulja boy not up here? that nigga got swag (best mc handsdown)

        • -_-

          Soulja Boy is a good rapper? Somebody kill this man.

  • perthcity

    com man ‘ye produced some amazing new sounds and stepped his game up lyrically to the best of his career so far. i cant wait to see how he can top this with his next records, because he gives you the feeling he would make one 5x better

  • Brahsef

    MBDTF. Dallas Penn put it perfectly about Recovery. It sounds like an album that people who don’t fuck with hip-hop will like.

  • nicholasdelorejo

    It wasn’t so much that Rocovery was a bad album. To me this is Em’s “Blueprint 3″ in that it’s not critically acclaimed as his previous releases and is very well recieved from the fans because it was safe in its approach (poppish production and subject matter). Kanye’s album was not only his best lyrically but it it was experimental yet kept to many of the basic elements of hip-hop. Em is definitly a better lyricist than Kanye but that’s not enough in creating a great album. Vocally Usher is a better singer than JAnelle Monae but her album “The ArchAndroid” is better than Usher’s album. If you don’t have a vision in your music then your pretty much doing unheard karaoke.

  • m

    recovery sucked ye album all day easily

  • wilson

    MBDTF was much better. Every song has a different feel and Ye used different flows throughout the whole album (although i’ve never been a big fan of the phone tap voice).

    I can’t stand recovery! I thought relapse was amazing. I like the high pitched voice with the serial killer alter-ego. Thats when he’s being creative and making music he likes. I could be wrong but i think he only switched his style up for recovery because of all the negative feedback from fans after relpase. Relapse was so creative. Everything he’s put out since the refill has been the same voice, same style, just giving the fans what they want.

    • dmfslimm

      thanks man thats exactly how i feel about both albums. kanyetotha.

  • the purple giver

    MBDTF, come on its the best album for years in every genre of music, ‘Ye has made movements in music that Em just didnt. when we look at music, MBDTF will be seen as a shift forward in music, ‘Ye has changed music for ever.

  • jlabella11

    I have too much respect for Eminem as a lyricist to hate on him, but I will hate on his fans, or “stans”, which may be a more appropriate word. Exactly as previously stated by some other guys… if you are a casual listener, and not a total hip hop head, you will enjoy Recovery. In my opinion… the album was a brutally painful listen. On the other hand… Kanye’s Dark Fantasy is actually the best album i’ve heard in a long while. The fact that I had heard the majority of the tracks before it’s release was basically irrelevant to me and most of the people I talk with.. (I still think “Power” is the best song of ’10).

  • frank criniti

    No Mercy

  • Frankie2Fast

    Well, I’ll go on record and put one down for Recovery. I completely disagree with the statements about Em’s flow being the same. There are many styles and flows he sues throughout Recovery. Some of the production is more radio friendly, but those were basically the singles and I think everyone agrees they were not corny and ultra-poppy like some of his last singles on previous albums. And also, now people are not happy that Em gave the fans exactly what they want. Before it was “why doesn’t Em rap over other people’s beats and stop with the accents” and now he has and people are upset. How many times does an artist hear the people’s voice like that and give them an ultra lyrical and well polished albums with the ingredients THE PEOPLE demanded. In my opinion Em takes it.

    However, Kanye’s album is great too. I don’t believe Kanye writes all his raps and there’s no denying that some of the influence and helped he received on the production is just downright now his. The first track is so far and away a pure RZA beat that Kanye should have just put RZA’s name first. Can that track be more like GZA’s first track on Liquid Swords?…The narration in the begininng followed by a booming Wu-Tang head nodder.
    Kanye’s album is creative and well thought out with a very high production value and he really has become a much better rapper. Eminem raised the bar with multi-syllabic and blistering flows over production that the public (and I mean hip-hop heads because let’s be honest Em is hip-hop not pop) wanted to hear him over. We said let’s hear Just Blaze and Boi 1da etc. and he delivered ten fold.

    Very close, but Em for the win…..

    peace to all opinions because they are just that….opinions

    • theworm313


  • Mr. 306

    Is everybody fucking retarded?! MBDTF was amazing for sure. When I first heard recovery i was like Em’s back…but a couple months later i could give a fuck less. He somehow managed to make a lyrical album boring. REFLECTION ETERNAL PUT OUT THE BEST HIP HOP ALBUM IN 5 YEARS. FUCK!

  • James

    Kanye’s album is pop not hip hop. Em’s has a lot of pop elements to it, but he raps more and better than Kanye.

