Kanye West’s G.O.O.D. Friday Songs > Most Albums

Kanye West didn’t invent the weekly viral hip-hop series, but he damn sure perfected it.

When Crooked I spent 2007/2008 dropping freestyles with his “Hip-Hop Weekly” series, the Long Beach, Cali native revealed the Internet’s power, developing a healthy buzz for himself. Since Crooked, the weekly freestyle format has helped many artists build a name for themselves. Granted, some MCs faired better than others, but for up and comers the weekly series established artistic consistency and when done right, helped build a fan base.

Then Kanye West came and changed the game when he dropped “Power (Remix)” on August 20 and announced that he would be dropping a brand new song every Friday and dubbed it G.O.O.D. Fridays. Surely a multi-platinum superstar talent like Kanye doesn’t need to give away songs to build anticipation for his upcoming album, does he?

The week following the “Power (Remix)” drop, ’Ye brought Rick Ross, Jay-Z and Nicki Minaj along for the ride on “Monster.” Now the viral track is climbing up Billboard’s Hot R&B/Hip-Hop chart. It’s kinda crazy when you think about it. Radio has been slow to react to most things not attached to a dollar bill. Not saying that, Def Jam hasn’t been pushing “Monster,” but if this song isn’t going to be on Kanye’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy as we’ve been told, then why promote it?

During the week of 9/3 Kanye dropped “Devil in a New Dress,” a solo affair that probably won’t see any chart action but still a quality track nonetheless. “Devil in a New Dress” aside, it seems that West’s G.O.O.D. Fridays series will be a string of all-star posse cuts. “Good Friday” (released the week of 9/10) featured Common, Pusha T, KiD CuDi and Big Sean, while “Lord, Lord, Lord” (released on 9/17) featured Mos Def, Swizz Beatz, Raekwon and Charlie Wilson. September 24’s drop had Jay-Z, RZA, Pusha T, Swizz and CyHi the Prynce.

Seven tracks in and the G.O.O.D. Friday tracks are already shaping up to be better than most albums that dropped this year. Just judging from the features, Kanye isn’t giving us mere throwaways. How much would an artist (not named Kanye) have to pay for a Jay-Z verse? So far we have gotten two for free.

Ultimately, I believe Kanye West’s G.O.O.D. Friday releases will be both a gift and a curse. While the fans get some pretty dope tracks for free, up and coming rappers will have to find more creative ways to build a name for themselves, because I’m not sure who can top this. —Rob Markman

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  • haha

    haha its NEW dress not blue…. ya cunt!

  • http://www.Twitter.com/Pierzy Pierzy

    “Seven tracks in and the G.O.O.D. Friday tracks are already shaping up to be better than most albums that dropped this year.”

    I completely agree…better than many albums of the past several years.

    The dude is a genius.

  • M. Baby!

    You damn right it is…especially with all of these damn collaborations, I mean albums that’s been put out in the past few years. Man “Runaway” killed so many n*ggaz albums….but Kanye said it best on “So Appalled.” “I got lines better than n*ggaz albums, plural…” He even has lines that are better than most of the new wack so called “rappers” albums. What are we really making today? Even Ross disappointed me on Teflon Don. Yeah the beats were tight, but what was he really saying….nothing. And not to mention only 11 tracks with features on 10/11 songs. Just like I said…collaborations/mixtapes are the new albums of today.

    • M. Baby!

      And to piggy back off of myself…this is why there needs to be more diversity in Hip-Hop. Everything sounding the same only last but for so long so when an artist like Kanye comes from left field…it’s amazing. Back in the day almost every Hip-Hop artist wanted to come from a different angle than the next person to create his own style. Now everybody raps with the same style/flow, even the beats sound the same. Nobody is being different, not showing any real artistry/talent. Anybody can learn how to put words together to a tempo, but where’s the creativity? That’s why the Golden Years of Hip-Hop will always be in that 92-97 era. The best years of creativity for Hip-Hop, until the internet came along and everybody and there momma thought they could really rap.

  • Dominic

    your complaining about free music with the best artists in the world asshole!

  • ff1one@yahoo.com

    Co sign,

    The releases are on point. i look fwd to fridays. i got so many downloaded that i’m bumping. In fact, it has inspired me to clean up my playlist in my ipod and get back to my old ways of good quality music. My dudes we gotta turn this hip hop game around.

    I bet monster will be on the ablum because of La can’t read between the lines baby face wannabe splinter with a touch of an angry beaver looking ried’s bad decision making. this cat is freezing so many albums. Jeezy joint is ready to be released. drop it. Record etcs are afraid nowadays. can we get lupe? dang.

    Besides, that i cosign the ross comments. i was backing dude up but the album was a dissapointment. he should’ve let bmf and mc hammer stay mixtape songs and put some more tears of joy on there

  • Sha

    I told yall!!!!!

    For those that say hip-hop is dead, check this dude right here. Although that fashion stuff is extra, Kanye is straight killin’ it. Name one rapper that is doin’ it like this. One!!!

