XXL’s Blogger Contest: Your Chance to Blog For a Week

The people have spoken. Last issue (September 2010), XXL asked readers to write blogs discussing either hip-hop’s current lack of battles or the art-versus-authenticity debate. The five winning essays, selected by our staff, were posted here on XXLMag.com in mid-August and met with an outpouring of comments. See for yourself by clicking HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE). XXL took a chance and gave you all the power, and you, faithful readers, didn’t disappoint. Job well done.

Feeling very user-friendly, we’ve decided to raise the stakes. But first let’s get y’all in the proper mood. While October is generally recognized for Halloween and all things spooky, the 31-day span is significant for another, less-celebrated, but even more important reason: It’s National Arts and Humanities Month. Meaning, October is designated for United States citizens to stop being lazy and actively participate in various creative outlets. Whether you decide to play an instrument, paint or write, it’s time to get up, get out and do something.

In light of National Arts and Humanities Month, XXL presents a challenge: Travel back down memory lane and tell us, in written-blog form, why you’re such an insatiable fiend for this art form we call hip-hop. Think about when your significant other cheated and 50 Cent’s “P.I.M.P.” put you back in player mode. Or when you wanted to run that jack move and M.O.P.’s “Ante Up” helped you… actually, skip that one. You get the picture.

Every fan has a different story to tell, and we’re ready to hear yours. E-mail all submissions to xxl@harris-pub.com by October 20, with “360 GUEST BLOG CONTEST” in the subject line. The winner will have the opportunity to guest blog on XXLMag.com throughout the week of October 25–29.

Y’all always talk about having the ill pen game, now it’s time to put your money where your mouth is.

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  • Capital G

    Should’ve gave Tony Grands or $yk a shot at blessing you with their pen game. Instead it’s probably gonna wind up being the blog equivalent of worldstarr comments. Good luck fellas.

    • Buff Bagwell

      Pull the dick outta your ass Poindexter!!!

      • Capital G

        You gotta come better than that lil’ kid schoolyard nonsense you’re babbling. Watch:

        Fluff Fagwell
        Butt Gagwell
        Buff Worldstarr

        Keyboard gangsta, real world wanksta.
        FAIL on your behalf. Pussy muthafucka.

        • Buff Bagwell

          Wow u even made a lil rhyme, watch out Soulja Boy……

          Capital Gaytard, shut the fuck up with your bullshit and keep sucking dick for food stamps bitch

        • Buff Bagwell

          The only fail here is your cock guzzling slut of a grandmother, who produced the ape-faced bitch mother of yours who spent 9 months creating the piece of shit that will forever be known as Capital Gaytard

          Sit DOWN!!!!!

        • Capital G

          Damn lil’ man, you stalking me all over this site! It’s almost flattering you sweat another man so hard, hence your stalker ass self using a wrestling name to post. Ain’t nothing about you real or original and you should be ashamed it takes you days on end to come up with a weak rebuttal. I’m arguing with a kid who wears a helmet just to adjust his velcro sneakers. Now you were saying…

  • these posts are racist

    I’m submitting…

    • Buff Bagwell

      For the love of entertainment please dont… no one wants to read your bullshit rhetoric for 7 whole days. As a matter of fact FUCK YOU

      • Capital G

        Stuff Buttwell
        Suck Cockwell

  • Phillmatic

    You should get Bol to do this incognito, seeing as he’s the only blogger most people check for on this site.

  • Anonymous

    LoL @ Cap G…true though…

    sha where u @ ? go in champ…


  • Sha


    Submitted today chief. Good lookin’.

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  • jane

    Dang I missed the deadline, I just found out about this yesterday.

    What does a blogger have to do to get put on ?