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To paraphrase Phonte during his Little Brother days, I love hip-hop but I have a deep disdain for some of the people who participate in it. I, like you, truly enjoy the sounds, art and every other creative aspect of rap, but I’m just not entirely fond of the nitty-gritty, behind-the-scenes aspects of the culture. Hell, I’ll even admit that I don’t feel that I am that big of a deal in this shit to really have a feel for the true nitty-gritty, behind-the-scenes aspects of the culture.

*waits for c-sectioner to pop off at the mouth about the last comment*

Done? Cool.

To be honest, I sometimes feel a weird sense of guilt when it comes to this online shit. It’s finally nice to make a decent living for a change and not have to play musical chairs with my bills every month, but after a while I find myself thinking about what my next step is. Hence, I’ve tried philanthropic endeavors as some form of “moral balance,” such as spearheading the main hustle’s charity BBQ event this past summer. The event ended up raising a nice amount of money and hundreds of school supplies, all of which was donated to an organization dedicated to help Haitian schoolchildren.

I’m a modern day Charles Hackley.

When I see artists doing the same thing, though, I’m a bit torn about it. On one end it’s always a great thing to see these megalomaniacs cast aside their ginormous egos for the sake of bettering their fellow man, or at the very least pretend to cast aside the shit for tax purposes. On the flipside, it only seems trendy to do so around the holiday season, with most rappers seemingly pretending to give a shit about the less fortunate by going to the hood (with bodyguards and fur coats in tow) to toss turkeys out the back of a truck during Thanksgiving or X-Mas like they were Nino Brown or some shit for glorified tax purposes, as if that makes up for them spending the money the same people receiving said turkeys spend on their business endeavors on stupid shit like diamond-encrusted Nuvo bottle chains and such.

And you see why I haven’t purchased an album in years.

So hearing that Puff allegedly stiffed two separate charities isn’t anything surprising to me, save for the ironically funny fact that one of the organizations – a plastic surgical group – held a charity event to find a cure for breast cancer. Unfortunately, it also feeds into the notion that most rapsters don’t care about Black people only show their “charitable” side when instructed to do so by their handlers.

If a rapper isn’t going to do anything charitable at all, it’s perfectly fine; it’s their lives and they can do whatever they want with it. However, just keep it real and be like that. Fronting like you care when we all know you don’t is just a waste of our time and theirs.

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  • Tha Handyman

    Amen, great post, real dude: Mike Shinoda



  • asdf

    “Fronting like you care when we all know you don’t is just a waste of our time and theirs.”

    i think the people getting turkeys from the rappers don’t think its a waste of time.

  • John Cochran

    You of all people sould know that when an event like the one Diddy made an appearance at is thrown there’s alot of different people involved, that shit may not have been that man’s fault. I can dig where your coming from though. But giving is giving, whether you do it with a smile or a frown, it will still bless someone, so I dont knock it even if we all know that person is fronting.

  • Ken

    Meka, your hilarious. Its cool if you do this shit, but if someone famous does it, they are hypocrites and dont give a shit about people. Why during the holiday season? It is the season of giving and it is colder, people are in more of a need during the winter. Also, why you havent bought a CD in years, you answered earlier, youve been broke for a while. Its not because you have problems with rappers, maybe that is just additive to why you hate the business that you chose to join.

  • sircharles

    I ain’t read the post yet but I’ll put money up that says Meka wrote that little blurb in the top right about himself. This nigga loves to say “quasi” haha

  • Milhouse


  • HellNaw

    I see your point but I think everyone who does something for charity is doing for some other reason than to be ‘a good guy’.

    Excluding those crazy people who leave like a house to a bunch of pets or donate anonymously to boat children in the Bolivia.

    Everybody does it to feel better about themselves. So to me, there’s no difference between a bejeweled wannabe-nino-brown rapper or a verbose trendy-dreadlocked blogger donating. It’s the same.

  • Realtalk1

    Meka, Since you have money now, why don’t you spend some on a writing class. Its Hilarious to read your stuff and see you attempt different writing styles, when it all sounds the same: A little kid using too many big words all in one sentence.. And i know im not a lot better but hell, I could kill these articles to the tenth power.

  • richizzle

    i really like this post!!!
    sometime you just have to admit, a month or two from now i said that sometimes 2dopeboyz bloggers had get on my nerves!!
    but i have to admit what you said make me laugh , we can see its comming from you and not just to suck d…. of the industry folks ,!!
    so all have the same love from hiphop but like phonte i love hiphop i juste hate the people(parental advisory) in it
    it crazy how human been can look at thev same direction but still fight itchother
    like we all pray one god but still make war ….
    im fare from what i wanna say
    big up and i think that comment are good thing if he can make you grown!! ;-)

    ps :Paris is under snow !!! going to the Basquiat exposition today

  • Worley

    Bluff was just the host (allegedly). The people running the event were responsible for giving the money. I, too, found it hilarious that a plastic surgery group would want charity money. They should take money out of their own pockets considering the outrageous amounts they charge to make people look worse. Yes, I said worse. Rarely do they ever look better.

  • Joe Morgan jr.

    I salute anyone that gives. I don’t even care why they do it. They only thing that bothers me . Is when the gifts don’t actually get to the intended recipient. With Jeezy and the other rappers PERSONALLY giving out turkeys. I know the people got the full value of the gift. There is a million charities that Jeezy’s accountant could have wrote a check for. He could have gone that route and still gotten full tax credits.Instead he took his time and money and gave directly to the people. Growing up in the hood is hard. There’s a lot of days spent eating top ramen and canned foods. A turkey can provide a medium size family good meals for days. Jeezy and these other rappers know this. They also know you could go to feed the hood and find yourself getting eaten. So they come prepared.Who cares ?

  • Chas

    Even if it is “fake” it is still a million dollars. That is a lot of money when you think about it. When is the last time you gave away a million dollars? That’s what I thought. Therefore, I’m sure somewhere deep down these rappers had to have a little care in their hearts in order to part with a million dollars.

  • MARS

    Actually bruh…It would be NICE if they cared BUT when “Nino” gave out them Turkeys, his intentions didn’t make them taste any better or worse. NOR did it make them any less filling. Value is relative in this case. F**k intent…People is hungry. FOH.