Sorry, Drake, My Bad — When Drunk Rappers Meet

This is going to be a short one. It’s not really much of a story but I think it’s funny. Like to hear it? Well, here it goes…

Back in 2007, Tanya Morgan did a few via-email collabs with Drake. Two of the three ended up on YouTube and I hope the third never leaks. For the record, I didn’t leak the other two either.

Oh, and When I speak of rappers I knew/know that are more successful than I am it’s out of being proud of them, not to name drop or whatever. I get nothing out of that and neither do you.

Anyway, in early 2009 (if I’m not mistaken), we see each other at a Wale show and (thanks to my friend’s then-girlfriend) I was drunk out of my mind. Drizzy came up like, “VON, WHAT’S GOOD!”

All I remember was me saying, “Yo, manf whatszsd up! Yo, shvkjvvdf, I know you be with Wanye nowkhsdkjfvk but YO, YOU KNOW I’M NOT BANDWAGONING, SON, BUT WE GOTTA PUT THEM SONGS OUT, BABY!”

**drunken stupor**

He said, “Yeah, man, you was down from day one. We gotta do those joints over one day.”

We took a picture and then we both walked off in separate directions. Now, this was right before he really took off so now every time I turn my TV/computer on I have to say to myself, “Wow, I was a drunken fool to the biggest rapper out.”

I’m sure this reads all lame, but I’m using this as a public apology because I can’t see dude around like I see most of my colleagues. Everyone else I have been a drunken fool around (like introducing myself to Senor Kaos like five times in an hour, or interrupting a Marco Polo interview on camera) I’ve apologized in person. Hahaha.

So far every one of these blog entries have been about drugs and liquor. Shame on me. I’m not a drunk but I used to be. Now I’ll be at fully open bars just chilling. No more nonsense from me. Hold your damn liquor, Pea. Man up.

So to Drake and anyone else I may have been a drunken fool to in the past, I apologize.

**Cracks open a 40 of PBR**

Tomorrow’s entry won’t involve coke orgies, strippers, liquor, sex tapes, or guns. I promise. But before I go, let me know any of your embarrassing drunk moments so I won’t feel alone. Hahaha.

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  • Anonymous

    Naw nigga you just upset cause you aint get put on like that dude. Quit crying about it you bitch.

  • Money

    Probly the same thing i’d do if i saw Drake while i was drunk at the club lol whattttt uppppp drizzy just straight clownin

  • the brown

    Yo! I saw The Pharcyde at a lollipalooza in Michigan. I didn’t catch their set but I saw them blazin up afterwards. I wasnt drunk, but I had smoked some strawberry-kush that had me trrrrrippin! It was hot as fuck out, too!
    Anyway, I went up to Booty Brown; gave some dap, It was cool. Then I couldnt help but try and explain how me and my friends would bump “Return of the B-Boy”. I was fuckd up and Booty was kinda laughin but Tre, I could tell was like, “…this muh-fucka”. I felt like shit and tried to save face by slowly fading to black.
    It just happens like that sometime. You gotta take the good with the bad. One time at a Red n Meth concert, Redman gave a shot-out to my afro; I kept my cool and felt good cause Redman is my shit. You gotta keep on truckin.

  • Teddy

    such a waste of time post *goes back to bol’s post


    I copped like 4 40′s, and put them in my bookbag before I went to interview Herb McGruff for Me and the cameraman were already a little tipsy, and when the bag was set down one of the 40′s cracked. So while I’m interviewing him on camera in Harlem, the beer is leaking and the puddle is slowly spreading towards his feet. I rapped it up quick and fortunately McGruff didn’t get beer on his feet.

  • Drake









  • these posts are racist

    Never had a sip of that poison…

  • Anonymous

    Pussy nigga

  • Estanislao

    Fuck Drake

    • vh5v

      im sure youd love to

  • Joe

    “I’m sure this reads all lame”


  • these posts are racist

    I’m sure Drake will read this, in between making millions and having sex with models…

  • black jesus

    what the fuck nigga? why would you waste my life and put this up? i dont give a fuck if you were drunk and wanted to do a song with drake. if your gonna talk about intoxicated adventures, speak on stealing birdmans atm card, tripping acid and blowing 4.5 million dollars on coke and strippers/whores. you know, something niggas will care about and you can be proud of.

    fuck i just wrote more here than you did this entire blog.

  • 4:20

    Woke up one morning freshman year of college choking on my own vomit, got out of bed to discover a black eye i didn’t recall gettin. Immediately hitup my buddy from a few floors down who explained what went so wrong the nite before. turns out we entered a beer pong competition with twenty juniors and seniors. We kicked ass all the way to the semifinals then i hit the wall. we started losing so i started and never stopped talkin shit to our opponent, who was older and considerably larger than myself. We lose, i make a drunken scene about the winners being deushbag cheaters. Turns out, we decide to leave just as this kid ive been talkin shit all nite leaves too. being the drunken asshole i was i continued to talk shit til he cracked me in the face.. twice

  • Technique

    I know way too much about gettin fucked up and making a fool of myself haha. Like a week ago I was hollering at this chick at the bar, it was all good, she was lovin me and shit. Did about ten more shots of 101, blacked the fuck out, all my people told me I was being a retard, and to top it off the bitch ended up leavin with my (less drunk) homeboy!.. Haha I was back out the next night though!

    I like stories like this shit dog, so fuck these E-thugs poppin off and keep doin your thing B!

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