Hating Women Means You Hate Yourself #thingsblackgirlsdo

Yawn! There’s yet another Trending Topic on Twitter bashing our women called #thingsblackgirlsdo. It bugs me out at the amount of disrespect that’s shown towards Black women and women in general. I read some of these trending topics directed towards women and I say to myself that there are a lot of bitter ass brothers out here and a lot of women who obviously have a lot of self-hate because they join in on the bashing like it’s all good.

Here are some examples of things Black girls do, according to Twitter:

#thingsblackgirlsdo fuck a nigga to get their nails refilled
#thingsblackgirlsdo “Get behind on the Rent because they had to get a new Lace Front Wig
#ThingsBlackGirlsDo try to figure out who the dad is for their child.

Really? Is this how we perceive our women?

I know some of these are just jokes and they’re done just in fun, but you have to understand perception is everything. There are a lot of people who don’t get the “joke” and think you people are actually painting a realistic picture of #thingsblackgirlsdo. The same generalizations we use to describe ourselves other people with no prior interactions with us will use to describe Black women. If you’re going to paint a realistic picture of #thingsblackgirlsdo, after stating the negative, let’s emphasize the positive. Take an opportunity to use moments like this to teach.


Well, if you ask Tina Wells, a 28-year-old Black woman worth 12 million dollars, she will tell you she became a millionaire at the age of 25 by starting a company called “Buzz Marketing Group,” a trend spotting organization that gathers research on the teen/tween market.

Fran Harris is a Black female sales executive with Procter & Gamble and CEO of her own sports marketing and personal development companies. She is an executive, business, life and fitness expert/coach whose clients include Fortune 100 corporations, organizations, teams and universities. Look her up HERE.

Have you ever heard of Margie Lewis? She’s a 38-year-old nuclear engineer and CEO of a 13 million dollar enterprise called Parallax Inc., which is an engineering and environmental management company with offices in Maryland, Georgia, Tennessee, Texas and Kentucky. I’m sure she would have something to say about what Black girls do.

I think some of you are just misinformed because you generalize all Black women on what you see and deal with on a daily basis, but let me explain something to you, men are the sun we are supposed to be the foundation of the family the way the sun is the foundation of the solar system. Women are the moon and as we know the moon reflects the light of the sun. If women are reflections of men, when men say the women they know “ain’t bout shit” it says more about them then it does women. When you see a bunch of no-good women, the no-good men that they’re reflecting off are usually close by.

It trips me out because dudes are screaming “Women ain’t shit” like our mothers and daughters don’t have vaginas. I mean, correct me if I’m wrong but your mother and daughter do have a vagina don’t they? So that would make them women right? So if you cast a wide net and say, “Women ain’t shit,” then that would make you the son or father of shit wouldn’t it? I know you thinking to yourself, “Well, what about these whores who sleep with all these different rappers, and athletes, or women who spread they’re legs for whatever brother is spending the most bread? What about prostitutes, strippers?” You’re probably saying to yourself, “They ain’t shit.” Well, I would tell you that you’re halfway right.

What these women do “ain’t bout shit” but these women are not what they do, they are infinite, divine beings, who for whatever reason have chosen the wrong paths in life. They are the greatest natural resource we have on this planet. They are the vessel our creator chose to place us in and grow for nine months to have the opportunity to be in this world. When people say things like, “I don’t love these hoes,” or “don’t save these hoes,” this is absolutely wrong, you should love these women, and you should save these women because the woman is man’s field to produce his nation.

Don’t be afraid to play Captain Save-a-Ho because when you save a ho, you restore a woman and “simultaneously” save a nation and when I say, “Save a ho,” I don’t mean give her money, I mean teach an uncivilized whore how to be a civilized woman. The late, great, Honorable Elijah Muhammad said it best, “Until we learn to love and protect our women we will never be a fit and recognized people on this planet.”

Peace, until next time,

Charlamagne Tha God aka Lou Manati but for short you can just call me Ill.

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  • http://Thatdude.com That dude

    Can you really be mad if that is how they are seen? We can only see our women how they show us they are…. unfortunately the ones that are doing these things (a lot of them) are the ones that give a bad view of the rest.

