“Prison is a State of Living Not the State of Me!”

One light year away from hell, a million miles from where I wanna be.

Seems like yesterday I was sittin’ in a federal detention center; no food to eat; going to sleep, one eye shut, to the sound of grown men wailing, too G-d to be put out of their misery. October 27, 2009 is the day I walked outta hell, escorted by federal marshals. Some say prison don’t change you, it makes you worst. Violence, drugs, crooked cops, informants, state pen ain’t no different from the streets. Only difference is the square footage.

But I was never in jail because “prison is a state of living not the state of me!” My state of mind and this faith of mine allowed me to be a general and face this time. My moniker’s Shyne but I got the soul of Moses, living proof that the desert grows roses. I’ve transformed, just in case you haven’t noticed, I’m on a level higher than I ever been—I am HIM!!!”

I remember the pain but I can’t tell you what hurt more… The shackles cuffed so tight my blood couldn’t circulate. The time me and that 6’7” fool got it in and he was washing me ‘til I smashed him in the head with the weight bar! The time my moms said they were going to evict her and I had to beg and borrow because all my millions went to trial and appeal lawyers. Probably ain’t hurt as much as that Friday evening when they said guilty of attempted murder. I could hear my moms’ and grandmothers’ hearts shatter into a billion pieces.

What about the pain of listening to the radio wishing that was you performing. The pain of guilt knowing you ruined so many lives. The pain of watching young kids going to trial for multiple homicides. Can’t help but think I caused that. Maybe he listened to one of my songs and started tripping. Nah!!! Poverty and desperation cause that not hip-hop. My music is merely a reflection of obscenity and vulgarity that exists on the ground when politicians and leaders sell their souls to Wall Street and billion dollar industries. But maybe I could’ve done more to help my lil bros. Speaking to them, feeding them. I hate watching a baby serving life in prison. I hate myself for not being on the other side of the b wall to help!!!

Shyne Po

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  • these posts are racist


    Then how can you support the impriosonment of millions of Palestinians by the Apartheid State of Israel?

    • KJC


      • these posts are racist

        Does Israel not control the lives of millions yet deny them equal rights under the law because they are not jewish?

        • Silky Johnson

          As someone with a degree in Middle Eastern studies who also speaks Arabic, I’m confident when I say that it is not even close to being that clear cut. If you speak as if it’s such a simple situation, then you clearly do not understand what is really going on and should refrain from acting as if you do.

        • these posts are racist

          Thank you for giving us your credentials.

          Please answer the following question:

          Does Israel control the lives of millions of people, yet deny them equal rights under the law because they are not jewish?

    • gtfo

      why god why does xxl even follow him?shyne your fuckin finished no publicity for you.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=USnvVJThdk0 these posts are racist

    Israel controls the lives of Millions Of Christian and Muslim Palestinians but won’t grant them equal rights under the law because they are jewish. It forces them to live under horrible conditions, including, forcing them to have different licence plates, drive on different roads/seperate highways (like South Africa) and takes their land without any due process.


    Shut up shyne.this nigga is too confused and dont even know what he is saying.
    fuck zions

  • Q461

    Peace to Shyne…Still rootin for dude….I know hes got some heat left.

  • Anonymous

    bunch of hating idiots. bringing down a man for no reason

  • http://www.candidbackshots.com Candid BACKshotS

    Shyne, I cant say im your “biggest fan” but i truly do appreciate your voice in this rap game.
    Im really feeling your blog. Very thought provoking!


    Syhne got allot pain to deal with..turn the negative into a positive homie…youll make, hang on…

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=USnvVJThdk0 these posts are racist

    I’m not “hating” on Shyne. I actually liked him, a lot, and love the perseverance and the spiritual journey he is embarking on. Judiasim is a beatiful religion. The issue I have with Shyne is his stance with “Israel”, the apartheid, tyrannical entity that is destroying the lives of millions of Palestinians simply because they are not jewish. How can you support racism, discrimination and oppression and preach what Shyne preaches?

  • Anonymous

    Well I am sure you can agree that the entire world and all religion have faults. I’m sure he didn’t decide to follow his faith because of the bad side. At the end of the day it really is about giving someone a second chance. Especially someone who contributed to the art of music.

  • anutha_level

    real perspective…of which none of us on this site can relate.

  • Don junior

    Anonymous i support what you said, i thinks we have to be greatful that our man is out and a change man, all we got to do is cheer him up, and give him all support. We miss u shyne. Don junior from Nigeria.

  • Dick B.

    So how long were you imprisoned (in your mind).


