Self-loathing and Rap: Does Hip-Hop Really Hate Itself?

Self-hated: extreme dislike of oneself, or being angry at oneself.

Hip-hop is going through an extreme identity crisis. On Monday, I wrote about how many of its biggest upcoming stars are actually hip-POP artists and today, I was thinking about how much hip-hop hates itself.

If you need any example of what I’m talking about, look no further than Waka Flocka’s existence. Let Twitter tell it, we all hate him. From Stephen Hill’s rant to links to “ShawtBus Shawty” and his infamous 106 and Park appearance where Terrence J (wrongfully?) baited him into answering broad questions about voting and education—it seems clear that we think he shouldn’t exist. However, these same people who are talking about Flocka are the same ones standing on couches at every club from M2 to MyHouse last summer, going hard to “Oh Let’s Do It.” Fast forward to summer 2010 and we’re still doing it. He’s still booking shows, he’s still getting radio spins, he’s still here and it definitely isn’t because we hate him. It’s because we love to hate him.

Last week, I watched article after article about Waka Flocka pop up all over the place—Village Voice, NY Times, and an exceptionally intriguing piece on Hip-Hop DX by Andrew Noz. But Sean Fennessey put it best with the headline “Why Flockavelli is hard to listen to and even harder to not listen to.” It’s like you hate it but secretly you have to love it, or at least be awed by it.

It’s the same feeling when you see something horrific on WorldStarHipHop or a car accident on the street. It’s so terrible, so shocking, so ugly…

Like Kat Stacks. Her core post-SuperHead attitudes and beliefs are the direct product of her buying into some of the misogynistic ideals expounded by hip-hop. This poor little girl has gotten all her sense of self from the culture and the music (and I’m sure a million other factors play into this but the non-existent book deal she keeps bringing up makes me feel like some of these ideas seeped into her head from the previous success of particular industry hoes-for-hire). She aspires to be all of the salacious things that some rap about but we hate her.

I’m not preaching. I’m just saying. How many of y’all are hating on Kat Stacks but are still following her on Twitter? Talking about her by the water cooler or at the barber shop? How many of y’all hate Waka but will admit that “Hard in the Paint” goes… well, hard in the paint? Let’s be real here. And if you’re not one of these contradictory fan-haters, are you in denial about how these characters and many like them are an important part of the hip-hop dialogue? If so, you’re just as bad as the former. —Brooklyne Gipson

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  • @A_Styles

    The problem is everyone is haters now and days. People don’t know what kind of music they like anymore because they’re overwhelmed with the way music has changed in 2010. If I bob my head to it I like it. And same for everyone else weather they know it or not. People just can’t accept change. Think about it when you were young your parents hated your music. When your parents were young their parents hated their music. Same shit new generation. Get with the new!

  • 6 100

    you suck hard in the paint.

  • BeerGangsta

    When you wack this is what you get from the fans. Honkey Ugly Bitch Kat Wack!! Wack Flaco Shitty!! Fans have a choice on people. Only God can judge you!! Heaven or Hell!!

  • teddy

    i love a hater, unadultered hate sometimes with merit other times just cos we feel like it sue us speaking of which XXL is falling off this site used to be the mecca for web hip hop now its behind every other site with content crappy web coding that 50% of the time doesnt work and a refusal to post videos and other things like that from other sources as much as other sites your only hurting yourself rapradar/nahright are the ones with their fingers on the pulse about the only plus to this is bols hater blogs thats the only original thing on this site that voting shit is cool to but you guys are going abit crazy with it like u got nothing else but to put voting on something to draw people in step it up or go the way of VIBE and THE SOURCE

  • Don mcCaine

    Seriously Brooklyne?

    So the collective is not allowed to say they don’t like certain things? You sound like you have been fully assimilated.

    “Hard In The Paint” has a beat that is bananas. Anyone with the right software can delete Waka’s verses and vibe to the beat.

    Anyone with sense (since it’s not common) has BEEN stopped going to WSHH. The material there is horrendous. What do you gain from there besides shock & awe videos and gossip? Racist comments? A virus? is a Hip Hop site. WSHH uses Hip Hop to attract the urban crowd.