    Its a shame, but im not so sure its just black women… i think the topic should be women in general…lol



  • HoodAesthetic

    It’s you small minded individuals who totally missed his words, he’s saying that yes there are bad apples but that needs to be family business and family business should not be paraded for all to see. what we say about our women in public determines how they are perceived by others who do not have day to day dealings with them.

  • Sha


    I tend to agree with some of the points of this post. SOME!

    But let’s keep it real…..

    These “Ghetto Myths” about women wouldn’t exist if there wasn’t some level of truth to them.

    For example…..

    All women think that they can do whatever they want and they should command the same respect.

    I’m here to tell you that is complete BULLSHIT!

    Ok. So I see you in a club. And you have all of your ass and tits hanging out. Is the first thing I’m interested in is your mind? GTF outta here! Dudes are trying to get laid. And not only that…. How many people can say they got their life long partner in a club? Very very few.

    Ok. So XXL wants to further the hip-hop culture with equality for women (lol). So why have a section called “Eye Candy”? Most of those women know their ass-value and are pimpin’ it the same way magazines are pimpin them. For loot.

    Ok. So most women want to be treated with respect. But seeing as how the majority of the population is in a war between the “Haves” and the “Have Nots” the majority of women toss that respect B.S. in the garbage and tend to use their “P” for financial gain. Yeah. They’ll SAY that they want a man to like them for other than their body. But as soon as the doors are closed, or as soon as the weekend approaches, they scope the dude pushing the Beemer, Benz, or Bentley. Fuck the honest dude that works at Walmart. That shit doesn’t pay the bills.

    Theoretically, I see where Charlamagne Tha God is going with this. Women should always be treated as the beautiful creatures that God made them to be.

    But the plain fact is this.


    If you use your body, God’s gift to MAN AND WOMAN, as a tool to up your dollars, you deserve what you get.

    And besides, I think the whole purpose of the bible is so that we can all be in control of our destinies and our souls.


    Not me, Charlamagne Tha God, XXL, or any other person. Guide yourself.

    • Kashif…

      THAT’S REAL SHIT! Definite co-sign…

    • Escobar9300

      Man, every time I’m ready to write Sha off as being full of it, he drops some real knowledge. My sentiments exactly son, thanks for dropping the other side of the coin.

      • westcoastaggie

        Define real?

  • John Cochran

    Pointing out some good intelligent women doesnt excuse the fact that there are plenty of hoes running rampid through our community. I aint never met Tina Wells or Margie Lewis, but I have met Kiesha from down the block thatll fuck for some micro braids. Real spit.

    • J

      Someone else on here said it best. If you are only meeting bum broads, you, my friend, are a BUM. Women aren’t just “Tina Wells” or “Keisha”, there are plenty in between who are working, going to school, not in the clubs, etc. that don’t want to be put into your small-minded categories…

  • http://www.myspace.com/bkattmuzik Bumpy Genitalia

    Char, say bro u gotta understand a trill ass article like this is only meant for 5% of us. U gotta realize that this site is full of ignorant ass 85ers who aint gonna comprehend the wisdom u be droppin. Good read nonetheless. You should write blogs more often bro trill talk.

    • thestunna

      Idiot u mean 95%…dummies tryna sound smart

      • Smallz

        Nah, he means 85 smart guy. 10% might know what’s real but they will sell you that b.s. for they own personal gain, the 5% left are the real… educating people like you @ thestunna

  • LdNSE15

    Women are sleeping with the brother that is spending the most bread, because, the brother that is spending the most bread is willing to spend just to sleep with them.

    If the nigga said, look, what you’re doing is not right. Put your clothes on, get some education, get your head right and some self respect..I or any other decent brother might want a proper relationship with you instead of hitting and dropping some change as if you were a prostitute.

    I doubt the females would be as loose as they are.

    Good blog entry. If you negros educate yourselves and try to educate your/our women, less negative stereotypes would have foundation/be true.

    • KristiLuvNC

      “because, the brother that is spending the most bread is willing to spend just to sleep with them.”

