Smalls don’t get down like that

Just now on Twitter, Lil B the Based God wondered aloud why it didn’t merit a post on Media Take Out when Biggie Smalls threatened to fuck another guy in the ass. It wasn’t clear to me if Lil B is aware that there wasn’t such a thing as Media Take Out when Biggie Smalls was alive (i.e. when the based god was like two). I don’t even think there was a such thing as Media Take Out when Ol’ Dirty Bastard was alive. Media Take Out has only been around for a few years now.

Also, I wasn’t aware that Biggie Smalls once threatened to fuck another guy in the ass. When I saw that, my mind started racing, trying to recall the Biggie lyric the Based God was referring to. No homo. I’m well known for being one of the all time great Biggie Smalls stans (which of course has nothing to do with my views on 2Pac), but I’m also well known for not spending very much time at all listening to older rap music. I hear some older shit every now and again on Backspin, now that I have Sirius, but for the most part, I think listening to older rap music is for the Chinese. The only thing I could come up with wrt Biggie Smalls fucking another guy in the ass was the line (I think), “She wanted me to hit it from the back, but Smalls don’t get down like that,” which could be from the Ready to Die side-B throwaway “Friend of Mine,” but who in the fuck knows at this point. There’s also that line from (IIRC) “What’s Beef,” “Don’t you know my nigga Gutter kidnap kids, fuck ‘em in the ass throw ‘em over the bridge?” But there’s obviously talking about his dreaded n-word Gutter. Since Lil B the Based God probably heard “What’s Beef” fairly recently, if he’s heard it at all, and since his goal here is to prove that threatening to fuck other guys in the ass is alright, because Biggie Smalls did it, too, that should be clear to him.

Or it could be that one of the thousands upon thousands of dumbass kids who follow Lil B on Twitter (I’m talking about you here, Noz) told him that it was alright for him to threaten to eff Kanye West in the a, because Biggie Smalls used to rap about effing other guys in the a, and the Based God believed it, because he wouldn’t know from Biggie Smalls oeuvre (hence the crap nature of his own music), and he doesn’t know better than to believe any ol’ BS someone @replies him on Twitter. I could see if it was from a trusted source like Alex Jones, or the former governor of Minnesota Jesse “The Body’ Ventura. No but really, if Biggie Smalls did at some point or another threaten to fuck another guy in the ass, it was clearly in the context of fucking another guy in the ass being disgusting (which is not to say that there’s anything wrong with it [||]), and hence he was using it as a metaphor to describe just how epic of a drug dealer he was, or just how fancy his sweaters were, or whatever the fuck he was talking about. He didn’t mean to imply that he was seriously considering fucking another guy in the ass. It’s like, if I said I’d rather take a cheese grater to my manliness than spend the amount of time Noz has spent listening to Lil B the Based God, it doesn’t mean I’d take a cheese grater to my manliness. Worst comes to worst, I’d listen to Lil B the Based God. But first I’d see if there were any other options. LOL

The thing is, it used to be you could joke about fucking another guy in the ass and everyone knew you were kidding, because who in the fuck would actually fuck another guy in the ass. Just teh ghey people. This was before the days of guys wearing the kind of tight jeans all girls (except extremely fat girls) should be required to wear, and extra smedium t-shirts, and Kid Cudi. A locker room full of guys could force some naive, unfortunate kid into doing the impossible sit-up, confident that said kid wouldn’t secretly enjoy it, because there was still that atmosphere of straightness. I’m not even sure if I’d feel right changing into my shorts in a room full of today’s youth. No Boutros. When Lil B threatens to eff you in the a, via Twitter, you don’t necessarily have to worry about him running up behind you, on some Fleece “Booty Warrior” Johnson shit. Worst case scenario, you could just cold cock him, like his high school boyfriend did in that one video. No Morehouse. But you have to think that the thought has at least crossed his mind.

Seriously, how did hip-hop arrive at a point where rappers are threatening to fuck other rappers in the ass, via Twitter?

