Can You Cut Jeezy Some Slack?

So another year has come and gone and still we’re left with no TM 103. I remember when Jeezy first started promoting in 2009, but without a legitimate single it was pretty clear that the next installment to Thug Motivation would be coming in 2010. Or was it?

“Lose My Mind” was a good start, a nice buzz record that even snagged a Grammy nomination, but when subsequent TM 103 tracks dropped (“All White Everything” and “Jizzle”) many began to doubt the Snowman’s return. Clearly Jeezy has more work to do. Some view the constant pushbacks on Thug Motivation 103 as a failure, but to me the real failure would be to release a subpar album. In my eyes TM 101 was a classic, and while The Inspiration (aka TM 102) wasn’t as good as the first Jeezy won with songs like “I Luv It,” “Bury Me a G,” “Mr. 17.5” and “I Got Money.” When The Recession dropped in 2008, it was one of the year’s better albums (that and Killer Mike’s I Pledge Allegiance to the Grind Pt. 2).

So what TM 103 is over a year late. I actually applaud Young for taking his time rather then throwing out some shit that clearly isn’t ready. If only more artist thought like that.

How about you are you still waiting on Thug Motivation 103 or have you written Jeezy off? — Rob Markman

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  • Pierzy

    I think nearly everyone would agree that they would rather have a spectacular (or even solid) effort from an artist late rather than a subpar one from an artist on time.

    It’s akin to the mixtape debate – quality vs. quantity. No one cares if you can release a mediocre album every six months…unless you were on No Limit in 1997.

  • David HussleSoft

    I dont know what to think about Jeezy at this point I am big fan but I think he made a few mistakes.
    He wasted some pretty good material on his mixtapes, stuff that could have been on his album.
    To put it in Jeezy’s terms it like he had some grade A work and stepped all over it for no reason.
    I sincerely hope he does not end up like d-block or g-unit making mixtapes better then his albums but thats what it looks like to me.

  • Don mcCaine

    most heads will say he fell off, overlooking…

    “Lose My Mind” was a good start, a nice buzz record that even snagged a Grammy nomination”

    so in all actuality he didn’t fall off. ‘Trap Or Die2′ was coca pebbles, but most of the fickle fans were riding w/Ross this year anyway.



    • REEL Talk

      I don’t understand this statement. He hasnt released an unsuccessful album yet. If he is stilll working, thats GOOD! Why yall acting like Jeezy flopped or something? Im lost!

  • ronn215


  • Q461

    I think niggaz throw around the term classic too loosely. Jeezy’s debut was tight, but classic? not sure about that.

    I think it is a good call that Jeezy delayed the albums release if he wasn’t happy with his results so far, I just think he needs to drop soon next year though because as I’ve said before, niggaz are fickle as fuck. Heads are starting to talk like Ross is about to take dudes spot as that coke-rap nigga. But nahh dude ain’t fall off yet.

    * turns put on remix way the fuck up*

    • robmarkman

      Nah, I’m clear. I think TM 101 is a classic album. I understand those who don’t agree, but damn that album is crazy!

  • Q461

    @ robmarkman

    You def entitled to your opinion my dude….It’s just when I hear the word classic I instantly think of Illmatic, Reasonable Doubt, Ready to Die etc ( Modern classics to me would be like Get Rich or Die Tryin, The College Dropout) I just don’t see Jeezy’s shit as standing along with those… but like I said I respect your opinion homey.

    • asam

      for what it was and the energy behind it it was a classic

      • Brass Tacks

        TM:101 Is a classic! No one was prepared for the sounds of that album and hate all you want on Jeezy’s lyrical ability; That gravelly tone over dark sonic beats separated him from the pack.

  • stuckfresh

    Its Jeezy! he can take more time then other niggaz cause Jeezy will sell no matter what!! Its going be a cold summer in 2011!!!