    Hip-hop Mainstream rap is going through an extreme identity crisis”

    And to the 1st commenter, if I changed your wrinkled, old 50 dollar bill for a fresh 50 bill, would you accept it? Bet you would, w/o even knowing it was a counterfeit I gave you.

    SMDH @ the psycho-analyzing of why you should like something or not. Human nature should tell you if it’s that much energy used deciding, 9 outta 10 it ain’t worth it.

    And that woman in the picture has NOTHING to do with Hip Hop. She don’t make beats, manage artists, rap, none of that. Her urban mannerisms and associations make her Hip Hop?


    • Mario

      co-sign hit the nail on the head but i fucking hate that kat stacks bitch, and Love WAKA FLACKA for being a real dude he just don’t know how to rap. also HARD IN THE PAINT, it goes hard!

  • John Cochran

    There’s a group of people out here that like everything that the media feeds them. Thats why a guy like flocka, who you can’t convince me aint a retard, can have a hit single. Or, why 5 million people sat and watched 50 Tyson freestyle in his bathroom. There has to be haters out there to say something when something is wack. We as a culture have to have standards, or else we become a parody of ourselves. I blame the overload of social networking and media outlets. Everybody is not meant to be famous.

  • Silky Johnson

    Kiss my ass you dirty rotten motherfuckas!!

  • dd

    now days it seem like anyone that says they don’t like a artist gets called a hater which is bullshit cos if someone thinks a rappers shit then that’s just their opinion and maybe half the time it’s true and nearly all mainstream rappers are shit now days.

    The only time i might think someone is hating is if they was saying something about a rappers appearance and nothing else.

  • the1987kid

    Kevin Nottingham is a real hip-hop site that rates albums well, checks for the underground, pays a balanced approch to mainstream & has a strong original hip-hop views. XXL, WSHH & The Source is an “Urban” site which means its for white kids who need to goto guild on what rap is.

    Now my comment on this particular subject, Why is Kat Stacks even in this subject? Like she isent part of hip-hop, the music or anything related to it. See this is why XXL stay taking L’s

  • No Name

    It’s borderline irrational to hold the Waka Flockas and Kat Stacks’ of the world responsible for how hip-hop “feels”. If making chart toppers makes this a time of crisis then hip-hop has been in crisis since Hammer.

  • terri

    All i have to say is that there used to be a time when you really had to work hard and prove oneself to even have a morsel of stardom, now all you have to do is post something on Youtube, Twitter and you are a star. Even rappers (won’t name who i’m talking about) nowadays can be nominated for awards before even having an album drop.

    It’s the time we live it. I thank God i barely caught 1997, and okay 2001 cause after that – it’s a wrap. Put a fork in it!

  • ra


    • Gotta Wonder

      Not hard as waka Fucka dick is, you have in your mouth. GTFOH! Negro has no content. The entire album has no real points or views FUCK XXL! Lyrical NOT! this nigga got as much lyrical content, as my dick piss Hitting water! XXL! CAN EAT A DICK! for trying to Defend this RETARDED MUTHAPHUKKA!

  • Andre


  • Chrissy Corey

    I dig this post, But KINDA NOT REALLY Becuase.I dont respect Waka as An MC,nor any of them other bricksquad niggas,Gucci Juiceman,non of the niggas. And i hate em more when they talk when theres no musical/entertaining value to it .Then on the same coin,them niggas got CERTIFIED Bangers nomatter how lyrical or not., but b 4real,that hard in the paint does GO HARD..and some of they joints are actually…Good..and it is what it is.NO LOVE HATE SELF Loathing TO IT…Just Lightning In a Bottle.
    As for kat stacks that bitcch just an annoying ass name dropping bitch…Nonthing more. If she were talking about non relevant ass niggas, her water would be cut off right now

  • Anonymous

    Get with the new=be a follower, not a leader

  • chips

    People like waka have turned a once legitimate art form into a joke. And BET is without a doubt the worst thing to hit the black community since Jim Crow and Ronald Reagan. All these media outlets have fooled little kids into thinking that your either famous or unsuccessful. Sad. What ever happened to our forward thinkers. If unintelligent, untalented, dope heads is whats cool these days count me out. I don’t hate hip-hop I’ve learned a lot from hip-hop but anyone with ambitions beyond prison or their next blunt has to hate the message these days. Fucked up part is that I’m not old I’m 22 I just know I wont be 22 for another 22 years and I don’t plan on being a cracked out nigga trying to live on welfare when I’m in my 30′s cuz when I was young I felt I had to live young. My niggas wake up if the only thing you bump is bullshit it will systematically brainwash you into a nothing ass nigga.