    The original Devil in a Blue Dress track without Rick Ross was a much better track. The new breakdown with that minute and a half extension between Ye’s last verse and Ross’s wasn’t good. Ross’s verse was good but unneeded. All of the lights featuring a million people but you can’t hear most of them singing, C’mon Son. I like pieces of this album. Most of them I got for free on a G.O.O.D Friday, but not album or the year.

    Kanye stepped his game up lyrically but it still didn’t touch EM’s. I remember when you had to be better to top someone. Not just better than your last effort, and Kanye doesn’t write all his own lyrics!

    Eminem’s Recovery had some joints I liked, but also had a lot I didn’t. I understand that it’s easier quicker and cheaper to preform you own hooks. Especially if you wrote them, but Em shouldn’t be singing on everything!

    Em was on his own album and rapped more and better than Kanye. So I give it to him.

    Kanye’s album has 14 tracks including the bonus and there is only two tracks that only have him. The other 12 tracks have features and he has over 24 people featured. Ye raps and sings for 25mins total on his Hour & 15min album

    Eminem has 16 track’s without the bonus and he’s on 12 of them by him self.

    I like both albums but neither as a whole.

  • JayT

    Banks HFM2

  • Mitch

    I’ll vote for Recovery just because Kanye annoys me and I cant stand his music.

    Recovery wasnt Em’s best but I’d listen to just about anything over Kanye

  • Nagra

    I loved dark twisted fantasy, wast really feeling the Recovery steeze it was more of a commercial album, the people who prob didnt like his old stuff liked. Didnt really feel much of his songs, but I can understand it was done for the money and I cant blame him. Kanye’s album was just pure G.O.O.D music loved every song on the album, all his songs were capable of being singles.

  • Richard N. Udown

    Fuck what u niggaz talkin’ bout. Recovery ftw. MBDTF is awesome don’t get me wrong. But that nigga still a fruitcake. I didn’t even bother with that last album. BTW Is it me or does RZA sounds like he’s slow in the head or something at the end of so appalled?

  • Roberto

    Recovery > Kanye’s Fruitcake Parade (Or whatever that gayness is called)

  • Deep C

    No Genre

  • cubafro

    my dark twisted fantasy – kanye
    sir lucious leftfoot – big boi
    distant relatives – nas & damian marley
    recovery – eminem
    how i got over – the roots

    • cubafro

      honorable mention (in order)
      revolutions per minute _ talib & hi tek
      teflon don – rick ross
      thank me later – drake
      album of the year – black milk

  • black jesus

    teflon don

  • Trizzle

    It’s definitely Kanye’s album. I enjoyed Eminem’s album. It was probably the best lyrical performance from an emcee i’ve heard in minute. However, there was some filler on that album. The tracklist is bloated by about three tracks. Kanye’s album is game-changing. It’s an ALBUM. Definitely an instant classic. They’re 1 and 2 when it comes to hip-hop albums of the year, but i don’t think it’s close.

  • Keys

    Kanye West’s album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy is by far one of the best albums of all time. “Do the rap and the track triple double no assist” His lyrical game is bananas and the production is on point. He even keeps it real by messing up on the album every once in a while without 2nd takes and adlibs all over the place. Musically and lyrically this album deserves a grammy award for how it tells a poetic story about Kanye’s experiences and romances gone bad. We can hear what Kanye is going through just by his tone and the morbidity of his lyrics.

  • NewYork

    Im not a big Em fan but i really liked Recovery,he finally worked with other producers and the result was great.As you say,he also ditched the corny first single and worked with female artists,something he has not done since working with Dido i think.I give EM alot of props because he is so hounest and personal.

  • BlackMilk

    For me,its Recovery.It had so much new things from Eminem.Kanyes album was good though but Recovery was great.

  • jonny bizness

    There is no debate when was the last time a hiphop album got a xxl,5 mics rolling stone 5 and a pitchfork 10 as i said from b4 mbdtf is the best album since the blueprint

  • D Caonabo

    THe illest album of 2010 is 1982 by Statik Selektah and Termanology. If you love hip hop go out and cop that.

    Another real ill joint that just dropped is Pilot Talk II by Curren$y.

    Support that quality fly shit

  • MassAppeal

    as a fan both i gotta say it MBDTF over Recovery by a mile…to me recovery was the worst eminem album ever…i compared relapse to a shitte scary movie-it was terrible, but kinda entertaining. Recovery is the same director who made a shitty scary movie attempting to make “deep” movie and failing miserably. there is honestly nothing good about the album except cold wind blows and the way you lie, which at this point is just annoying because it is played so much. Also no love=worst just blaze beat ever, by far.