    • asam

      i dont no bout all that

  • jon doe

    jeezy started that dope boy shit i bet he do drake numbers when he drop & i bet he go platinum JUST LIKE THE REST OF HIS ALBUMS….& by the way don’t ever say gucci surpassed jeezy, gucci sold 61,000 1st week & still aint went gold…Jeezy 3 platinum albums & running so gucci aint even seeing jeezy…ross either because ross never went platinum he a gold nigga

  • Don mcCaine

    Jeezy gonna be iight…another good song they’ll hop back on the scrotom…

    LF: Ghostface ‘Apollo Kids (album)’>>>

    Jim Jones (yes), Game, Joell Ortiz & Black Thought put in collabo work…Killa priest MURDERS…

    ‘Purified Thoughts’…Ghost smashes than breakbeat on ‘Starkology’…’Troublemakers’ is heat…just wish GZA’s verse was a lil’ stronger


    • asam

      definately a dope album im co-signing that enough bout a nigga that ain’t droppin in 2010 lets talk bout 1 that is check that ghost album out on myspace if you no anything bout hip hop i promise you will love it

  • Q461

    Word? I gotta cop that Ghost shit…Tony Starks always brings that heat….that song with Black thought is dope…

    I think Jeezy can come back strong but hes gotta bring it…

    off topic… I just heard The Horsemen are doing a track with Slaughterhouse….. How crazy is that shit gonna be yall..????

  • betrott

    Rozay slowed up the Snowman.


    This cat jeezy is about to hard body and even it isnt dropped till 2011 who cares its gonna be fire, its young jeezy and he never fails, get em


    WHY IS JEEZZY TRYING TO DRESS LIKE A 1%er , HE AINT NO BIKER! HE AINT FROM NO M.C CLUB! HE LOOKS LIKE A WANNA BE “SONS OF ANARCHY” stop being a poser jeezy, thats your problem your rich and successfull , but your a poser!

  • let it snow

    dun da dun da da da da da dun da dun da dun dun

  • alderman j

    He should have let that trap or die 2 out as the album, aint nothing he done leaked off that TM 103 been any good. “all white everything?” come on now, “jizzle” come on now! That Trap or die 2 was fire!! He need to get back on that.


    ok, feel me on this people…when i was growing up the street opinion was all that mattered as far as rap overall and especially street rap. people like hammer and v. ice sold millions, while cats like nas sold hundred thousands (see illmatic 1st week sales), yet no one would dare say that nas was wack or falling off. my point is, when did we get so concerned with the business side of hip hop? jeezy dropped trap or die 2 AND the last laugh this year…BOTH OF THOSE MIXTAPES R PURE FIRE!!!! how bout trappin aint dead last year? niggas in the street STILL love jeezy! go to any hood and ask any trapper whose better between jeezy or ross, and niggas will say jeezy allday. go to the titty bar, you’ll hear 1 million new jeezy songs. walk down a block, and listen to what cats play win they ride by…JEEZY HASN’T FALLEN OFF AT ALL.

    has anyone ever thought that maybe he can’t create a product commercial enough for def jam, which is why he cant drop his album? jeezy makes street shit…the wave right now is skinny jean happy/flossy party shit, of coarse jeezy’s not gonna thrive commercially in this environment! but the fact of the matter is that his core fan base hasn’t shrunk at all, cuz he’s still droppin that g shit. i remember artists like NWA, ICE CUBE, TOO SHORT, ETC…ran the streets with absolutely no radio play. since when did we start letting billboard, radio, and record labels dictate who’s “hot” within street music.

    lastly, everyone knows that def jam is soft and has no idea how to market street shit. it’s prolly more of a def jam issue than a jeezy issue.

    what do you guys think?…waddup syk!

    • Don mcCaine

      DETROIT! whaddups fam?

      “it’s prolly more of a def jam issue than a jeezy issue.”

      ^ co-sigz…the whole comment too…

  • @iamstl

    That Trap or Die 2 was probably the best mixtape of the year. That Mixtape could have been TM103 and sold big numbers. Even though it got noticed Ross BMF was a huge record and that took some of the attention awaybut i think that Ross could have made it bigger by putting Jeezy on it instead of Styles P. I guess the Execs @ Def Jam didn’t think of a way to market 2 of their top artist to create larger buzz. But Jeezy always bring some heat. Lets not forget his “i’m going in” remix and he was on probably the biggest tour earlier this year w/ Jay-Z and Trey Songz

    Keep paying attention Jeezy gonna bring some heat

  • Q461

    @ Detroit

    I co-sign what you are saying as far as ” falling off ” should be defined more to quality of music than sales and you are totally right. I personally prefer Jeezy’s previous joints to what I heard from him this year, but we all got our own thoughts on shit. I think that we are almost trained a bit to look at this shit like a competitive sport in terms of radio play, sales, relevance ( whatever your definition may be) and overall presence in the public eye. Niggaz talk fast so looking at in that perspective you gonna see alot of cats sayin Jeezy fell off and that Ross ( who was more in the public eye this year) is takin dudes spot, especially since they had a minor spat and traded subliminals.My homeboy who is all about Rozay was tryin to tell me dude is not only bout to take Jeezy’s spot, but also T.I’s. Lots of fans look at shit that way , like it or not. Falling off/ losing relevance should be looked at purely musically and I co-sign that as someone who loves this music and is a part of the culture. i also have a head for business so it is easy to look at things through different perspectives.