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  • Buff Bagwell

    Admit it fatboi, you just mad that Lil B wont fuck your Whopperdome head in the ass.

  • JaVi B. BLaZiN

    Dont u guys get it yet?? Lil b acts ignorant on purpose. B says dumb shit 2 get people 2 talk about him. It seem 2 work. With dat said Boi what is ur view on 2pac???

  • Don mcCaine

    1st it was Budden, shorty was mad Joe didn’t “follow” him. Now ‘Ye. And you gonna use BIG as an example, for press reasons obviously, for attention?

    The rap game ain’t fUxing wit you like that lil’ homie. Put out some MUSIC, that the PEOPLE can relate to, and cut out the shenanigans harlequin. They see you as a JOKE, not an ARTIST.

    I remember Meka saying this dude Lil’ B is a genius. N^ggas is jaded, word is bond. Let this Kat Stacks type of rapper die off, and give someone like Roc Marciano, who put out a Hip Hop album, self produced and promoted, some shine.

    I blame y’all internet dudes for sh^t like this.

  • jay

    seriously.. whos cares about this clown.. hes a shitty rapper(heard 2 songs and that was enough for me) got FUCKKEDDD UPP on camera.. n i just read on another site all the gay shit hes done. plus this. rly whos cares

  • dat k00n nigga

    in 2010′s its all about Corrections officers as the biggest drug dealers and skinny jean homo ass niggers

    yes I typed ers

    rap is shit

  • Dick B.

    If you don’t like today’s popular hip hop and don’t listen to older hip hop, what do you listen to? You seem to dislike almost every artist’s music so what do you actually like to listen to?
    A question just out of curiousity

  • Capital G

    This clown is fuckin ridiculous. You want to be gay and put music out? That’s fine, that’s what club music is for. Want to be an effeminate out of the closet base-head? Don’t push that shit off on anyone else. Want to call yourself a pretty faggot and say a bunch of super gay shit, like threatening to rape another man because no one outside of the gay community is fucking with you? Kill yourself. This dude ain’t a threat to anyone except white blood cell counts and confused teens. Lil’ B’s music don’t get people talking, his queer eye antics do.

  • diamond district

    hip hop isnt dead, it’s just gay

    • Official Fully

      LoL! Hiphop is in the closet.

  • Atlanta is full of Flakes


  • Bol is Teh Gay

    Biggie also said, “you look so good I would suck on your daddys dick”. Homo.

  • HU

    I have never in my life heard of Lil B. What the fuck is it? Lil Boosie? Why does this post matter?

  • JakeL

    OK, found the Biggie verse

    “Niggas press they luck an they get a butt fuckin/, straight up the ass raw dog with the rash/ and I don’t fuck with the condoms..”

    Biggie Smalls, The Wickedest Freestyle, some Funkflex Mixtape

    bit of shock value, thats all. Lil B would actually do this shit though…

    fucking faggot

    • Official Fully

      Im pretty sure this is the quote Bol-ognese is referring to, it’s from the 2nd verse of “Dead Wrong”

      Slit the wrist of little sis
      After she sucked the dick, I stabbed her brother with the icepick
      because he wanted me to fuck him from the back
      but Smalls don’t get down like that

  • MADasMEL

    @Don mcCaine: for reals? Lil b self produced his own rap/spoken word album and released like 500 songs in the past year. Can’t tell me either that “Age of Information,” “D.O.R.,” “It’s Okay to be Different” and “Why They Wanna Kill Me” are wack, shit’s deep, plus his eclectic taste in beats he gets, ranging from Imogen Heap to How to Dress Well.

    I relate to everything off Rain In England, and I feel his party tracks, like Wonton Soup, Perfect, Swag like Ohio and Like a Martian. Cooking is the shit!! He has songs about everything that appeals to everyone. “What I rap for, everything/from bling bling to world peace” He gots lyrical shit, too, like “Chasing the Rain” and “I’m Heem.”

    @Bol is Teh Gay: That’s originally a Richard Pryor line, fool. Pryor must be mad gay, and you too. Obviously.