  • Axeo

    Go to youtube and put in Chris Rock hip hop. First link watch the whole thing and thats my arguement. 11 years later and it is still relevent.

  • caino

    HipHop has always had mediocre rappers, the scary thing is now in 2010 these mediocre rapeprs are the super stars and the real MC’s aint getting a look in. It aint about lyrics and shit anymore its chants, and if the beats are hot. maybe we are just going in a circle and the lyrics and actual talent will come to to fore front once again!

    and Kats stacks!! just cos she is nearly black and fux’s with a few rappers doesnt make her HIPHOP it makes her a hoe …theres a difference!

  • Chilly Willy

    C’mon, Brooklyne.

    Do you know Ed Wood? The wackest movie director in the history of all that is history. And we love him for that. When someone is so wack but try so hard, believe in it and manage to be entertaining at the same time with a stroke of luck so unbelievable, that’s what you get. An enjoyable, almost lovable character, like the crackhead cousin that occasionally crash you barbecue.

    You don’t have to love the cousin because he’s your blood. You can’t possibly disown him or evict him from the premises, because you’re family. But you’re allowed to think that he’s a dumbass.

    So basically, hating on Flocka is different from self hate.

  • Jamal7Mile

    Half of this article is flawed because you will NEVER get me to believe that Klap Snatch has anything to do with my Culture. As for Wocka, I just don’t like him. Period.


    I think this was one of the best BLOGS and Topics addressed in the hip hop community in years.

    Salutes to my dude Don for his comments.

    I’ll sum it up like this.

    Last week i was tailgating with some buddies as my former school (the university of south carolina) beat the number one college in the country. Before the game we were listening to some old school hip hop ie wu tang and a tracklist that i put together. We then turned on some nas…Illmatic. we knew all the words. it took us BACK….

    as the crowd grew and we needed some music to get the preveribal “bootyshaker” to come over and shake her azz. My big homie dropped that wacka and Wale song and the crowd went crazy. Afterwards me whom was trying to bump some str8 lyrical joints new and old tapped him and ask if he had hard in the paint and we took it to another level.

    Point is,
    hip hop has evolved. hip hop has so many sub generes and that is not a bad thing. Diveristy gives us all a selection. Its great to have a song for various occassions and moods.

    People hate wacka because they want to put him in the same lane as a lyricist BUT wacka is an entertainer who rhymes to a beat. hip hop is the closest genre to his music BUT you can believe its a little rock and pop in that joint.

    To hate on wacka is destroying hip hop.

    kat stacks is apart of the game and tho i hate her and this radio add that is promoting her hosting an event at a local club is terrible. BUT u can’t hate her hustle. Hoes been around since jesus was slingin that pimp juice.

    “real” hip hop fans has to embrace this and know the difference between a lyrical dude and a entertainer. no need to call him a coon or sell out…respect dudes contribution to hip hop.

  • wa_stateofmind

    I like McCaine’s post.

  • wa_stateofmind

    LOL @ first commenter. I actually think it’s pretty damn easy to KNOW what music I like, thats why I listen to it. Are you trying to say that I like the stuff on the radio, but I can’t accept it to the point where I never listen to it in any way or form? …HA okay maine. I must love young money so much that I neverrrr listen to them.

    Soooo much logic there it’s continually flying over my head. If I like something I listen to it, simple as that. Brownie points for trying the intellectual angle though, but failure.

  • Don mcCaine

    c’mon yo…let my comment go…

  • Pharoethegreatest

    @ff1one@yahoo. Exactly. I’m a old school head myself and lyricism is a big thing for me as well, but I also know a catchy song when I hear it.

    I dont hate the lil nicca waka, his shit catchy as hell, and this coming from an old head who rock scarface and 3 stacks in the whip.

  • Dana Mayzes

    Whoa! For a nice and searching bing for hours because of this and i also last but not least think it is in this article!