    But overall, I don’t think Jeezy has fallen off, but do remember an artist is only as hot as his last hit. Homey should work hard to drop some heat early next year, before niggaz fickle ass’s forget about him and he gets pushed back again. This goes for the homey Game too, another nigga who was supposed to drop this year but didn’t. Real talk.

    • Don mcCaine

      “This goes for the homey Game too, another nigga who was supposed to drop this year but didn’t. Real talk.”

      ^ awwww sh^T (echo chamber effect)

      Game’s music DID fall off…that ‘Brake Lights’ mixer was deleted after 3 times listening…I liked the ‘Shake’ video more than the song…although he put in a good 16 on Ghost’s album, his solo musical output has practically zero replay value. We may see this cat leaving Interscope the Wale way…a quiet firing…

  • Q461

    “Game’s music DID fall off”

    Co-sign my dude. His music has fallen off a fuckin lot. I’m a fan too, copped all 3 of his records but the only 2 joints he put out that I fucked with this year were the song with Jay Elec and Swizz Beatz and Gangs in New York with Jada and Jim Jones. His other new shit is just wack, no other way to say it. He needs more shit like Games Pain, My Life, State of Emergency, Doctor’s Advocate and California Vacation, all joints from the first 2 records. Those pop experiments don’t suit dude’s flow.

    Supposedly dudes got heaters with Primo, Timbaland,Dre and the Neptunes on deck, plus a collabo with beans and rozay so maybe all is not lost yet. i still got faith in dude.

    By the way, The Documentary is closer to classic status than Jeezy’s debut, imo

  • Q461

    Meant to say his last 2 albums, not first two….

  • Don mcCaine

    “The Horsemen are doing a track with Slaughterhouse”

    ^ this would be bananas…

    “and the Neptunes on deck”

    ^ that I read Game took them tracks off…why he don’t go ask ‘Ye for some heat rox? there was a time this year I thought game would be the dark horse of the 2010…

  • Q461

    Yeah homey imagine that shit….8 fuckin lyricists bodying some shit…Only joint I could say that would even resemble that is Flipmode squad vs Df Squad on Bustas debut… not for the same lyricism, but just the length of the track and how hyped niggaz would be to hear it….

    Possible Game took those records off… you know dude has been struggling to have one of his new joints catch on…. but so far nada…. He should try and do another track with Kanye and Wayne too…restablish a buzz and shit…. Also I think a west coast powerhouse joint would be crazy with like old cats and new maybe throw Kendrick Lamar, Nipsy, Cube and Kurupt or Snoop on a posse cut and have Dre on the boards…

    • Don mcCaine

      i was gonna put Nipsey in this convo until i read this…

      “The way that Epic heard about me was thru our movement as All Money In: what we was doing in L.A. as far as mixtapes…as far as the touring we was doing just in our region. So when we got with Epic it was kinda like we started working together. But, just to keep it completely 100, I’m in the process of negotiating my release right now. And we just gonna go back to doing what we been doing, as far as an independent company and serving our region. But it wasn’t really no big fallout with the label or nothin’ like that, it’s just Epic went through internal changes…”

