Love is in the air. Can you feel it? Yeah, I know we’re supposed to be hip-hop 100% and, for the most part, our music isn’t very loving. Still, no matter how much of a thug you think you are, nobody is beyond love. Y’all can front if you want, but there is at least one girl out there that got your heart and made you do things you never thought you would. This is why I want to dedicate today’s blog to the homie and regular commenter Pierzy, because he found love and tomorrow he's getting married.

Applaud that man, that’s a major step.

Now, like many of you, I’ve never met Pierzy, I just know him from the comment section and now Twitter. But still, dude is XXL fam (sometimes y’all names come up in meetings—don't sleep we’re reading the comments, so we see what you’re saying even if we don't always holla back).

So, in honor of the homie’s wedding tomorrow, I thought I’d put together a play list and suggest some hip-hop songs that Mr. and Mrs. Pierzy can play at their wedding tomorrow.

Cheers! —Rob Markman

Nothing is more memorable as that first dance as husband and wife. Here are a few rap songs that don’t contain the words “bitch” or “hoe.”

Common “The Light”
I’m not sure if there's a more appropriate rap song for getting hitched. “You know I ain’t the type to walk around with matching shirts/But relationships are effort I will match your work.” That’s real talk. Plus, there aren’t any curses in this song, so it safe to play around kids and old folks. Word to O-Dog!

LL Cool J “I Need Love”
“I Need Love” is the original hip-hop love song. The truth is LL changed the game when he dropped this one and gave MCs a blueprint to express their emotions without completely being on some sucka shit. Just think about how many rappers swagger jacked the, “When I’m alone in my room, sometimes I stare at the wall” line.