So another year has come and gone and still we’re left with no TM 103. I remember when Jeezy first started promoting in 2009, but without a legitimate single it was pretty clear that the next installment to Thug Motivation would be coming in 2010. Or was it?

“Lose My Mind” was a good start, a nice buzz record that even snagged a Grammy nomination, but when subsequent TM 103 tracks dropped (“All White Everything” and “Jizzle”) many began to doubt the Snowman’s return. Clearly Jeezy has more work to do. Some view the constant pushbacks on Thug Motivation 103 as a failure, but to me the real failure would be to release a subpar album. In my eyes TM 101 was a classic, and while The Inspiration (aka TM 102) wasn’t as good as the first Jeezy won with songs like “I Luv It,” “Bury Me a G,” “Mr. 17.5” and “I Got Money.” When The Recession dropped in 2008, it was one of the year’s better albums (that and Killer Mike’s I Pledge Allegiance to the Grind Pt. 2).

So what TM 103 is over a year late. I actually applaud Young for taking his time rather then throwing out some shit that clearly isn’t ready. If only more artist thought like that.

How about you are you still waiting on Thug Motivation 103 or have you written Jeezy off? — Rob Markman