      …..thats why the cycle continues…because THAT BROTHER spending obviously have some kind of issue or complex himself. if he, HIMSELF, was a real stand-up man, he wouldn’t even have anything to do with those kinda women, right?

  • YOM

    Everything you wrote was on point brotha.
    If your only meeting low-class females it’s cuz your a bum ass negro.If you weren’t Dumb,Def & Blind you would be able to drop some jewels on her.If she don’t hear you that’s on her.

    The funniest thing to me is them cats who trash every female on eye candy except for the mulattoes that is.

  • slangg

    to sum up I give you the words of The Great Honorable Lil Duval that says:

    Model Women get fu.cked
    Regular Women get Married
    Basic Bitches get Shot

  • http://www.twitter.com/KristiLuvNC KristiLuvNC

    Start with the young men….teach them and show them the value of themselves and the value of a woman. It’s obvious that the youth (as well as grown ass men) are out of touch with the real world and what it bestows. I blame a lack of sprituality and parenting skills and the fact that young men have been raised by the streets, degrading rap music and bad tv.

    women are the weaker sex, so naturally, they sometimes give in or ACCEPT the way guys per ceieve and treat them. if they don’t have a strong woman and man in their lives to guide and protect them, of course they will fall victim to those lifestyles.

    …Reach out and touch somebody…I always try to instill some knowledge and value when i see a young male or female that may be headed down the wrong path….as long as WE sit around and accept the way our youth and peers are acting,nothing will ever change!

    LUV u charlamagne for this one!

  • Worley

    Bottom line is some people are just lost. Society tells them that being a ho makes you a woman and being a trick makes you a man. In other words, certain segments of society value women in terms of sexuality and value men in terms of finances. That’s their morality and values. Trying to talk to those people is a waste of your time. Some other lost man or woman will validate their morality and values. You will end up the odd man in.

  • Deadly MIME

    Damn it’s been a while. But I’ll say this, hoes are called hoes for a reason. A real black man would not try to be with one and sees a woman for who she is.. Now Char pointed out that borthers should play the “Captain Save-A-Ho” role. Coming from a person that has played this role in the last 4 years, that shit does not play out like it seems. Cause a hoe’s behavior is her comfort zone. She’s used to doing what she’s doing. I had alot of ex’s that I tried to save and many didn’t want saving. They rather wanted to be with the guy that had material and money. In return getting abused mentally and physcially. A woman reflects man. Yes it does. I’ll go even deeper and saying that the women that are hoes or behave in that manner because there was no strong father figure. No true example of what a man is. So she has to find daddy in niggas she ends up with. Do I agree that women has to be treated with repsect? yes. Fo sho. But with my recent experiences with my exs running round Tampa, FL fucking every nigga they see I can’t see how I can respect that. I ain’t those brothers that hate my black women. I’m just disappointed at the things they do to themselves because no one early on in their life validated their worth.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=USnvVJThdk0 these posts are racist

    Great drop my brother.

  • diamond district

    the truth is, some women dont want to be saved. Try to reach out to them, and they’ll start talkin shit like “you aint my daddy” and “can’t no nigga tell me what to do”. I do agree, we tend to generalize, but you can’t help someone who doesn’t know they need help

  • alderman j


  • alderman j

    And then they be on this CRUSADE to show everybody “THEY DONT NEED NO MAN”, to hell with em, first thing a sista wanna know is where a nigga work, and how many kids you got. I aint paying nobodys bills, or getting nobodys hair done unless you done paid dues, then you get what i get. But if you got this attitude like you dont need a man and most men aint bout shit and aint got no job and got a bunch of baby mama drama, KICK ROCKS!! I aint got time for it. Im the catch!!! SPOKEN BY A NIGGA THAT WORKS FOR A FORTUNE 500 COMPANY FOR MULTIPLE YEARS, NO KIDS, TWO WHIPS ONE PAID FOR, AND A PLAN TO RETIRE AT THE AGE OF 50 THATS ON SCHEDULE!!! FUCK EM!!DONT NEED EM!!