  • Don mcCaine

    MBDTF (if you say this is a pop album you didn’t listen to it. the 1st track is a Wu beat)
    Marcberg (pure Hip Hop, no mainstream rap on it)
    Distant Relatives (quality music)
    Teflon Don (great production)
    Sir Lucious Left Foot (cohesive project)
    Pilot Talk 2 (a good musical ride)

    And waiting on ‘Apollo Kids’, and Pharoahe Monch’s CDs before I rank ‘Recovery’…and ‘Thank Me Later’

    • EmCDL


      Although I’m not a big fan of Teflon Don lyrically (and he had waaay too many features), sonically that album was a banger.

  • Donn

    This Jesse Gissen dude must be white. Em’s joint is not fuckin wit Kanyes.

  • Q461

    I gotta point someting out..I think these are the two albums that were compared because they most likely will be the top selling hip-hop albums this year ( although drake went plat and Kanye wont until next year)…I bought both of these joints and loved both but for best albums of the year, other cats should be named as well, even if they didnt sell as much.

    Distant Relatives
    Teflon Don
    Pilot Talk (first one I prefer, but the second one is crack too, shoutout to Spitta)
    Niggaz slept on that Roots joint too. And Thank me later def impressed too.

    Side notes:

    I think dude is trippin, I fuck with Won’t back down off of Recovery, Em spazzed out over a lunatic beat.My other fav joints on it were the one produced by havoc, talkin to myself and so seductive.

    I’m dissapointed Ye left off that song Don’t look down with Mos on the hook. Some of the tracks are way too long and I can’t fuck with the douche bag song. Was also disappointed the tracks wit Primo, Q-tip and Pete Rock didnt make it. I was also a bit annoyed I had heard half the album well before it dropped. Fav songs are Dark Fantasy (wit the ill RZA beat) Gorgeous ( Ye spazzin out for THREE verses before Rae kills it and an ill Cudi hook) Monster, All of the lights( next single potential, fuck yall who call it a pop track) and Blame Game with John Legend ( altough that outro with Chris Rock was way too long)

  • Zway007

    Both albums are great. Recovery was a classic but you cant even begin to compare MBDTF. Yeah, Kanye is a dick, but you can’t doubt his musical talent. MBDTF killed Recovery. Period

  • Frenchman_T.M.G. Certified


  • WiseGuy

    Distant Relatives from Nas & Damien Marley is crushing both of them by a LOOONG shot, but since we’re talking about these two; Recovery is definitely better than Dark Fantasy. I agree completely with dude that wrote the article, I don’t understand how people say the album is a classic? There are 13 tracks on the album, two of them skits so there are really 11 songs. Before the album even came out Monster, Devil In A New Dress, Power, All The Lights, So Appaled and Runaway had already been released to the public, that’s 6 songs…That’s more than half the album and when the songs came out nobody was calling them extraordinary because they’re not. Power is great but the most talk any of the others managed to stir up was about Nicki’s verse on Monster and Jay’s verse on So Appalled. Nobody was calling these songs classics and rightfuly so but then the album comes out and it’s a classic?? Dark Fantasy is solid and it flows better than Recovery and Kanye DEFINITELY stepped his pen game up from those pitiful verses on Forever, Swagger Like Us, Put On, Haters (off the Blueprint 3) and etc. (he actually might be flowing better than he ever has) but overall I think the album’s kind of forgettable. One of Ye’s strong points as an artist is that he knows how to construct an album, but for the first time in his career the songs on his album only function well together. Track by track I wasn’t very impressed at all…but maybe that’s just me. Recovery is fairly inconsistent in its sound but its best tracks take you by storm and leave a heavy mark in the music portion of your brain. Songs like Talkin’ To Myself, Seduction, Going Through Changes, Space Bound and Cindarella Man and a few others are better than 90% of the records on Ye’s album.

  • Don mcCaine

    Dark Fantasy
    Power (RMX)
    All Of The Lights
    Lord, Lord, Lord
    So Appalled
    The Joy
    Blame Game
    Chain Heavy

    ^ my version of MBDTF (thanx 2 GOOD Fridays)

  • Q461

    Dark Fantasy
    Power (original)
    All of the lights
    Lord, Lord, Lord
    So Appalled
    Don’t look down
    Devil in a new dress
    Chain Heavy
    Blame Game
    Hell of a life

    I’d have to go with this list if I was picking the joints for mbdtf… just my opinion

    • Don mcCaine

      I c U fam…I would cop that…and still skip ‘Monster’…

      LF: ‘Soul Power’-dead prez>>>>>>>>>>>>>

      You got that ‘Revolutionary But Gangsta Grillz’ mixtape?

