My seemingly inexplicable slight disappointment

If Def Jam had any way of knowing that Kanye West’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy would sell 495,000 copies its first week out, I’m sure they would have helped give him a push over that gold-its-first-week-out hurdle by buying up a shedload of copies of their own album, as they’ve been rumored to over the years, going back possibly as far as when I was in college. Remember back when people were always accusing them of buying their own albums, Sam Adams-style? I’m not sure how people came to think that (perhaps to explain the career of Ja Rule?), or whether or not it’s true, but I’m gonna go ahead and assume that it is, until someone proves that it isn’t, because that’s my general policy with regard to conspiracy theories.

If it’s so obviously not true, it should be easy to produce evidence proving that it isn’t.

Buying a few extra copies of My Beautiful Dark Fisting Fantasy, at whatever that would cost a major label (i.e. the $12 it costs, minus the $11.50 that goes right back in their pockets), which they could probably turn around and donate to the troops, for which they’d receive some sort of tax break, in addition to whatever they’re gonna get for releasing this new Redman album (they might even want to see about getting the same tax break several of my employers have received for employing retarded people), would have prevented haters like Sandra Rose from running posts about how Kanye West somehow failed to go gold his first week out, despite the fact that he’s been all over the Innuhnets, TV, radio, magazines, and probably a few other forms of media I can’t think of at the moment, for the past several months straight, nonstop. Taylor Swift went platinum her first week out, and I didn’t even know she had a new album coming out, until I heard that it went platinum its first week out. And her videos supposedly aren’t any good.

You don’t get the idea that Def Jam had any way of knowing what MBDFF might sell its first week out. It could have sold just shy of 60,000 copies (within a cunt’s hair), as if it was a Roots album, or it could have done Taylor Swift numbers, for all they knew. And that’s if they even had anyone there crunching the numbers. They might not have a very big staff these days. I seem to recall hearing something, a while back, about budget cuts and layoffs. It could just be a couple of guys, at this point, outsourcing a lot of the work via sites like Craigslist, which I’m assuming is how they came up with the cover for the new Sheek Louch album. You know things have reached a dire state whenever you have Redman, in an interview (of which I’ll admit I only read that one excerpt), criticizing your work ethic. The Funk Doc sounded like a straw boss at a McDonalds, pissed because the floors hadn’t been mopped properly. If you’ve got time to lean, you’ve got time to clean.

But I don’t want to lay all of the blame with Def Jam, to the extent that there is such a thing at this point. They may not have contributed much to MBDFF’s promotion, but at least that way they couldn’t have fucked anything up. Do you think artists like Ghostface, Redman and Sheek Louch had any say in what, if anything, was done with their albums? There’s no way Sheek Louch (not even Sheek Louch) actually stood there in a room, saw the cover for Be a Gorilla, or whatever it’s called, and said, “Yeah, this seems like a good idea!” Not even if Def Jam has a 22 year-old black guy whose specific job it is to explain fucked up decisions to artists, like the late, great Sickamore’s old job at Atlantic Records.

Kanye had both his own ideas about how to promote his albums, and the means to implement. In fact, you get the sense that, for Kanye, these albums are as much about the attention whoring that goes along with promoting them as they are creating the actual music, and ultimately making money from it, if not even more so. Remember when Kanye used to brag about having spent more money making videos for the College Dropout than he actually made from the album, or how much he spent for the set design and what have you for the Gay in the Dark tour? Dressing up in all of these fancy clothes, having his picture taken and what have you must harken back to the days when his mom would dress him up in fruity outfits, as a child, because there was never a man in the house, making him wear a cape to school and a t-shirt with a picture of his own face on it. He probably could have put way less time and effort into promoting MBDFF and done more or less the same numbers, if that need didn’t exist, deep down within.

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  • jaystone

    way to go bro.we are almost 2011 and you are still hating on kangay

  • Don mcCaine

    he’s only 5k short so I’m pretty sure they’re engraving his plaque as we speak.

    And let’s not go there with that “Taylor Swift sold more than Kanye the 1st week out…” She ain’t catering to rap & he ain’t catering to country.

  • moreffa

    Gay in the Dark tour


  • A-WALL

    Hits Daily Double has his final first week sale numbers at 519,000

    • Don mcCaine

      HDD are predictions, Billboard #’s are label/RIAA official…

  • these posts are racist

    Ja Rule deserved those sales. He made hits…sorry lemmings and sheep…he’s better than 50, both as a hitmaker and rapper.

