Music is a Gift From God — Cherish It

I love music!!! Music is the thread that binds the universe. Earth, wind, fire and water all sing the melody of the planet. I remember going to court shackled from hand to foot, my blood unable to circulate through my veins, about to face a judge whose only inclination is to pervert justice and lock me away for 25 years! But none of that mattered once DJ Mister Cee started blasting that classic Eric B. & Rakim mixed into B.I.G.’s “Get Money (Remix).” In that moment I escaped it all. No judge! No shackles! No pain! No prison! The power of music.

Music has a transformative power that is simply supernatural. The bass and the drum beat in perfect synchronicity with the heart. Robert Nester Marley’s voice sounds like the chief angel Michael is telling you, “don’t worry about a thing, the sun is shining.” Even on Friday night in a maximum-security prison, I’m free singing “Kabbalah Shabbat.” I forget all the reasons to cry and despise, and my soul remembers when it was in unison with the source of all creation, not trapped in miserable body!

I remember being in a home for juveniles, taken away from my moms, but having the latest DJ Doo Wop or Ron G mixtape made the pain go away. Listening to 2Pac made me care about Brenda and feel like a creep for hurting my moms. N.W.A and Bob Dylan (and his song about Rubin “Hurricane” Carter) made me wanna stand up to police brutality and the neighbor hood bullies. Thus when I got out the home for kids I promised to never hurt my moms by going to jail or an early grave and I had to courage to stand up to anybody trying to take off my path! Music!!! Music is the rhythmic version of prayer. It talks to the soul. A gift from God!!!

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  • these posts are racist

    End Apartheid in Palestine. Support freedom for all…stop being a hypocrite Shyne.

  • french hill

    It’s really frustrating to read your comment. How is Shyne a hyprocite, for being Jewish? Not everything has to be political. As an American jew living in jerusalem i see the injustice towards the Palestinains and I want to stop, but that doesn’t mean that the entire jewish religion is evil. What if Ice Cube was talking about being muslim and i just wrote “stop terrorism.” that would be fucked up. don’t make Shyne’s religion political.

    • these posts are racist

      No, I am not referring to his religion. There are plenty of jews who support equal rights for all under Israelie law. Shyne preaches about equality, etc. yet goes to Israel and doesn’t make one comment or plea for equality. Half of the people under Israel’s control are not given equal rights under the law…how can someone who claims to be a challenger of oppression not reference that? Not reference the plight of millions of people?

      Again, i want to make it clear, I believe Israel should grant equal rights under the law to all, jews, christians and muslims. So you misunderstood me homey. love and respect to you homey.

  • french hill

    Yeah i hear you, though Israel really shouldn’t be in the place to grant rights to Palestinians to begin with because they shouldn’t be in the West Bank (they shouldn’t have say over Palestinain affairs), the Palestinians should have autonomy over their own land.
    Within Israel itself Israeli Arabs (Christian and Muslims) do have equal rights, though it’s not practiced like it should be.
    But ya it would be great if Shyne has was globally concious of injustice. but that’s asking a lot of a hasidic jew who lives in jerusalem to start going against the establishement before he’s even been a free man for very long while still trying to prove his jewish identity to fellow israelis.

    • these posts are racist


      Appreciate the respectful discourse. The facts are, Israel does control the WB and the Gaza (air/water/borders)…also, 20% of Israel’s current citzenery are Palestinian (non-jewish)…so let’s just make it all one country, call it Israel, call it whatever, just give all equal rights.

      Shyne puts himself forth as a revolutionary who champions human rights, freedom, etc…i’m asking that he be morally consistent, that’s all.


  • Don mcCaine

    i see you tpar…

    just remember dude just came home a decade later in life…

    there is an adjustment period…at least he was in the country to see for himself, no?


    I wanna hear ‘Messiah’ mastered Shyne…

    • these posts are racist

      Point taken…I’ll cool out. But I hope he does see the seperate roads, license plates, and other apartheid conditions and is outraged by it.