  • Warren D

    bitches aint shit but hoes and tricks

    nuff said

  • http://www.bboycult.com Don mcCaine

    Worley says:

    Bottom line is some people are just lost.

    ^ and don’t want to be found

  • Sad Trugh

    My best friend and I talk about this ALL the time. Most black women are trash! They’re happy making babies and collecting government checks. A lot of these women suffer from low self-esteem and daddy issues. Respect is earned not given and frankly, these women out here don’t deserve it. I look at the girls I graduated from high school with. Majority of them didn’t go to college or do anything else productive with their lives. Twenty-two or twenty-three years old and already on baby #2 or 3 and no job, just waiting on WIC and a welfare card. Job well done, Charlamagne. Been a fan of yours since you were on the radio with Frosty here in Columbia.

    FYI I’m a black woman.

  • http://youtube.com/eniyi04 Niyemortal

    While i do agree with what you said about how derogatory it is, Cha, there’s a hell of a lot more trending topics on Twitter bashing MEN more than it is women. So it could be a case of those dudes that were dissed retaliating…but on topic, this was a good post. We really do need to reduce if not completely eliminate the objectifying of our women, but like some of the comments above have already mentioned, finding good women who don’t fit those stereotypes is not as easy as it used to be. This is all coming from a Black gentleman who is in school, who does read, who doesnt really do clubs, who actually goes to the bookstore (i just went and copped “Decoded” and “I wonder as I Wander” today) and i see everyday on how there are a lot of prejudices that not only women put on other men, but we all as a people put on ourselves.

  • EF Cuttin

    I see your point Cha,but…and U follow me on twitter so U know how I rock,but women must look in the mirror and accept their part in this,instead of trying 2 play victim.Most Black men are raised in exclusively female households,so where are we learning how 2 bash women???FROM THE WOMEN THEMSELVES!!!Most women dont get along with each other and project that image 4 all 2 see…Just sit and observe a group of high school girls in conversation,shit will shock U to the core.Its time 2 own up 2 the bullshit that we put out there…

  • KGdaArtist

    Just excellent. Wonderful blog my good sir

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  • Thwack

    Hate to break it to you, but this is mostly bullshit. The truth is that bitches generally get with/fuck two types of men: 1) men with money, whom they use for obvious reasons, and 2) assholes, who turn them on and who are their first choice, all else being equal—meaning, they also have money–to fuck and be with. That’s why women get treated the way they do (and it’s true of women of other races too, but it’s particularly bad among black women–white women tend to at least want assholes with a good job and a solid foundation), because guys have figured out that they won’t fuck you unless you treat them that way. Go around being courteous and kind and respectful, and you’ll have lots of “friends”, but that’s about it. Bitches will get bored with you and think that you’re weak, and they’ll find someone more “exciting” to fuck. Think about any of the kind, respectful dudes that you know, and then think about the straight arrogant, assholes who carry women like Cha says you shouldn’t, and think about who gets far and away the most attention from women. Even a lot of these educated women that Cha is talking about are the same way. I know a woman with a Master’s Degree that went to prison (via mail) to meet her husband (she ended of marrying somebody in my family, and she met him while he was behind bars). Meanwhile, I know lots of good dudes working hard everyday at decent paying jobs, who have never been to prison, “never arrested for nothing domestic”, and these women ignore them, and don’t want to have anything to do with them when they figure out that there’s nothing “exciting” about them. This is the shit that you can’t talk about in the mainstream media, but this is the reality of what goes on everyday in the streets. There are exceptions, of course, and feel lucky if you have one, but most of these “stereotypes” ring true for an awful lot of women.

  • theTRUTH

    C’MON SON!!!
    It’s OK to SAVE – A – HO?

    Negro please. That is called a trick. You can’t save a ho that doesnt want to be saved.

    I disagree with the forum and I see your point, but all women are not equal, some women are bitches some women are hoes.
    I once held all women up on a pedalstole myself, moms 2 older sisters, 6 aunts, a boat load of females cousins, but one of my sisters broke it down for me when I was younger. Never call all women bitches or hoes, but their are some out there.