SHYNE: L.A. Reid Believes – F#ck the Middlemen


A great leader has the unique ability to admit when he’s wrong. Without this ability you suffer the fate of Napoleon and end up dead on your way to Russia.

I was wrong about my assessment of Chairman Reid. After I stopped being all Carl Thomas emotional and things like that, I thought about the facts. Fact is L.A Reid was there when I was locked, a few feet away from death row and the Black Panthers. L.A. was on the visit floor on Rikers Island looking at me through them blinding bars, showing me he believed in that gang boy revolutionary music I make. A bond forged at the nadir of suffering [that’s] unbreakable. That’s why I chose L.A. Reid over all the other distributors. We already went through it. I’ll never forget what L.A. did for me behind that b-wall. Caged like an animal, stripped of all my rights; he gave me freedom— freedom to follow my vision. Freedom to make my momma smile after so many tears and sleepless nights weeping for her baby boy like Rachel the matriarch weeps for the Israelites.

We have to have perspective on the legend [that] L.A. Reid is. 100 million records sold!!! Some of the biggest artists and musicians in the history of popular music have been discovered, mentored or produced by L.A.! Sean Combs and Jermaine Dupri made the biggest hits in music under L.A.’s tutelage. Shyne Po sold almost a million copies from Clinton Maximum Facility with the help of Chairman Reid. Son is one of the best in music—period. More than that, he was the dude that got on the PJ and paid homage to the chief when I was in that cell in them state greens dodging informants and banging on anything that opposed.

I’m loyal to a fault! F#ck it!!! I’m rolling with L.A. “100 Million Sold” Reid ‘til Supreme comes home and runs the rodents outta Queens, N.Y. I’m in it ‘til Sherm “Jonathan Jackson” Worm wins appeal and sits on the throne in Queensbridge. ‘Til Hasan Miller walks out the feds and hops in that four-door Bugatti.

Along with Berry [Gordy], Quincy [Jones] and Russell [Simmons], L.A. Reid opened the door and paved the way for Africans and Latinos to become music moguls and pop culture juggernauts instead of inmates on death row. I pray one day I could discover the next Usher, Toni Braxton, TLC and OutKast; grow the careers of Bon Jovi, The Killers, Pink and legends like Mariah. L.A. Reid has accomplished what most in music never will. Transcending racial barriers before Obama and making music that moves the planet! Put the horse in the bag! If you with me, partner, scream Gangland!!!

“I’m dope boy fresh, Geronimo Pratt. Statue of Liberty sittin’ on my lap, pedal to the floor engine in the back, somebody gotta do it! Mr. Cee light a match!!!

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  • blaZedout

    im sick of u talking po making a fucking hot record already goddam.

    • Anonymous

      Wanna hear some real music youtube snyp set it off

    • http://youtube Masello

      You wanna hear some real music youtube snyp set it off

  • dat k00n nigga

    diz niggaz still talkin that dumb gangsta shit

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  • jane

    Retire and become a blogger po… thats all you are good for

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  • Don mcCaine

    Y’all are some immature cats, for real.

    Do y’all even know the history behind the names he’s dropping? Why we gotta wait for a hot record just to listen to what he’s saying? I already know y’all don’t care, that’s the fail in it. Dudes are swagged out and want to be entertained, why would they be revolutionary.

    XXL seems to be the only outlet son can get his message across in. He remembers the pull they HAD in the game. If you haven’t noticed all of Universal Records’ artists they’ve promoted on here, you can’t see the powerful format that is being wasted with the silly comments.

    If you waiting for Shyne to rock over a 40 or Olympiks beat, forget it. Y’all wasn’t buying his album anyway. And Gucci’s voice is just as clear as Shyne’s.

    Thank you in advance for darting up my comment.

    • Barack Obama



      Nigga do YOU know the history behind those mufuckas? Just because somebody drops a bunch of names you read in a World History book, you supposed to be intelligent now? I feel sorry for your mother. She bought you all the books and got you the Poindexter glasses but you were still the most educated dumbass at the university. Fuck outta here

      • Don mcCaine


        fUx da Commission? My moms?


        Who’s da Commission?

        You look WAY more foolish than I do…You proved my point…you felt a certain way because I spoke upon what you do?

        You’re best defense was NOT to answer.

        And look at this idiot below me saying Shyne has no money and broke when he just got 8 mil…y’all are the reason why the industry is signing 9-15 year olds.

        • Los Angelez Angelz

          You gotta understand that most of these people on XXl are uneducated, poorly spoken, and couldn’t read a book if their salvation depended on it. No need to argue with fools. Just watch the comments.

    • K

      Eat a di%k b and hop of this mans nuts like the israelites did you fu*kin yenta

    • twoholla

      @Don mcCaine,
      Could you stop gargling shyne’s nutz long enuff to stop regurgitating his white babies from your lips. Get the fuck out of here! This is all about the MUSIC. Shyne calls his music ‘revolutionary’ but people wouldn’t listen to Dead Prez and Immortal Technique if the music wasn’t on point. All of these rappers & emcees started out with the MUSIC before they branched out to acting, etc. Most of them, not all, had that solid foundation. If Shyne wants people to take him serious he has to make his MUSIC on point before anyone will listen to his revolutionary rhetoric & psuedo-anti-establishment ramblings, off the mic. & stop name-dropping other fools (gucci mane) to detract from the fact Shyne can’t even make good hooks for his crap. You freakin’ DOUCHEBAG-DELUXE.