    @d*** B.: Bol listens to a lot of shitty indie rock, like The National and Arcade Fire. His charts are pretty weak. I know more artists than this clown and so does Noz.

    Speaking of Noz, he’s cooler than you, Bol. He, unlike you, is a tastemaker who influences niggas at Pitchfork. You know, that site where you find the latest hipster trash.

    At least your better than those 2faggots Meka and Shake.

    • Cam’ron

      You mad.

  • The Notorious B.I.G.

    “You look so good (ha) I’d suck on your daddy’s dick.”


  • Official Fully

    Homosexuality is the new Gangster.

    Takin it back to American Me.

  • Puppet says

    Don’t look at me…

  • Tayamw

    “It’s like, if I said I’d rather take a cheese grater to my manliness than spend the amount of time Noz has spent listening to Lil B the Based God, it doesn’t mean I’d take a cheese grater to my manliness. Worst comes to worst, I’d listen to Lil B the Based God. But first I’d see if there were any other options. LOL”

  • Ghost of G-Funk

    “Seriously, how did hip-hop arrive at a point where rappers are threatening to fuck other rappers in the ass, via Twitter?”

    Because gays are the new Jews in the entertainment business. The Jews used to shove any no-talent writer or actor down the public’s throat and get them breaks just because they were of the same religion. Now gays in the media are out to look out for each other. And now they’ve got their sites set on erasing the homophobia out of hip hop by pushing gay or possibly gay rappers like Kid Cudi and Kanye and B.o.B. If Tupac was alive, he’d be throwing back on his ballerina tights and maybe hinting he didn’t mind the assrape in jail so much.

  • Hennessy

    Back in the early 90s that was a form of dissing. Just listen to Dr. Dre’s “Dre Day”. Now in 2010 it’s just weird.

    • Kev

      It’s some prison shit, but people clowned on it back then too. Everybody was making fun of “gap teeth in yo mouth so my dick’s gotta fit” as Dre admitting 1) He’s a faggot 2) His dick is so small it could fit in a less than an inch gap.

  • Sid

    The “You look so good, I’d suck on your daddy’s dick” is actually Big quoting Richard Pryor. Learn your history.

  • Casey

    Noz is the biggest retard on the internet.

  • mav

    i only read this bcuz of the big reference but i dont know who the fuck lil b is so why is he gettin free promotion? he must be payin yall cuz honestly i have never heard of this dude outside of this site and i dont know anybody who listens to his shit lil b? gtfoh asap

  • big white

    listening to older rap music is for the Chinese
    listening to older rap music is for the Chinese
    listening to older rap music is for the Chinese
    listening to older rap music is for the Chinese
    listening to older rap music is for the Chinese
    listening to older rap music is for the Chinese

    thank you BolGod

  • CNC

    I don’t know if that punk ass nigga Biggie talked about fucking a dude in the ass, but I do know that his punk ass talked about sucking a dude’s dick (Me and My Bitch), and about r@ping a six year old (at the time, Raven Simone in Dead Wrong). That’s why Bol and the rest of you faggot stans like Biggie so much. Biggie was a trick ass nigga, and every nigga I knew in the streets who was into Biggie was a trick (niggas with no heart, that talk shit but are nowhere to be found when the shit hits the fan and shit gets real real), and a lot of real niggaz I knew were into Pac. So what Pac took a ballet class in high school (which was probably mandatory since he was at an arts school at the time). That nigga’s heart was real and he had character and integrity, unlike the vast majority of these clowns, and he when it came time to show and prove, he fought and came back even stronger when most people would have folded. Ain’t no frontin when that shit really gets real like that. There’s only one thing that that comes from and that’s heart. Biggie’s trick ass even said “Pac was a strong dude man, I know duke”. You can’t fake that when the shit hits the fan. Biggie on the other hand was rapping about r@ping little girls and sucking dudes dicks. Fuck this trick nigga Bol and the rest of you clowns.

    • biginfluencedyourfavoriterapR

      dear god this generation of rap fans are terrible…..