Rap Songs To Play At Your Wedding – Congratulations, Pierzy

Love is in the air. Can you feel it? Yeah, I know we’re supposed to be hip-hop 100% and, for the most part, our music isn’t very loving. Still, no matter how much of a thug you think you are, nobody is beyond love. Y’all can front if you want, but there is at least one girl out there that got your heart and made you do things you never thought you would. This is why I want to dedicate today’s blog to the homie and regular commenter Pierzy, because he found love and tomorrow he’s getting married.

Applaud that man, that’s a major step.

Now, like many of you, I’ve never met Pierzy, I just know him from the XXLMag.com comment section and now Twitter. But still, dude is XXL fam (sometimes y’all names come up in meetings—don’t sleep we’re reading the comments, so we see what you’re saying even if we don’t always holla back).

So, in honor of the homie’s wedding tomorrow, I thought I’d put together a play list and suggest some hip-hop songs that Mr. and Mrs. Pierzy can play at their wedding tomorrow.

Cheers! —Rob Markman

Nothing is more memorable as that first dance as husband and wife. Here are a few rap songs that don’t contain the words “bitch” or “hoe.”

Common “The Light”
I’m not sure if there’s a more appropriate rap song for getting hitched. “You know I ain’t the type to walk around with matching shirts/But relationships are effort I will match your work.” That’s real talk. Plus, there aren’t any curses in this song, so it safe to play around kids and old folks. Word to O-Dog!

LL Cool J “I Need Love”
“I Need Love” is the original hip-hop love song. The truth is LL changed the game when he dropped this one and gave MCs a blueprint to express their emotions without completely being on some sucka shit. Just think about how many rappers swagger jacked the, “When I’m alone in my room, sometimes I stare at the wall” line.

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Best of XXL

  • LdNSe15

    Props on getting married dude..I’m looking to do the same some time soon..

  • http://www.twitter.com/Pierzy Pierzy

    I am honored and flattered. I appreciate all the love I get here and I enjoy conversing and debating the culture with everybody.

    Thank you, especially, to the one and only Rob The Music Ed. He’s a great dude and someone I consider a friend, even if we’ve never met in person.

    Aight, y’all, almost time for the hotel and the rehearsal/dinner. I’ll see you on the other side!


    • megulito

      congrats man ive been seeing your post for the longest i hope you bring to you marriage the same thoughtfulness that you bring to these boards oh and that aunty jackie song could be on the list(i havent read the list)

  • El Tico Loco

    Congrats and good luck Pierzy.

    I know is old but “the show” should there somewhere, blend it with “Teach me how to Dougie”, is doable.

  • Viski

    Congratulations my dude! I hope that you marriage will be filled with amazing moments and love!

  • OG Matt Herbz

    Congratulations, homey. I’m on my 6th year of matrimony, myself. Hope all is well and will continue to be…

    –OG Matt Herbz–

  • daz_oc

    Congrats homie! Marriage is a beautiful thing…..as long as its with someone you really do love lol. I’ve been married 7 yrs this month. Welcome to the club

  • Curtis75Black

    Congrats Homie !! You made one hell of a impression here at XXL and now your future wife will receive the same love. Peace.

  • bigfamily

    Some more Suggestions

    ATCQ- Bonita Applebum(Isley Remix version)
    Mary J Blige- Beautiful(Black Star remix)
    De La Soul- Keeping the Faith
    Outkast- So Fresh So Clean

  • http://twitter.com/jamal7mile Jamal7Mile


    Dang, I’m late! Congrats to the homie Pierzy! Couldn’t be more happy for you!


  • j

    Baby Got Back

  • yoprince

    marriage? scary.

    anyway, congrats.

  • wilgangs@yahoo.fr

    Congrats holmes ! Happy to see people makin it work. Hope all is well with you and y’all ! Best of wishes !

    Now, main suggestion:

    Come Close, Common ft MJBlige (“I want you to have my last name”…..C’mon that’s too easy)

    Common Ground, ATCQ

    Bitches ain’t s- umm, that’s another post. Bachelor party maybe….my bad….

  • Chilly Willy

    Congrats holmes ! Happy to see people makin it work. Hope all is well with you and y’all ! Best of wishes !

    Now, main suggestion:

    Come Close, Common ft MJBlige (“I want you to have my last name”…..C’mon that’s too easy)

    Common Ground, ATCQ

    Bitches ain’t s- umm, that’s another post. Bachelor party maybe….my bad….

  • http://www.twitter.com/Pierzy Pierzy

    Thanks y’all!

    One thought: Did Nas’s “Getting Married” not make the cut because, you know, the marriage didn’t make the cut?

  • No Name

    “I’d never call you my bitch, or even my boo.” See, “The Light” does have curses, doesn’t make it less appropriate, just saying.

    • robmarkman

      I stand corrected. Good call. I should probably fix that.

  • http://www.bboycult.com Don mcCaine

    Congrats P!

    ‘The Hypnotic’-The Roots

    ^ for the hometown homie…

  • http://www.emcdl.com EmCDL

    Congrats homie! I know you gonna be bumpin at least one Skyzoo track at your wedding! Ha!

  • jonny bizness

    Congrats mate hope u have a good day u seem like a good dude and u know ur stuff .all the best

  • Q461

    Yo congrats Pierzy! Good luck homey, I just got married 6 months ago myself.