      ^ this is where I think Game is heading…not so much Jeezy…

  • ImMe

    Jezzy didn’t fall off, but DEF JAM doesn’t believe in the album. When CDs are delayed for a long time, that means those execs aren’t feeling it and believe it won’t move units. Ex. 50′s Befors I Self Destruct Album, Didd’ys Last Train to Paris and so on. Both they albums were on interscope and interscope don’t realase s*** unless it sells. The Doc needs to drop Detox because fans aer waiting for it. He’s a prefectionist and the pressue has to get to him. Def Jam don’t promote or release HIP HOP anymore w/o Kanye they would be finished. Sheek Louch and Ghostface had no promotion. Def Jam fell off if you ask me. They need to bring Russell and Rick back. I wonder how they feel about the label? They better try to snatch Lyor up again!!! JEEZY WON’T FLOP BUT HE’LL SELL LESS UNITS THAN EXPECTED. THIS WIL MAKE DEF JAM QUESTION THE NEXT ALBUM AFTER TM 103. ROSS is nice, but he’s a gimmick. ALL FAKE. From Co to rapper. Back in the day he would’ve dropped one album and been gone. HOWEVER, HE HAS A MOVEMENT. ROSS HAS BEEN PUTTIN OUT HOT S***, BUT ITS ALL A FANTASY. THE REAL RICK ROSS NEEDS TO GET HIS PAPER!!! That’s one career 50 didn’t destroy YET!!!!!

  • 2883joker

    I just hope it lives up to the hype & the wait. If its anything like the “leaked” version I found. Then this will be his 1st weak album.

  • CoTownRealsest


  • enerlove

    i wait to ride with the snowman for eternity. patience friends

  • sl

    He just hasn’t got the quality material for a release. All of us listeners know it, and I’m sure he and his label do, too.

    I read an interview recently that he showed up at Shawty Redd’s with a suitcase and said, “Let’s get it!”. I bet he won’t leave until he’s made some real progress. Jizzle & All White were ok, but not good. B-sides.

    Now, if they keep releasing quality tracks on the net like they have been – what’s the point of anyone getting the album this summer? It will be played out by then. One thing I believe – he will have another quality album like The Recession. He’s too good not to.

  • Will

    Still waitin, never write this nigga off- Rillist nigga in it, you already kno!!! The record labels are worried bout who theyre competing w/ each time an album drops, TIP and Kanyes album’s got the holiday season by the ass, they didnt want to get dissapointing numbers going up against that-

  • Mutada Mullah Atari

    Jeezy sold his soul for the approval of the NY critics. No one is saying he had to rap over 808′s and Nightmare on elm street synths forever, but he went far left field on these last few albums trying to apease the critics in the east who never gave a fuck about him in the first place. While he was allowing Jigga to juice him for the little bit of fame he had, as in —->>>Jigga is washed up and has not made a good album since the black album, but attaches himself to “whats hot” to stay relevant, even though he gets murdered on nearly every track he has collab’d on in the last 3 years the most recent being Monster were Kanye and Nikki made him look terrible.<—- A whole bunch of sample tracks and one to many justice league beats later and now Gucci Mane and the bunch took his spot. So fuck Jeezy, I'll stick with TM 101 and he can keep seeking NY's approval (who by the way have a new crop of rappers who's lyrics are just as trash as Jeezy—Maino? Fuck out of here

  • T-marT

    Like nas said 5 years ago jeezy you done. rule 1 cock sucker keep my name from your tongue. rule 2 thought u knew not to fuck with gods’ son…..

    RIP Jeezy,,,, 05-08………..

  • RadioKillah

    Quality over quantity in tha music biz….. take your time Young….quite sure you are going to come with a solid effort… AYEEEE Lets Get It!

  • truthreveal

    I really think they giving Jeezy a hard time in the game now…maybe ’cause he didn’t bite the apple into the clique…so Diddy devise a plan to fuck with dude by having Ross do the BMF song, to take his spot and spark seperation.

  • itsDbodoe

    niggas be like bitches all on they period n shit ….. y’all niggas crazy comparing jeezy to ross? wtf some y’all niggas must of hit ur head on wrong place ….. man wait till jeezy drop nigga he gonna do big boy number nigga on tour with jay z n all he needs is detroit on album sales str8 up detroit alone will support that nigga 400 k first week . tell ross to meet me at magic city shake his titties lmaooo jeezy or die

  • BLove

    I can’t wait for Jeezy to put TM103. I’m still riding with him. The Recession was an underrated album. Nobody gave him credit. Everybody is loving Ross right now but I can’t wait for Jeezy to come and take his throne. :)

  • dmfslimm

    i think he on investigation. why has he been so quiet lately. slim thug was going thru some shit and aint nobody knew about it, so it aint too far fetched.



  • LivewyreTheCyborg

    I say Jeezy fell off, but we’ll see. I would definently rather him to take his time and come out with something of quality than a rush job mediocre effort.