  • these posts are racist

    PS, in honor of my fellow chicago emcee…click my name. listen to this dope verse on “runaway’s” beat. I think i kill pusha’s verse.

    • Jubuu

      Wow, you are delusional. you fuckin suck.

      • these posts are racist

        Oh word Hater? Interesting, I’ve gotten several hundred messages saying that I’m pretty good…

        • Casey

          Nah dude, you really are not very good

          • these posts are racist


            Click my name and actually listen, instead of just being a typical hater.

    • D.O.

      Nah whoever told you that you were good were either A) lying to your face or B) mentally retarded. Kill pusha’s verse? you didnt even kanye’s verse. You are wack!

    • Bread

      tpar’s verse was better than I expected but a loooooong way away from killing pusha. and the other song was unlistenable.

  • chillin mayne

    say TPAR, u locksmith??…the cat that got a few battles on GrindTime??..cuz im sayin, if thats u, that freestyle u did on Grindtime was hella dope son……regardless, i aint even know kanye had a new album out, till my boy asked me to bootleg it for him….i aint keepin up with new music, still listenin to the old but classics..ima have to peep this new kanye though

  • these posts are racist


    What’s good with you homey? No…that’s a different Locksmith…I’ve been using this name since I was a shorty. I offered to battle that cat for the name, but he never got back.

    He’s aight but I’d merk em in a battle. He’s from Cali. I’m from Chicago, fyi.

  • Worley

    “when his mom would dress him up in fruity outfits, as a child, because there was never a man in the house, making him wear a cape to school and a t-shirt with a picture of his own face on it.”


  • these posts are racist


    What up hater? That comment is only sad because when it’s juxtaposed to what Byron’s mom would do…dressing Byron up in Hamhock’s outfit and make him stand outside a rib shack handing out fliers for extra money…Yeah, Kanye wins.

    • Worley

      Wipe ya mouth boo boo.

  • sealsaa

    “Dressing up in all of these fancy clothes, having his picture taken and what have you must harken back to the days when his mom would dress him up in fruity outfits, as a child, because there was never a man in the house,”

    ^ *DEAD*, and that last part, about a man not being in the house, sums up one of several things that’s wrong with this generation. Bravo.

  • sealsaa

    ^Or should I say, what’s wrong with these damn kids.

  • nicholasdelorejo

    Cosign @ Don and Sealsaa. Not only that Taylor Swift is not only catering to a country demographic but also to teen pop fans as well. how the fuck could she not go less than gold out the gate. Also didn’t Drake have as much if not more promotions and exposure than Kanye. And dude had absolutely no bad press attached to him and he sold roughly the same. Kanye probably could’ve sold more had the VMA incident never occured. People didn’t hate Susan Boyle but even she couldn’t sell over 300K. Having the 3rd highest debut of the year is impressive and debuting practically gold these days is impressive no matter how much promotion was given. In fact Kanye perforomed nothing short of a miracle because dude not only suffered the scrutiny of the VMA fiasco but dude was also surrounded with controversies between Bush and Matt Laurer. That and cross promoting Nicki Minaj’s album to help it sell 370K is still testament that Kanye is still a force in music. Hell I have difficulting figuring out any other rapper or artist who can debut gold in the future under none of those circumstances except Em and maybe Jay-z and Lady Gaga.

  • Mitch 3K

    What happened to all the internet clowns who said he was gonna push like 700K???

    I’m kinda glad it didnt sell through the roof, maybe he’ll go out of style and take the whole hipster, Stand on my soap box, throw a Temper Tantrum and make G Rated Disney World rap out the door with him.

    I miss the 90′s, 5-6 years of Kanye, Lil Wayne and all that shit being on top, I think hip hops ready for another hardcore movement, enough of the sissy shit, give me a rapper who actually earns there Parental Advisory sticker

  • Davy

    LOL @ Sheek Louch new album cover check that shit out! lmfaoo!

  • time after time

    No worries… I am sure the album was gold by the time your blog was posted …. now go back to your ghost lookin see through cunttt

  • reggie

    Wow, way to throw an insult at red in there too. You a bitch! Red is a legend in the game and you are just a clown.

  • malcymalc

    wow,just another pissed hater that ye is selling and its an awesome album and he promoted the shit out of it with GOOD fridays,dont get mad cause hes moving units bitches