  • Q461

    You ain’t fuckin with Monster dog? That track is tough…my only gripe is I wish they gave Ross a full 16 or someone else. It’s got that posse cut feel to it…with Minaj as the last anchor kinda like Busta on Scenario…( sad most of these young niggaz prob never heard scenario, busta/lons or tribe )

    I fucks with Dead Prez nigga. I gotta get that mixtape…Hip-hop, mind sex, hell yeah, all tem joints are my shit. I ear that mixtape got alot of dope samples.

    Rumor was dem niggaz was headed to Roc Nation….you hear that too?

    • Don mcCaine

      Naw on ‘Monster’. Nothing taken away from what it is, dope, but it don’t vibrate the inner cochleas like that for me…these youngins don’t even speak about Busta (’60 Second Assassins’ cypher from Kay Slay IS. A. PROBLEM!)

      If you want that dead prez jumpoff hit me with the email over at the site I’ll send you the zip (in case the link is broken out there)…shouts to the homie M-1…BK/Marcus Garvey Ave 4eva…that Roc Nation situation would be heaven for them…guaranteed shows for 3-5 yrs, minimal label pressure to release “hit” songs.

      …fukking with that Blacksmith/Kweli mixtape right now…

  • Q461

    I hear u dog everyone got diff opinions…like i can’t fuck with Runaway at all but alot of cats dig it, go figure.

    Yup cats sleep on Busta. he’s cooled off now but hes got an impressive catalog. I remember when he was the remix king. Everbody had a feature from dude.

    Good looks dog but I’m a have my homeboy burn me a copy of that Dead Prez shit, …And yea Roc Nation would be great look for them… I always consider them kinda the modern day public enemy without the same amount of music….but them niggaz kick the truth and say what they want just like p.e and I bet they could cake out just touring and shit the same way pe does to this day….

    • Don mcCaine

      Xcuse da tardiness…but ‘I Am Da Streets’… lurking FEDS need not watch…”I always consider them kinda the modern day public enemy without the same amount of music”

      ^ say no mo’…if anything holla I may have whateva on file…no ICE or entrapments my way…


  • T lee

    I dislike this Kanye album the most. Minus the “FRIDAY” records, it sounds like the 2nd installment of 808′s

  • Zuluboy Wonda

    I’ll go with Em, although Recovery could’ve done with a little bit of Shady alter ego, ’twas fine… Kanye always on that new isht, but I think since 808 I’ve been sceptical of him coz I believe his bitting Kid Cudi’s style, hence he signed him… 808 was definately Cudi’s, I think they didn’t want him to flop so bad so ‘Ye introduced the concept to the masses – he had nothing to loose… MBDTF is not too shabby though…

  • caino.

    Shit , album of the year, l gotta go with what l have listened to most this year:

    Nas & Damien Marley – Distant Relatives
    Rick Ross – Teflon Don
    Fashawn – Ode to Illmatic Mixtape

  • who cares

    How I Got Over by the roots


    Eminem haters are funny! hes the best just accept it and let it be that. somebody said soulja boy is #1? go kill yourself! kanye has some good songs but his nw shit is for the gays and hes just a douche in general. RECOVERY>KANGAY

    • david3333333

      LOL eminem dick riders are funny

  • EmCDL

    IMO neither one is a classic, both are good albums but not good enough to keep on repeat (aside from a few tracks here and there). I listended to Recovery once and even though I thought it was a sick album, I haven’t played it since. Kanye’s album is good, and to the regular ear, it sounds as though he really pushed the envelope as far as creativity, but I’ve heard plenty of other artists that still haven’t gotten any recognition that goes beyond what ‘Ye did. Both good albums, but not album of the year IMO…

  • kolbie

    Ye’s album was his his best and a classic it shouldnt even be up for debate

  • Slam

    the two best discs to come out this year were undoubtedly from Kanye West and Eminem? Thats a flat out lie.

    Yet again everybody’s sleeping on Big Boi

    Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty was fire, definitely 2nd of the year after Kanye

  • ONE50

    So the writer spits shines M&M and whipes his ass with Yeezy then asks the reader to pick one? “I’m so appalled…. all of y’all can suck my balls through my draws!

  • the1uluv2hate

    Recovery, oh yeah and this new XXL site sucks!!!