  • BeerGangsta

    This will be the highest Rap CD sold this year!! Got a lot of good feature!! Piece to Cube your CD sound good. EM won’t be the highest CD seller this year!! Jay Z Billionaire!! Kayne soon to be there!! Thanks GOD that Kayne is different!!

  • jonny bizness

    Seven tracks in and the G.O.O.D fridays are already shaping up to be better than most albums that dropped this year.Scratch that,the joints are better than anything released this year easily.


    youtube bfrglobal check the videos

  • westcoastaggie

    Crooked I’s Weekly series back in 2007-08 was pretty damn good as well.

    • robmarkman

      OH MAN! Crooked was KILLING IT! Agreed.

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    Hip-Hop Weekly > G.O.O.D. Friday’s > 2010 Mixtape

    but how about Month of Madness by Freeway? Classic!!!

  • Q461

    Kanye’s album is gonna be dope without a doubt, I mean dude’s got his own production plus rza, premier, pete rock, q-tip and no id on the boards for this shit! I gotta say out of the songs that dropped so far I fuck with Power, Monster, Devil in a New Dress, GOOD Friday, and Lord Lord Lord. I didnt like Runaway or So Appalled so much, but if I give em another listen they may grow on a nigga.

    In any case can’t wait to cop this joint next month.

  • John Cochran

    I was actually surprised he let go of such good songs. He aint stupid though, he got the real shit up his sleeve. He got his idles RZA, Pete Rock, and Q tip workin on it too, cmon yall.

  • J-hunt da Prodigy

    Good Friday Songs >>>> Everything else this year, only possible exceptions are Recovery & TML.

    My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (Bad title, but whatever) >>>>> Everything else this year combined I CALLED IT!

  • KC Baboso

    shut the fuck up

  • Anonymous

    shouts 2 M.Baby…Sha…double f…peace 2 da Commission…

    Crook been serving justice…’Ye is taking it mainstream …power…rappers step up or step away…

  • kedordu


  • ghidorah

    Overhyping Kanye, what a surprise. Just like the big blog spent discussing track by track of Eminems album trying to push it as a classic before it was dropped, but then when it did all the other respectable zines and sites shitted on it, look at the pitchfork review they ate him up with the truth. I’m far from a hater of music, and I think Kanye is talented, I just hate the way XXL promotes Eminem and Kanye and will sleep on other great artists. Stop pushing your precious Eminem and Kanyes works as classics before people have had a chance to really review it or get the fans reaction, damn.

  • http://planetcob.com Blazincheech

    Crooked was killin it back on 07 and he is killing it now. He restarted the Hiphop Weekly series 2 months ago. he is upto week 9 at the moment and he hasnt announced when he will be finished. In my eyes what he does is way better than Kanye. All of Kanyes joints are pre-recorded. Crooked goes into the booth every Wednesday and writes his shit down, Ok he uses other peoples beats. But at the same time he releases tons of his own shit aswell. Everybody should fuck with the HiphopWeeklyReloaded by Crooked I at either thebossboard.com or planetcob.com

  • Dzimba dza mabwe

    I agree, the hype of this scenester who drinks out of goblets is too much, I don’t care if you get rza, premier, and pete rock helping you, if you ain’t got it you ain’t got it, and so far Kanye has appealed to any sell out crowd he can find, classic rap album, not in this lifetime.

  • Voekull

    Kanye West is a joke.

  • ryzin starr

    thats funny but true, they do push Kanye awfully hard and this is the guy making bieber remixes and selling his ass at the Mtv vmas alongside all the other popstars and yet xxl wants to push him alongside Crooked I? I mean theres musicians and rappers, xxl and the average hip hop hipster hasn’t quite figured that out yet

  • djmenace

    dude said kanye wont have a classic album in this lifetime – damn thats some strong hate – ever hear college dropout/ late registration/ maybe graduation?

  • aKstar

    with so much dick in your mouth it’s hard to hear you. you guys really needed 2 articles on kanye just for his big head to be satisfied (pause)? I understand you have to make money, but grow a fucking backbone. What albums are you comparing this to, unless it’s drake’s you idiots are only saying this for the paper. C’mon son, be real How I got Over shits on G.O.O.D Fridays. I’m pretty sure there are more, but real hip-hop is underground and you guys have your heads so far up mainstream act’s asses you wouldn’t care to acknowledge real, soulful music. XXL is a fucking joke and you only took the reigns because of Eminem/ Jimmy Iovine. FUCK XXL.

  • JustTooFast

    I really like Kanye’s music but he has never been a great rapper, he’s more of a pop artist, with Kanye it has always been about the beats and the sound rather than rhyme and lyrics. He’s this generations Prince, that’s not a criticism of Kanye, it’s just what he is, a pure pop artist, not really a rapper. You gotta respect the guy, I mean 808′s and Heartbreaks when I first heard that, I thought he’d committed commercial suicide, but after a few plays the beats and the sound worked, to do something like that requires balls the size of the moon

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