    I like TPAR’s comments a lot, but I think he fails to see the bigger picture. Muslims, jews, are all prejudice, you would not believe in a religion if you did not think it was better than another one correct, we all have access to resources to learn about other religions, why do we choose to stay one? It is because we deem it best. Now what you have is a situation where people think they are better than others. People think Israel beating up on Palestine is horrendous, which it is, but fail to see that Muslims have been killing people of Jewish descent for a long time. Right now in that area Jewish people might be winning the fight but fail to realize that fighting will never stop between the two groups. The qu’ran says some nice things about jews, but the hadiths prove Muhammed did not like them. How would you get two groups of people to have peace when ones core beliefs involve killing the other?

    • these posts are racist

      Co-Existence. Muslims, Jews and Christians have lived in peace for centuries, including in Palestine. I call for one country, where jews, christians and muslims are given equal rights under the law, simple.


    Co-existence can happen, if you get rid of the religion. Peace has occurred, but so has thousands of murders. Your one country idea is smart because serious problems occur when you split countries up, like India and Pakistan. They start developing an ethnocentric syndrome with it. Peace is simply a means of having the bigger stick. Muhammed himself was having jewish and christian people killed all the time. Christians and Muslims were killing each other through the crusades. It is embedded in the history that violence always has taken place under the guise of peace in the middle east region and amongst the 3 Abraham faiths. Although giving them equal rights sounds like a wonderful idea it would be hard to enact because the 3 faiths follow different sets of laws that they would like to maintain. They would have to vote on a set of laws that they would like, but the purists would see it as something that is against their beliefs.

    • these posts are racist

      OK, i won’t even get into the merits of your inaccurate history.

      in 2010, answer this: Does Israel not control the lives of millions yet deny them equal rights under the law because they are not jewish?


    How is my history inaccurate. You deny the crusades, you deny Islams founding. I get some of those from the quran and hadiths if you deny those go ahead. Does Israel yes they do, but if it was muslim control would they not insist for jizya, tax for non muslims. Im telling you the only way for them is to co-exist is to get rid of the religion. In that region bloodline is similar, religion is what is messing it up. Do you deny that religion is not messing them up. Do you deny that Muhammed did not kill mercilessly sometimes and commit robberies. Also if you believe they have lived in so much peace why is that always the most volatile area of the world.

    • these posts are racist

      OK…whether your history is accurate or not, is besides the point. There exists a State, Israel, that we, the US support that controls the lives of millions (half of the people living in Israel/Palestine) yet denies them equal rights under the law, because they are not jewish, period. If you are a person who claims to be for the advancement of humanity, standing in solidarity of all human rights, how can you justify and support this?

      • these posts are racist

        In other words, it’s 2010. I support full and equal rights under the law for all those under Israel’s jurisdiction and control. As an American, I demand that my govt. stop supporting apartheid. We ended it in S. AFrica, we need to do it in Israel too.


    I think you misunderstood my point, where there is religion there will be oppression. I do not support Israel’s oppression of Palestinians, but I believe it to be linked with the religious beliefs, in order to lose the oppression you would have to get rid of what separates the groups and provide them equality. Equality for all man is a great concept, perhaps one day it will be applied, but if we as man knowingly create barriers for ourselves with religious ideology we will always have these problems. There are two sides to the Israel palestine conflict, I just think that America should not get involved with them period just like Iraq and Afghanistan. Take care of home first. However America can not support palestine at the moment since palestine is run by Hamas, and hamas is a terrorist group. Do you support terrorists.

    • these posts are racist

      Israel kills innocent civilians, is that not “terrorism”? Secondly, the West Bank is controlled by the PA, who America funds…Again, get your facts straight son.


    You act as if it is only Israel who kills innocents. Get your facts straight daughter. This is why I say do not support either of them. And there is no peace in this area which you say could happen when history shows it never really has happened. Since your all about merits and stuff and history can you prove this statement wrong. Muhammed the prophet has killed innocent civilians. Moses also killed people. I highly doubt it. When the religious founders were pretty bad himself how are you going to have peace in an area where their followers live?

    • these posts are racist


      I don’t want us to disrespect each other. Here’s what I support, a non religious state, where Jews, Christians and Muslims live, equally. America has the power to make that happen. Can we agree that any side that works against that is at fault? And that this should be the goal? The US can make it happen. The majority of Israelis and Palestinians are actually secular people. They should be able to practice their religions freely. Christian Palestinians and Muslim Palestinians are currently being controlled but denied equal rights under the law in Israel. The US supports Israel. We can make it a reality. Period. That’s what I support.


    TPAR although your cause is just and noble and I do agree with the separation of church and state, it can not happen in that region. The religion is too much for them to overcome, although I would like to be proven wrong on the issue, it may not happen anytime soon.

  • J. Wright

    Damn TPAR got sonned on that one…His cause is good, but he could not defend against truths about both of the religions

    • these posts are racist

      How did i get sonned, son? Anything can be used to justify violence. Religion, like gangs, family ties, nationality, race, have all been used. That’s not the issue here…read my comments.