    TPAR, when it comes to being a hypocrite, aren’t we all hypocrites. Islam and christianity who claim religions of peace but have historically been the most violent and oppressive. Hindu’s who seek greater knowledge and enlightenment, but instituted a caste system which kept the poor people down. How can you blame hypocrisy on shyne, when he is just doing what he feels right and appreciating a part of his culture. I myself am a hypocrite as I promote a lack of religion but deem it a necessary evil in mans plight. You are hypocritical because you urge peace in a violent area but can not provide an actual peaceful resolution. Was Muhammed not a hypocrite when he preached Jews were people of the book yet he beheaded approx 600-900 Qurazya Jews. Is the American tax system not hypocritical because our country was founded by people who did not want to pay taxes to someone else. Everyone has some form of hypocrisy in them, it is very humanizing.

    • these posts are racist


      How does citing other acts of inhumanity or injustice justify current injustice? Didn’t white slave owners use African on African slavery as justification for American slavery? Didn’t Hitler use the Armenian genocide to support the Holocaust?

      Now, the question i ask: Does Israel control the lives of millions of people yet deny them equal rights under the law because they are not jewish? If the answer is yes, are claiming they are justified because of these other horrible acts you speak of?


    TPAR, I believe you miss the point with the citations. They are regarding hypocrisy not justification for injustice. Everyman is a hypocrite in some way shape or form, why would you choose to judge one man and hold him responsible for delivering peace to a messed up region. He just expressed love for his religion and you believe that people should be able to worship freely correct. Why do you not allow someone to worship freely, why tie them to political events he can not control. How can he worship freely if he has to be held responsible for his peoples actions, not just his own.

  • these posts are racist

    “I am Stupid”

    All you do is cite past evils to justify current ones. It’s disgusting that you justify the imprisonment of millions of innocent people. all the children in Gaza being bombed, starved, and treated worse than animals in a zoo…All caused by a war machine that America finances, backed by a racist ideology. And all you can do is cite some random historical evils????

    Is that your position? That we should not seek freedom for Palestinians, and equal rights for Palestinians because of other evils in human history???


    TPAR, I respect what you say that Israel does some terrible things, which if you actually read what I say and not just skim through it, you would know that I have agreed with you in the past about Israel. I do not cite past evils to justify current ones, I cite past evils to let you know that hatred and war are not new concepts especially within that region and amongst people. Maybe we should switch names. But I feel the need to simplify for you if its too complex for you to understand.
    Shyne should be able to worship feely who he wants.
    Israel is doing terrible things right now.
    Palestinians are doing terrible things right now.

    They both are messed up, I ask how will you fix it?

  • J. Wright

    Israel is evil, they kill innocent people all day, but Palestinians are firing rockets at them too. Do you guys think that this may have been a ploy just to get them to destroy each other from the British. Divide and conquer type method.

  • Gerry Curl

    Tpar is kind of a dumb one, history is not so black and white. I bet TPAR is muslim. LOL

    • Don mcCaine

      “I bet TPAR is muslim. LOL”

      ^ this isn’t black or white?

      “End Apartheid in Palestine. Support freedom for all”

      ^ if he would have said END THE OCCUPATION I could see you coming to that conclusion. And no I’m not Muslim either.

  • integra83

    lol @ the picture of shyne they have posted for this blog

  • french hill

    J. Wright, what do you mean Israel is evil? That is such a blanket statement. If your saying that Israel does acts that are evil, that’s different. But Israel is made up of millions of people who have diverse thought and feelings on their own country. Would you say that all 220 million Indoneisans are evil because they occupied East Timor, or Morroco is evil because they occupy Western Saraha, or France is evil because of their past occupation of Algeria. Countries aren’t “evil.” Countries do though have period of times where they commit atrocious acts. That comes off to me as just an ignorant comment

  • J. Wright

    French Hill,

    You are absolutely correct. My statement was ignorant. My intention was not to condemn the country as being evil. But from what I typed thats how it came off. Thank you for clarifying brother. My statement is that the government that supports apartheid is evil.

  • Chris

    I feel the same way, minus the shackles and stuff.