Trading Places

I don’t feel sorry for T.I. Nope, not one bit. Nothing at all.

Before you start to scroll down to the delayed reaction of a c-section down below and furiously slam your fingertips into the keyboard with a harsh barrage of verbal effigies, think (it’s not that hard) about it: an individual reared in the dregs of society’s infrastructure managed to wrest from the hood to become a top-selling musician, aspiring actor and burgeoning entrepreneur, only to get sent to prison. Twice. Within the past two years.

There’s just no logical reasoning anymore for T.I doing these things. Like it or not, the man chose a profession that, once he made a successful foray into, he’d be under the public eye forever, and nearly everything he’ll do that brings even the smallest piece of negativity will be blown up and aggrandized as something that doesn’t quite warrant it.

Once you’ve entered a higher tax bracket, certain things that a rapper used to do while on the block (if not entirely legal) can’t be done in the corporate world. Granted, nearly losing your life (and instead witnessing your best friend die in front of you) would make anybody load up on protection by any means but whereas 50 Cent bought an entire wing of the Secret Service after someone autographed his face with a Glock, T.I took matters into his own hands then promptly fucked around and got caught with the type of armaments that would make Bumblebee, Optimus Prime and Starscream blush.

Even after losing endorsement deals and a year of freedom because of that, Clifford somehow managed to reinvent himself as a remorseful rapper fully aware of his mistakes, vowing not to do it again, gaining newfound respect and – more importantly – financial backing from corporate sponsors, before once again throwing it all away getting sent back to prison for violating probation on a myriad of charges. At the very least, he should have left the weed and ecstasy at the house. Just saying.

I’m sure people are prepping their “Free The Kaing” tees and other such memorabilia, but all of us should really think why T.I is going to the bing again in the first place. His actions were extremely selfish given that this latest screw-up will once again cost him more time away from his children; that’s the most egregious crime of all. While I’ll applaud him for inexplicably convincing someone not to take a header off a roof, that doesn’t excuse the legal fuckeries he’s wrapped himself in. Let’s hope now that this latest stint will finally set his head right.

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  • Twinsking

    I agree

    oh and being 1st isn’t that important

  • anutha_level

    no doubt…bought sense is the best sense in the world, and this will cost him dearly.

    good drop homie

  • Don mcCaine

    “Once you’ve entered a higher tax bracket”

    ^ doesn’t mean you become a smarter person

  • Al Roker

    good post Meka

  • certifiedgfunk

    why didn’t he jus eat the e pills.. him and tiny would be all thizzed out gettina ticket for smoking weed..

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  • Dent tha Don

    Doesnt the Maybach have plush hiding spots and recused lounge seats? Wasn’t Tipizzle just on Maybach Music III? Perhaps this was all an elaborate setup by GM to get back at him for f***ing up their endorsement last year and going to the pokey; I can only assume if he’d been in one of his beloved “hood whips” he would have been able to hide said ecstacy with ease. Long live the King!

  • BigPinch

    I agree this dude is get as stupid as Paris Hilton and Lindsey Lohan getting caught with their shit.

  • Buff Bagwee

    taMeka shut your pitiful excuse for a full grown cumsicle ass up. That nigga wanted to get fucked up with wifey, that’s on him. Damn right he fucked up but aint nobody givin a shit whether or not u feel sorry for him.

    And why the fuck u always got a pic of your eyes like u tryna seduce a nigga’s rod inside of your boypussy? Knowin damn well you’d trade places with that nigga just to lick ballsacks for 11 months

    • anutha_level

      DAMN! lmfao!

    • Nah…

      LMFAO! But i’ll pass trading places with T.I., and be stuck with Tiny? Lol

  • John Cochran

    I wouldnt wear a “Free Kaing” shirt or free nobody else. That type of shit is reserved for somebody who’s innocent, like Free Mandela and shit. How you slip by fed time and you still fuck up. You gotta get high that bad? I guess he gotta find somebody else to tell on.

  • Anonymous

    ^^^^Run n tell dat homeboy #antoinedodson

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