    As far as what we played ,well, it was semi-hip hop. Alicia Keys -No one was our first song that we danced to and we came out to Black Eyed Peas- I got a feeling ( not really hip-hop to keep it 100, but it’s in that stratosphere)

    My wife is South American, so there was alot of salsa, bachata, mereingue and shit. But they did play Pitbull, that joint Calle Ocho ( again, not really hip-hop but in the zone) and a buncha reggaetone joints.

    At the end of the night however, when cats were all drunk, the DJ played House of Pain-jump around, Rob Base-it takes two, and even Luke- Doo Doo Brown! lol Niggaz were breakdancing and shit and it was alot of fun. Before the last dance, the DJ played Jay-Z-Empire State of Mind.

    In any case, lots of luck to you homey, Hope you have a blessed day.

  • ff1one@yahoo.com

    Big Ups and rest up for tomorrow. if you drink don’t drink to much before jumpin the broom.

    Its a song on scarface the fix. Heaven. its beautiful and real deep its about finding love and heaven in the form of a girl.

    good luck and if u figure out the way to communicate with a woman. Post that shyt.

  • http://www.bboycult.com Don mcCaine

    “and if u figure out the way to communicate with a woman. Post that shyt.”

    ^ LoLz

    I ain’t gonna lie, it’s a good day when a cat can come here and chop it up with the peeps w/o the fukk boi comment sh^t. Dudes had freestyle sessions and weekend long commentary for a minute here.

    Shouts 2 Rob for recognizing the comment heads.


    • http://www.emcdl.com EmCDL

      Word! Its been getting a tad coontastic in these comment sections lately. Good to see some actual converstation for once.

  • Mutada Mullah Atari

    Congrats P !

  • Bronxbomma

    Lots of lovin by Pete Rock & CL Smooth. Slept on love song.

  • hiphopdoc

    Who the fuck wants to get married in this day and age? Congrats on having one vagina for the rest of your life.

  • styles11

    Congrats Pierzy. and here i thought xxl website was operated by a robot. Nice to see you guys notice the people that make this website worth checking out.
    Hey Pierzy make sure you get plenty of chain on that collar. Congrats to the mrs as well.

    That UGK track is the only one Id bang out of that list. Although Im not even slightly a fan of R&B I have to admit they own the whole wedding market. Hip Hop still aint a fan of marriage.

  • ReagansSwagger

    “Me and my Bitch” !

  • abdulnasir

    Haven’t commented in a while, but I guess today I have a reason to. Play Method Man’s “Your All I Need”, the one with the Biggie sample. “Ride together, cry together. I swear to God I hope we fucking die together!” HA! HA! Much love man.


    Nice, bless the god, hope you and yours have a great life together. Remember right wrong or crooked, you back each other up and don’t go to bed mad.

  • Capital G

    Oh shit! Congratulations P!!! Best of luck and all that nice shit.

  • caino

    Congrats, l’m 18months deep into my marriage , its all good!!

    Just try and relax and enjoy the day, cos it will be done befor you know it!!

    a point for the good guys!

  • skinnybiggie


    My wife and I walked our first walk as a couple to “Come Close” by Common…my only song input for the wedding.

  • micnyce

    Don’t forget about the Mary J blige Method man i’ll be ther for you

  • King Joffy Joe

    Wow. These posts get more bitch inspired every day. “Songs To Play At Your Wedding?” On a “Hip-Hop” website? SMDH. How about, “Songs That Make You Not Want To EVER Trust Something That Bleeds For 7 Days And DOES NOT Die?”

  • fanatic

    so into you – Fabolous !!!!

  • http://thetonygrands.wordpress.com/ Tony Grands

    Fuck Piercy.

    • Capital G

      Fuck YOU, you fraudulent piece of shit. Spreading hate on the man’s wedding celebration and hiding behind a stand up dude’s name. Don’t sweat it though, some day same sex marriage will be legalized in whatever shit hole state you live in and you and your life partner can eat eachother’s dick to death.

      ps. You misspelled Pierzy, stupid.

      • Buff Bagwell

        Capital Gaylord shut yo bigheaded ass up u retarded fuck

        Ay man i hope u signed a pre-nup…. cant trust these bitches mayne!!!!

        • Capital G

          Damn lil’ man, you stalking me all over this site! It’s almost flattering you sweat another man so hard, hence your stalker ass self using a wrestling name to post. Ain’t nothing about you real or original and you should be ashamed it takes you days on end to come up with a weak rebuttal. I’m arguing with a kid who wears a helmet just to adjust his velcro sneakers. Now you were saying…

      • Buff Bagwell

        Capital Gaylord shut yo bigheaded ass up u retarded fuck

        Ay man i hope u signed a pre-nup…. cant trust these bitches mayne!!!!

        And play some Z-ro in that muthafucka… I hate u bitch HAHAHA!

        • Capital G

          Keyboard gangsta! Nice to see you still concern yourself with other men. I wouldn’t expect anything else from a lowest common denominator bum fuck.

          Buff Worldstarr
          Butt Stuffwell
          Suck Cockwell
          Fluff Fagwell

          Fuck yourself and your mother’s mustache pussy muthafucka.

  • eesco

    Congrats on the wedding homie. May the lord bless you and your new wife with many years of joy and excitement. Glasses up. CHEERS!!!!!!

  • that nigga

    Congrats dude!!!

  • these posts are racist

    Congrats…a lifetime of happiness.

  • http://www.twitter.com/Pierzy Pierzy

    Thank you everyone! It was a fantastic ceremony. Much love to the XXL fam!!