      • krow

        listen to shyne’s power freestyle track and come back n tell me what dude is saying and tell me if dude talking bullshit..ya’ll dont know shit,and i dont even want to hear nothing about his voice cause it sounds like 12 cylinders to meee!..ya’ll love to talk on shyne this n that…YET STILL YOUR FOLLOWING THE DUDE UP AND MAKING COMMENTS AS IF ITS GONNA AFFECT HIM LIKE HE IS SUM KIND OF THREAT TO YOU OR AS IF REAL PEOPLE STILL DONT RECOGNIZE THEIR OWN KIND NO MORE!! GO SING BOUT THE CANDY SHOP OR A LOLLI POP U FUKIN CHILD MOLESTERZ..IZ LIKE YA’LL HAVE NO SHAME!!

  • Pioneer

    yo Shyne, you should hurry up und put a gun in your mouth because you are really annoying. Nobody likes you and nobody wants to listen to your bullshit.
    You have no style
    You have no friends
    You have no Hits
    You have no Money!!
    You are broke
    You´re pathetic!!!

    • Los Angelez Angelz

      @ Pioneer-Sounds like your life. Damn P!

    • olu

      Shut da fuckup son,who paid you to disrespect king SHYNE,tell 50 cent and diddy,SHYNE is back for real.

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  • Technique

    I just wanna say thanks for bein a real dude Shyne Po. You’re first album still gets rotation at my crib. Big ups and I hope everything works out for you ma man….

    Now let me say this, and please don’t take it as hate.. Switch the style up! The new shit just doesn’t sound right man, or maybe I’m trippin…

    Much love Po, if you actually read this I feel honored homie.

  • Chronic

    Damn you guys are really quick to 4get. Go listen to Godfather Buried Alive whole album good front to back and thats a rarity in rap these days. And you guys must not know anyone whos ever done hard time they never ever come home the same the insto dont rehabilitate it destroys your mind and breaks you down. Damn fucking haters show the man respect

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  • Jerz

    L.A. sent the goons the same way Puffy sent the goons to Black Rob when he was talking reckless. Cat’s is back peddling like Mike Vick on 3rd and 15.

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  • black jesus

    ayo shyne…..your first album was damn near classic. props.

  • Grimey

    ‘til Supreme comes home and runs the rodents outta Queens —->Stab at 50???

    • pap3rchazer

      lmfaoo I peeped that too!

  • matty21

    mmmmmm good shit…. real shit

  • Martin

    HAHAHAHA OK guys, Shyne is the biggest dumbass of all time!! He went for 10 to jail and for what? FOR NOTHING!!
    No style
    No Hits
    No money!!!
    FUCK Shyne hahahaha!!!

  • Lyle M

    Its pretty sad that there are so many haters out there…. Yall are so childish. Let the man speak. you might learn something….And please dont diss the mans musical skills…His 1st album is an undeniable classic ! Better than a large majority of the shit that is put out since. And for those of you talking shit about a man who did 10 years and came out and got back on his feet are not even worth entertaining….you clearly have not lived…what have you done with your life….could you do 10 years in prison?

  • GIFT

    This is hip hop is fucked up now, because u got shitty fans that don’t ride wit they niggas no more. When he dropped that Bady Boy anthem, everybody was on his nuts, including u niggas dissing right now. How many of your favorite artist have dropped wack albums? be real too. Don’t deny it just cuz it’s ur favorite rapper. Jigga, Nas, and Em have all 3 dropped bullshit projects before. Lil Wayne did too, as well as 50, and I don’t hear shit bout them niggas. so what’s the difference?
    Motherfuckers need to grow up, support real hip hop, and stop complaining about bullshit music that they’re gonna continue to secretly buy, then get on a site and bash. SMH. I will say that Po might need to just get a pound and some notebooks, and start making that good shit again, or focus on finding that next talent, and putting some of that advance towards them and be a CEO to the full, anyhow, Shyne realler den alot of other niggas in the game, so I fux wit him.

    • shone jones


      Real Hip Hop = Real Bad Business decisions.

  • K.I.D

    Enuff Respek Shyne Po. That kid k.i.d believes in ur music str8 outta RSA!!!

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  • Ismo2k

    Yo po,i still got mad luv 4 ya.I respect ur lyrical skills.Just keep doin ur thang and let dem haters hate,y’all can go suck a dick.WELCOME HOME PO!

  • Anonymous

    Yo po,i still got mad luv 4 ya.I respect ur lyrical skills.Just keep doin ur thang and let dem haters hate,y’all can go suck a dick.WELCOME HOME PO!







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  • kedordu


  • Saratoga N. Blake

    Chairman Mao >>>>> Chairman Reid

    Did you read ANY books in prison, Shyne?

    If so, tell us what helped you get through, and stop playing so ignorant to the rap idiots.

    If you didn’t read any, or many, books…

    Please start.

    “Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass” is a good place to begin.

  • Masello

    wanna hear some real music youtube snyp set it off

  • http://youtube Masello

    youtube snyp set it off

  • EL

    yo!! is this tha hater section? i gues so
    lol haters is killin a ni99a..broke ni99as are funny man!!

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