  • chas

    Both albums are good. However, Kanye’s is really good. It is fresh and innovative while Em’s is good but nothing really too innovative. He sounds like he did while back, and that is a good thing. However, Kanye sounds like he did a while back but at the same time it sounds like something new. His lyrics are on point and the production is superb. Kanye wins.

  • Yo Mama

    kanye succs tha devilz pee pee, put em and kanye in battle like kanye and 50 did wit album sales, a milli says em wrecks mrs. west

  • DetroitPete

    Come on, Kanye’s album is the best of his career, and Recovery is a comeback album. Is there really even a question? The production on MBDTF alone makes it better than those cheese-tastic beats on Em’s album. Em’s album was good, but I’m not trying to hear someone bitch about his problems all the time, or how he turned his life around, or how he used to be addicted to drugs. Get the fucc outta here. And not only that, but Em may have taken Weezy down with him, because dude is rapping the same way on every track since that Drop the world/No Love bull. Back to MBDTF tho, why does everyone take away from it because they had heard most of the tracks? I don’t get how that takes away from it- enjoyment is enjoyment. Plus, you got to see tracks like Monster, Devil in a New Dress, So Appalled and Runaway get fine-tuned throughout the mastering process. To compare these two albums is useless because they are so different. However, do you really need to question which of these albums represents the past and which one represents the future?

    MBDTWF>Son of Chico Dusty> Recovery> Teflon Don> Thank me Later; That Nas/Damian Marley album was good, but Nas is a shell of his forrmer self these days… sad.

  • j

    Seriously….Apples and Oranges guys. Really

  • shaun

    This is one of the worst comparisons in rap history! WTF! My beautiful dark twisted fantasy was something else its going to be remembered as being one of the best albums ever crafted production wise and lyrically. I love eminem but was hugely dissapointed about recovery cuz its just seemed like he was trying too hard, kanye did it naturally and it wasnt generic at all. Plus you dnt know shit about hip hop if you are saying hands down kanye wins for the decade possibly, step your game up bitch this is a joke man….

  • Lwando

    My take on this is simply that we are comparing different situations here. Eminem is purely a RAPPER and thats what he does best, he is a great rapper, one of the greatest in fact. Kanye is an ARTIST, he interprets music in an artistic fashion. What makes Eminem a rapper? His strength is in his lyrical ability and its evident in Recover, I for one cant stand Recovery and anything he put out after Eminem Show but I understand why his fans like and have enjoyed his music afterwards. From Infite Eminem developed himself as RAPPER. On the other hand, from his first album Kanye was quite clear that he was an ARTIST. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy is miles better musically and artistically than Recovery. Eminem will always be better at Rapping though……. MBDTF is easily the best album in all genres in the past 5 years.

    • Wu-Tang Forever

      ^^^Truer words have never been said

  • Wu-Tang Forever

    I think it’s interesting how more often than not, people taking Recovery’s side in this argument will say something along the lines of “Kanye’s album was gay”. Either that or they’ll use the ol’ “I already heard the songs” complaint, to which I say it’s your own damn fault. Don’t listen to the leaks if it’ll ruin the experience for you later.

    The truth is, every musically minded individual will take Kanye’s album over Eminem’s (shit, go and compare the fucking Metacritic scores: the competition is not even CLOSE!) simply because Eminem’s album was a typical attempt at keeping up with the tastes of mainstream audiences and their perception of what rap should sound like whereas Kanye completely revolutionized the way MUSIC (not just rap) sounds for the 5th time. It’s really an indescribable album if only because nothing else sounds like it. Teenage rap fans may thing MBDTF sounds “weird” and are more comfortable with Em’s radio-ready disc, but I know better.


  • Igotacos

    They were both amazing, kanyes album was a piece of art, but em was on a lyrical rampage. Personally id hav 2 choose kanye, because ems album was a bit too “poppy” 4 my tastes. Love the way u lie, not afriad, even no love. Still tight as fuck tho. If u disagree about em goin pop, all u listen 2 iz mainstream radio. Cmon that rhianna track. Kanyes album was a perfect blende of all 4 of the other albums, and he was lyrically and musically at his best. I thimk it has the potential to be a classic album, while ems was just a comeback, mainstream, lyrical beast.

  • Understand

    Recovery was a pretty good album, I liked it more than I thought I would. I don’t like it as much as something like, say, The Eminem Show, but it is still pretty impressive.

    But MBDTF is an absolute masterpiece, and has actually ascended to becoming one of my favorite albums ever made.

  • Yeezy & HOV

    MBDTF IS THE BEST ALBUM OF ALL TIME (just after all those of Michael) my beautiful dark twisted fantasy is the best album eva